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Penetration Principles

Penetration Principles



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Published by Anders Erixon

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Published by: Anders Erixon on Jan 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PENETRATION PRINCIPLES Baseline Drive and Follow:
 On a baseline drive the swing position must follow behind the drive to the wing position. While he/shemay not get a shot, he/she will often be an outlet pass,for the driver who has no pass out. If there is a ball side post that is stepping out to the 45, the swing player must be careful not to bring his/her defender into position tohelp on this post action.The most difficult team to defend is the team thatcreates consistent dribbles penetration. Penetrationforces the defensive team to constantly help and recover or to rotate. These two defensive concepts, especiallyrotation, are often done poorly. To make penetrationeven more effective, the offensive team should have asystem of movement to execute on any penetration. Byhaving a system of movement or what is called“penetration principles” it enables the penetrator toknow exactly where he/she should look to find ateammate. Another significant aspect to the“penetration principles” is they apply, no matter thetype of defence the offence is facing.Any team that has good penetrators could have anoffence based simply on spacing and penetration and bean extremely difficult team to defend. It is stronglyrecommended that the penetration principles be taughtto teams very early in the season. It is best to teachthese in a 5 on 0 situation first before breaking it downinto 2 on 0 shooting drills. It is not necessary to teach ina 5 on 5 or 2 on 2 situations. Instead simply emphasizethe proper movement in every competitive drill the teamdoes.
Baseline Drive/Baseline Drift:
 When there is a drive to the baseline the weak-side wingmust sprint down to a position 1-2 steps above the baseline and outside the 3 pt. line. This is possibly themost common shot that occurs from penetration. Weak-side defenders must attack baseline penetrationotherwise they will give up a lay-up and therefore it isextremely difficult for the defensive team to recover tothe drift along the baseline. The driver may even jumpout of bounds to avoid a “3 in a row” situation andcomplete the pass.
Baseline Drive – Weak-side Swing:
 When there is a drive to the baseline the movement of the weak-side wing depends on several factors. If thewing is a good shooter she should widen out on theweak-side along the 3 pt. line to a position several stepsoff the top of the key. If the wing is a poor shooter itmay be advantageous to cut or dive to the basket. Oftenher defender will have turned her back and lost sight of the wing. The cut will depend on the position of the post. If the post is weak-side the wing must space out because on penetration the post will need the weak-side post area to move into.
Baseline Drive-Post I-cut:
When there is a drive to the baseline the ball side postwill I-cut two steps up the lane, drop down low and look 
for a quick pass from the driver.
 Middle Penetration from Wing-Ball side Swing:
 When there is middle penetration from the wing position the ball side swing player should I-cut behindthe driver when the help defender helps “downhill”(towards the baseline).
Baseline Drive-Weak side Post:
When there is a drive to the baseline the weak-side low post may seal up against a weak-side defender rotatingdown. In this case O2 will drop off a bounce pass to O5for a lay-up. The other play O5 can make is to stepquickly to the bottom of the jump circle.
Middle Penetration from the Wing-Weak sideSwing: Middle Penetration from Wing-Ball side Post:
 When there is middle penetration from the wing theweak side swing will slide along the 3 pt. line.When there is middle penetration from the wing, the ball side low post will step back off the lane and create a passing lane for the driver.
Middle Penetration from Wing-Weak side Wing:
Middle Penetration from Wing-Weak side HighPost:
When there is middle penetration from the wing theweak side wing will either back cut to the basket, if thedefender loses vision, or slide along the 3 pt. line. The player must know if the weak side post is occupied before cutting.When there is middle penetration from the wing a weak side high post should cut straight behind their defender to the basket and look for a pass over top of the defenseor for a bounce pass.

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