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134 - Lord Monckton Reports on Rio+20

134 - Lord Monckton Reports on Rio+20

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Published by David E Robinson

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Published by: David E Robinson on Aug 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Maine Republic Free State News, 3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine 04011
Lord Moncton Reports on Rio+20
“. . . if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle?” — I Corinthians 14:8 — 
 Maine Republic
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. . . that I should bear witness unto the truth.” — John 18:33 // David E. Robinson, Publisher 
WOW…a “Mad Gig”…theCabal’s Attempts to BringAbout One World GovernmentFailed…“The Game is Up”…
This video statement:
http://tinyurl.com/6p9loreappears to be quite a big con-firmation of some great news...that the attempts to bring about a“One World Government” at theRio+20 conference have failed.Yesterday, the Drake and com-pany had mentioned “Agenda 21”,and the intent to create a “OneWorld Government.”Then here’s what Ben [Fulford]started his article with today.”Last week the cabal controlledmedia in the West tried to pretendthe Rio summit was a failure eventhough $513 billion was pledgedby 100 nations to fight poverty andenvironmental destruction.It was a cabal failure because$513 billion that, in the past, wouldhave been handed over to the richby the poor is instead being givenby middle income countries to thepoorest countries.This is undeniable proof the in-ternational boycott of the war-mon-gering, mass murdering leaders ofthe United States and many Euro-pean countries is intensifying.The cabalists are trying to passthe pain on to their own slavepeople and this is why there is a“financial crisis” in the West.”So now we have this video,from Liberty News Network, withLord Christopher Monckton, chiefpolicy advisor to the Science andPublic Policy Institute and formerscience advisor to MargaretThatcher, explaining,
exactly that 
happened.This is only a 10 minute video,so listen carefully and enjoy themessage.I’ll throw in the highlights below.Just below the video is the accom-panying text.Note: “Pointy head” apparentlyis a term that means somethinglike, “intellectual, especially in aself-important or impractical way.”
0:55 Whole conference had“stink of death upon it”.• 2:50 The real ambition [ofGreenpeace] has nothing to dowith the environment.3:20 Had everything to do withdestroying the economies of theWest, from within.• 4:15 From their [cabal’s] pointof view, conference was a failure.• 4:30 The cabal intentionswere to allow the U.N. to becomeeffectively a one world government(Al Gore, Jacques Chirac, et al,have been talking about it).• 6:10 The original document (ofRio?) concluded that not climatechange, but poverty was the mainproblem in the world.• 7:15 The fact that poverty isconsidered number 1, focuses at-tention on bringing the world out ofpoverty.• 8:00 Prosperity stabilizes theworld population.• 9:00 Our footprint on the worldshould not be too heavy.• 9:26 But these concerns werenot discussed at the conference,rather they were effectively talkingabout means of bringing freedomto an end worldwide.• 9:37+ They lost. They lost bigtime... The game is up.
It has become impossible forthe cabal to hide the truth; theyare being defeated.
Published on Jun 23, 2012 byLibertyInOurTime.Lord Christopher Monckton, chiefpolicy advisor to the Science andPublic Policy Institute and formerscience advisor to MargaretThatcher, tells The New Americanfrom Rio that the just-concludedRio+20 conference was not about

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