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Willow's Bluff

Willow's Bluff

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Eerie little write inspired by a cave I found on a wooded walk some time back... fun and a little creepy :P
Eerie little write inspired by a cave I found on a wooded walk some time back... fun and a little creepy :P

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Published by: Amy Merideth Swanson on Aug 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Willow's Bluff 
by Amy M Swanson on Jul 29, 2009. © Amy Merideth Swanson, All rights reserved 
 An eerie little poem for your enjoyment, it's fiction but inspired by a little cave I found a whileback, on a weekend woodsy walk (minus the ghostly whispers! "OooooOOOO!" heheh) Alsoa bit of a message in this one.
The other day I found myself restless and ill at ease,so I thought I'd take a walkforget my cares in spring's warm breeze.The forest was so beautifuland trees, once dead, were turning greenI couldn't help but marvelat life's mysteries I had seen.I started on the well worn pathand thought I heard a sound;it made me jump, I turned to look,but no one was around.The sunlight streamed so gloriouslyupon my tear stained facemy heart felt light, forgotten cares just being in this place. And then it happened once againI know I heard a noise!I stopped now, to investigateThis hidden, quiet voice.I wandered off the walker's trailinto the woods much deeper I chanced upon a darkened cave... and the cave's gatekeeper. A mystical sight to beholdunearthly glowing lightit rose a bit up from the groundthen faded from my sight.I made my way into the cavemysteriously darkand there it was... that voice again...slowly I embarked
My flashlight shining at full forcewas still not bright enoughto counter with this deepening darkI'd found near Willow's Bluff.I heard the eerie whispers nowquite clearly, in my ear first one, then two, now several moreand though my pioneer spirit got me into this,I felt that it was time to flee!I turned and ran the opposite waythe voices though, were still with me!I thought I knew the way back outI tripped my way alongmy flashlight flickered one last light... I found that I was wrong...somehow my turns had led medown a path I did not know;I turned to walk the other way -but there was no place left to go.The whispers getting louder now,my screams rose silentlytrying to escape my lips,my arms now beating violently!"Let me go! What do you want!?"my mind's voice now demandedof the whispering captorswho somehow held me, stranded.The pressure of the momentheld me paralyzed with fear.Oh how I wish I'd stayed awayand never come in here!Tightening around my chestand whispers growing still...my mind was racing frantically,my body felt a chill.

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