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Physics Vibrational

Physics Vibrational

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Published by theosophy2010

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Published by: theosophy2010 on Aug 26, 2012
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Sympathetic Vibratory Physics -
Universal Cosmology
Part 01 -Overall General View Part 02 -Origin of Polar States Part 03 -Polarity Manifests as RotatingVortex Part 04 -Rotation on Three Planes Part 05 -Three Rotating PlanesBecome Spheres Part 06 -Formation of Cubes Part 07 -Compound Cubes Part 08 -Sympathetic Streams and 3-DMatter Part 09 -What Vibration Is Part 10 - What Sympathy IsPart 11 - SVP Music ModelPart 12 - Locked PotentialsPart 13 -Rotation fromVibration/Oscillation Part 14 - Keely's Mysterious Thirds,Sixths and NinthsPart 15 - Dissociating WaterAcousticallyPart 16 - Electricity and MagnetismPart 17 - GravityAddendum - - - - - - - - - - - -01 -Bjerknes Effect 02 -Chart of Locked Potentials 03 -Ether 04 - Origin of Matter05 -Indig Numbers 06 -One Phase of Keely'sDiscoveries... 07 - Pond's Original Notes on theScale______08 -Laws of Being 09 -Table of the Elements 10 -Keely's Forty Laws 11 -Russell's Laws and Principles 12 -What Electricity Is. 13 -Puharich, Water Dissociation viaAC 14 -As a Man Thinketh 15 -Genero-Radiative Concept 
Part 10 - What Sympathy Is
"A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn't the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn't flat.When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic."
 ~~~Dresden James[updated 10/15/07]
© Dale Pond, 2007Delta Spectrum Research 921 Santa Fe AvenueLa Junta, Colorado 81050720-249-2731
 current flow 
What Sympathy Is
10.01 - Introduction
 Modern science works with effects. It never works with cause. Medical science isespecially known for this as they persist in treating symptoms always ignoring the causeof the affliction.Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) endeavors to uncover cause of the many effectsscience sees and usually interprets erroneously. A case in point is the phenomenon called"sympathy" (mutual attraction) between seeming individuated objects. Sympathy is astate or condition existing between seeming individual objects be they persons, tuningforks, musical instruments, atoms and molecules or motors and windows.
1. Pertaining to or produced by sympathy.2. Pertaining to the sympathetic nervous system.3. The sympathetic nervous system.The mutual relation between parts more or less distant, whereby a change in the one hasan effect upon the other. [
 Blakiston's New Gould Medical Dictionary
The BlakistonCompany, 1949; 1st edition.]SYMPATHY: 1. a. A real or supposed affinity between certain things, by virtue of whichthey are similarly or correspondingly affected by the same influence, affect or influence
one another (especially in some hidden, unseen way), or attract or tend towards eachother.1. b. A relation between two bodily organs or parts (or between two persons or things)such that disorder, or any condition, of the one induces a corresponding condition in theother.2. Agreement, accord, harmony, consonance, concord, agreement in qualities, likeness,conformity, correspondence.3. a. Conformity of feelings, inclinations, or temperament, which makes personsagreeable to each other; community of feelings; harmony of disposition.3. b. The quality or state of being affected by the condition of another with a feelingsimilar or corresponding to that of the other; the fact or capacity of entering into orsharing the feelings of another or others; fellow-feeling. Also, a feeling or frame of mindevoked by and responsive to some external influence. [source unknown]Sympathy then is not about "feeling sorry for someone". Sympathy is about "feeling ASsomething or someone other than self". Sympathy is therefore a form of LOVE orAFFINITY wherein two or more individuated objects feel/respond AS ONE - whathappens to one is experienced by both or all, concurrently and similarly. Hence twoperfectly tuned tuning forks (or any other objects) vibrate AS ONE would when either isstimulated into vibration or oscillation.
Figure 10.1 - Tuning Forks - As one vibrates so does the other10.02 - Reality vs Actuality
 A difficulty encountered in understanding SVP is seeing beyond the illusions of what wethink we are seeing. What we think we see is our perception. Perception is never the same

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