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CID_ BAA 12-03 PC DEFEAT_20120619_ver7

CID_ BAA 12-03 PC DEFEAT_20120619_ver7

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Published by Hyun Tae Hwang

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Published by: Hyun Tae Hwang on Aug 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Rapid Development of New Methods to Enable the Defeat of Potassium Chlorate Based  Improvised Explosive Devices
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The Joint Improvised Explosives Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) Broad AgencyAnnouncement (BAA), which is issued under the provisions of paragraph 6.102(d)(2) of theFederal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), provides the vehicle for the competitive selection of basic and applied research, and that part of development not related to the development of aspecific system or hardware procurement. Contracts based on responses to this BAA areconsidered to be the result of full and open competition and in full compliance with theprovisions of Public Law (PL) 98-
369, “The Competition in Contracting Act of 1984.” As the
issuing agency, JIEDDO will not issue paper copies of this announcement. Any proposaldocuments or other materials submitted in response to this BAA will not be returned. It is thepolicy of JIEDDO and its contracting agencies to treat all proposals as sensitive competitiveinformation and to disclose their contents only for the purposes of evaluation.No contract awards will be made until appropriated funds are available from which payment forcontract purposes can be made. JIEDDO reserves the right to select for award all, some or noneof the proposals in response to this BAA. JIEDDO will not provide funding for directreimbursement of proposal development costs.
JIEDDO will use a two-phased proposal selection process for this solicitation to minimize costand effort of prospective offerors. Phase 1 will solicit and evaluate proposal quad charts andwhite papers. Section X provides general proposal preparation considerations. SectionXIprovides detailed guidance on Phase 1 proposal preparation. SectionXIIprovides information onthe Phase 1 evaluation process. Proposals found to have technical and operational merit duringPhase 1 will be selected for Phase 2. Submitters will be contacted with specific instructions forPhase 2, which will consist of technical meetings as well as more detailed presentations andsubmissions to the JIEDDO acquisition management process. Subsequent to funding approval,full technical proposals may be requested.
HBCU/MI and Small Business Set Aside
The Government encourages non-profit organizations, educational institutions, small businesses,small disadvantaged businesses (SDB), historically black colleges and universities (HBCU),minority institutions (MI), women-owned businesses, and historically underutilized business(HUB) zone enterprises, as well as large businesses and Government agencies, to submitproposals for consideration or to join others in submitting proposals. However, no portion of theBAA will be set-aside for these special entities because of the impracticality of reserving discreteor severable areas of research and development in any specific requirement area. The finaldetermination will be made based on the relevance of the proposal to JIEDDO requirements,individual technical merits of the proposal, and budget constraints within the mission priorities.To ensure full consideration in these programs, registration in the BAA Information DeliverySystem (BIDS), described later in this document, requires the appropriate business type selectionas well as accurate up-to-date information.
 Rapid Development of New Methods to Enable the Defeat of Potassium Chlorate Based  Improvised Explosive Devices
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Limitation of Funds
The Government may incrementally fund contracts awarded from this BAA as provided by FAR52.232-
22, “Limitation of Funds.” Contracts awarded to proposals submitted under this BAA
are anticipated to be 3 to 24 months in duration. To facilitate incremental funding, submissionsshall include the cost and schedule by a task-phased structure organized by fiscal year (Octoberthrough September) with clear exit criteria, and shall be inclusive of all work to complete theeffort including any options. It is anticipated that the entire effort will be negotiated with theinitial contract award.
Technical Evaluation Support
JIEDDO will use contractor support personnel in the review, evaluation, and administration of all submissions to this BAA. All individuals that have access to any proprietary data shall certifythat they will not disclose any information pertaining to this solicitation including anysubmission, the identity of any submitters, or any other information relative to this BAA. Theyshall also certify that they have no financial interest in any submissions evaluated. Submissionsand information received in response to this BAA constitute permission to disclose thatinformation to certified evaluators under these conditions.JIEDDO may share responses to this BAA with foreign nationals tasked by us as subject matterexperts to assist in the evaluation of proposals. No export authorization is required for U.S.companies responding to this BAA. Submitters may decline the use of foreign nationals in theevaluation of their proposal.
BAA Issuing Agency Name:
Contracting Agency Name:
Any United States Government contracting organizationmay serve as the contracting agency for this BAA.3.
Sponsoring Agency Name:
Program Name:
Rapid Development of New Methods to Enable the Defeat of Potassium Chlorate Based Improvised Explosive Devices5.
Research Opportunity Number: BAA JIEDDO-12-03
Submission Deadline:
Offerors responding to this BAA may begin submittingresponses on 25 July 2012. Final submissions for all proposals to this BAA are due by1600 hours (local time in Arlington, VA) on 10 September 2012. Proposals may besubmitted at any time during this 47 day period. JIEDDO reserves the option to extendthe submission deadline, if it so chooses.
 Rapid Development of New Methods to Enable the Defeat of Potassium Chlorate Based  Improvised Explosive Devices
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Description of Opportunity:
JIEDDO seeks capabilities to defeat improvised explosivedevices (IEDs) that are employed against US Forces and the threat networks that produceand employ those IEDs. With respect to homemade explosives (HME), which are oftenused to create main charges for IEDs, JIEDDO is seeking to identify and developenablers that can provide the ability to locate,
avoid and neutralize IEDs containing non-standard explosives compounds in order to reduce effective attacks. Under this BAA,JIEDDO is soliciting proposals for the development of innovative capabilities to defeatPotassium Chlorate (PC)-based IEDs. Potassium Chlorate is a common and uniqueprecursor chemical used to create HME for use in IEDs. Proposals must address one of the following requirements:A.
Additives and methods to disrupt the manufacture of PC-based HME. (See Section II)B.
A method for standoff detection of potassium chlorate based HME and precursorsduring transport, manufacture and IED emplacement. (See Section III)C.
A means or method to improve the detection of low or zero metallic content initiatorscontaining potassium chlorate. (See Section IV)D.
Additives and methods for increased detection / identification. (See Section V)E.
A means or method to render a PC-based IED or PC containing HME safe forhandling, movement and transportation. (See Section VI)F.
Improved spectral detection of PC, such as Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) anddetection methods utilizing other regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. (SeeSection VII)G.
Methods or technologies enhancing intelligence related to threat networks utilizing,distributing or deploying PC containing HME (See Section VIII)H.
Focused, short-term (i.e. 3-6 months), enabling ground truth studies that will definethe signatures and available observables for PC-based IEDs, as well as aid in thedevelopment of capabilities to counter these threats. (See Section IX)
Potassium chlorate-based HME is produced by mixing PC, a strong oxidizer, with a suitablefuel. Typical fuels include sugar, hydrocarbons such as fuel oil, wood meal and sulfur.Additives that increase the difficulties inherent to illicitly processing PC into HME aredesired. Additives that increase the logistical burden associated with processing PC into
HME are also desired. In this context, “logistical burden” includes, but is not limited to the
cost, labor, time and equipment associated with the acquisition, storage and use of PC as anHME precursor. Simple diluents notwithstanding, additives that lead to a reduction in the

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