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AAPR Rankings

AAPR Rankings

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Published by Brian J. Amaral

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Published by: Brian J. Amaral on Aug 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New York House District 21
Congressional District 21
AARP is committed to helping you get the factsyou need to choose candidates who reflect yourvalues. We are non-partisan -- we don’t supportor oppose any political candidates or contributeany money to campaigns or political actioncommittees. Our priority is ensuring you knowwhere the candidates stand before you castyour vote.
AARP produced this guide to help you find outwhat candidates are saying about importantissues, including: Social Security, Medicare, andFinancial Security. All candidate statementscontained in this guide were taken from publiclyavailable sources, such as media websites.We’ve included links to the websites andencourage you to go there to read more abouttheir positions.
2012 AARP Voters’ Guide |
New York House District 21
Social Security
How would you protect Social Security for today’s seniors and strengthen it for future generations? 
AARP’s Position:
• Social Security should continue toguarantee that Americans who work and pay into the systemreceive benefits based on whatthey earn and contribute.• Benefits should keep up withinflation and last for as long as anindividual lives.• We must protect benefits forpeople who count on them most,including surviving spouses andfamilies, low-wage workers, andindividuals who become disabledand can no longer work.• Social Security must be put onstable financial ground, but any adjustments should beimplemented gradually so changesdo not impact those in or nearretirement.
Matthew A. Doheny (Rep):
AARP did extensive research but was unable to find any statementon this issue made by thecandidate.
Bill L. Owens (Dem):
I am fighting against efforts to weaken Medicare for seniors.While we all agree that it is wellpast time to cut federal spendingand get our fiscal house in order, we must do so in a responsible way that does not cripple Medicare andSocial Security, or stifle jobcreation…Bill Owens is fighting aplan in Congress to dismantleMedicare that will: End theMedicare guarantee throughprivatization…Make prescriptiondrugs less affordable…Makeseniors pay while big oilcompanies benefit…It’sfundamentally wrong to makeseniors foot the bill forWashington’s inability to get ourfiscal house in order. (Source:Congressman Bill Owens;http://ow.ly/bOAwe)
2012 AARP Voters’ Guide |
New York House District 21
How would you put Medicare on stronger financial ground and protect today’s seniors and future retirees from the burden of rising health costs? 
AARP’s Position:
• Medicare should be strengthenedand improved so both current andfuture generations can count onhaving access to high-quality,affordable coverage.• Medicare should continue toguarantee a specific set of benefitsthat are affordable and meet aperson’s health care needs.• Medicare should offer choicesthat ensure access to high-quality health care.• Medicare should improve thequality, safety, and efficiency of care by emphasizing value andcracking down on fraud, waste,and abuse.
Matthew A. Doheny (Rep):
AARP did extensive research but was unable to find any statementon this issue made by thecandidate.
Bill L. Owens (Dem):
We must ensure that successfulprogram is preserved andstrengthened for the hardworkingpeople that paid into the system.That’s why I’ve supportedlegislation to change the formulafor determining the yearly Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), soseniors are fairly compensated forthe rising costs of healthcare andother expenses…We must alsofocus on job growth to increasecontributions to the trust fund.Iam opposed to privatizing thesystem or reducing benefits forcurrent beneficiaries in any way,but I am committed to workingacross the aisle and findingsolutions that benefit allAmericans, young andold.(Source: Bill Owens forCongress; http://ow.ly/bLl1u)

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