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Prácticas Inglés II

Prácticas Inglés II

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Published by Deporte02

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Deporte02 on Aug 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prácticas Inglés II (Grado en Estudios Ingleses)Prof. Mercedes GuineaFrancisco José Barroso Benítez
1. - Where was Elia on 11th September 2001?
She was working in the World Trade Center (in the first paragraph, line two)
2. - How did she react when the plane hit the World Trade Center?
She froze (in the third paragraph, line 4)
3. - What saved her life?
She was saved thanks to the tip that her colleague gave it (in the second paragraph)
4. - How quickly did she leave?
She left the building slowly (in the third paragraph, line five)
5.- How could more lives have been saved?
Lives could have been saved if victims had left the building sooner. (in thethird paragraph, in the end)
B.- ON MARCH 27 1977
1.- Where was Paul Heck on 27th March 1977?
He was taking off from Tenerife airport (
in the first and second paragraph, line three toone)
2.- How did the accident happen?
The Paul’s plane was taking off and it collided with a plane which was landing (
in the firstparagraph, line one to two
3.- How could more passengers have survived?
They could have survived If 
they had read the safety’s instruction (in the
third paragraph, the last three lines)
4.- Why did Paul Heck survive?
Because he had read the safety’s instructions
in the second paragraph, line three to five
5.- What previous experience influenced Paul?
When he was a child, he lived a fire in a theatre (in the second paragraph, in the middle)
Prácticas Inglés II (Grado en Estudios Ingleses)Prof. Mercedes GuineaFrancisco José Barroso Benítez
D.- Read the whole article and in pairs, mark the sentences true(T) orfalse (F).
 1.- Elia Zedeño's first instinct was to run.
F (in the first paragraph, line four)
2.- If her colleague hadn't shouted, she might not have reacted how she did.
T (in the secondparagraph, line four and five)
3.- She took her time to leave because she didn't know where the exit was.
F (in the thirdparagraph, lines one to three)
4.- Some people who died in the WTC could have survived.
T (
the last three lines
5.- The 1977 Tenerife air crash happened in bad weather conditions.
T (the first two lines)
6.- The Pan Am passengers had plenty of time to escape.
T (in the first paragraph, the lastthree lines)
7.- Heck always worried about how he would be able to escape from places.
T (in the secondparagraph, lines four and five)
8.- People don't read safety information because they aren't worried about crashing.
T (in thesecond paragraph, the last lines)
E.- Look at the highlighted words related to disasters. Try to work outthe mearting from the context of the ones you didn't know.
Evacuation: When a hazard is necessary to evacuate people to a safer place.Explosion: It is when something explodes.In a trance: It is when a person is stunned.Shook: It is when something is waved.Made it: It is when somebody does something.Collided with: It is when an accident happen and transport means crash.Survivors: They are the ones who survive a disaster.Caught fire: It is when a building burn out.Paralysed: unable to do something.

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