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Old War Horses, Issue 18

Old War Horses, Issue 18

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Published by BabbageCliologic
An RPG 'zine
An RPG 'zine

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Published by: BabbageCliologic on Aug 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue 18
I’m still working on my Serenity/Firefly campaign using the DeadlandsReloaded system. This issue of Old War Horses includes a list of items andsituations that can be found in the Black.
Encounters in space
Here is a list of things to add flavor or plant the seed for an adventure while the PCs are racing around in the vast emptiness of space.1. Body in a spacesuit. The ship comes across a corpse in a spacesuit. No,this isn’t Jubal Early (but the GM can choose to have it be him but I wouldn’t recommend it. If it is Jubal, then disregard the rest of thisencounter). The body is perfectly preserved and the seal is intact. Anautopsy will reveal the person died of asphyxiation. The pockets have a variety of things, including a map, a gun, some coin and a fruity-oaty bar(not a good eating choice). There is also a large brick of platinum, worth alot of money. And it’s obviously not his (it’s got an unknown stamp on it).There is no identification on the body. If the PCs spend some time andfigure out where the body came from (it takes a bit of math to calculate thetrajectory) and try to figure out who the body is (it would take a ident–program run on the Cortex or access to either a criminal database or amilitary database), they’ll get the info that leads them to Heinlein. Thesymbol stamped on the brick is from a small bank. The bank was robbedduring the Unification War of a largish hoard of platinum that was goingto fund the war effort for the Independent side. No–one knows who didthe job, but it was three men with a driver for the get–away vehicle.Unfortunately, the survivors of the gang want their money after all thistime. If the PCs start nosing about, they’ll get a visit from them and thenit’ll be interesting.2. Ghost in the machine. The ship travels through a cloud of some kindthat turn out to be some of the Reckoners. The effect is the ship systemsstart to behave erratically. Some things shut down during the flight. Makesure the shut–downs are sporadic in order to make the effect last longer.Then, at a critical juncture, several adventures down the road, the ship breaks down or a system freezes. Is the engineer willing to spend severaladventures to isolate the trouble or does that issue just get forgotten?

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