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The Missing Week... (Week 15)

The Missing Week... (Week 15)

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Published by Eric Blair
Song & Dance: Year One
Song & Dance: Year One

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Published by: Eric Blair on Aug 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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They say, they want heavenThey say, they want GodI say, I got heavenWell I say, I am God
The Weeknd’s Heaven Or Las VegasMonday, August 20
1:43 AMJay is crying as he sits on the edge of his bedin his bedroom. His bedroom is a mess and hislampis on the floor lighting up the dim room as he tremblesin a crying fit. Jay is screaming,“I didn’tmean to kill her! I am so sorry, Lola”Jay runs over to a wall in his bedroom to puncha hole init and he then flips his bed over, rips histelevision off the wall, punches another hole into a wall, and he throws his side night tableinto awall. The table crashes intoat full speed wall and a bottle of pills rolls out of the draw of thetable. Jay franticly dives to the floor for the bottle. Jay wrestles the top off of the bottle only topour two black pills into his left hand. The pills are black mercy and Jay then pops both pillsintohis mouth. He wipes the running tears from his face and then says,“Maybe this will help me to relax.”Jay curls up on his bedroom’s floor like a dog. Jay calmly close his eyes and hums himself tosleep as he’s still trembling.
2:01 PMJay is sweaty with a towel wrapped around his head, a tie around his neck, silk red boxers, andone black shoe on his left foot and white sock on his right foot. Jay is very peaky as he’s talkingon his cellular phone. He’s saying,“What’s up, home dawg? Ya gonna give me that eight?”“…”“What?! What do you mean you can’t sell to me?”“…”“I didn’t snitch on Slim Jim Fats. I just warned Po-po of his lethal shit. That shit was the bomb,yo!”“…”“What are you talkin’ ‘bout, this is how I talk! I am not fuckin’ with you, my nig!”“…”“Okay, maybe I was fuckin’ with you just then but c’mon, son, calm down. We good. So are yougonna give me that eight?”“…”“Fuck yamean no?! I got good money. Stop bein’ a beeotch and let me cop that.”“…”“I am not a snitch! I killed my friend so I had to get my life right but now I am back to this lifeso what’s good, playa!”“…”“I keep tellin’ you I talk like this!”“…”“Says who?”“…”“So you gonna let ya boss cheat ya outta a few grand? I really need my China like now. C’monwork with me!”
“…”“Yes you can sell to me! C’mon! Just one eight! C’mon! Please! I’ll find someone to sick yadick!”“…”“Fuck you! I’ll find someone else to buy from.”“…”“What do you mean no one won’t sell to me in Cali?”“…”“Shit! Who the fuck is this boss? What’s his number?! Let me talk to him?!”“*”“Hello? Hello? Hello? HELLO!”Jay throws his cellular phone into a wall and it shatters to pieces and he then punches anotherhole into his wall. Jay runs his hands through his hair in frustration and he then halts with hismovement. A big smile appears on his face followed by a lite chuckle. Jay then says,“Or I can do that.”Tuesday, August 21
6:37 AMJay is leaning on acustomer service counter trying to be cool in an airport for an airportattendant. Jay is wearing a grey suit with a white shirt andblack Converses on his feet. Theyoung Caucasian attendant is blonde with glass, a very cute young lady. She smiles at Jay andthen says,“You have an hour until your flightboards, Mr. Wong. Anything else I couldhelp you with?”Jay looks at the attendant’slarge breast and then smile only to say,“What time do you get off?”Attendantsays, “Excuse me, Mr. Wong?”Jay says, “Ya wanna fly with a big dawg?”Attendantsays, “I am sorry, I’m married.”

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