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Published by jerome de king
This article was written in response to the pretentious cry from some quarters on the removal of ex-EFCC boss, Nuhu Ribadu.
This article was written in response to the pretentious cry from some quarters on the removal of ex-EFCC boss, Nuhu Ribadu.

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Published by: jerome de king on Jan 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RIBADU’S EXIT: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGJerome Okoye – Jerome.okoye@gmail.com
The headlines screamed, newspapers sold out faster than they came, for once, everythingseem to stand still – RIBADU REMOVED!In all his years as the EFCC chairman, I have deliberately watched with reservation,trying as much as possible to discern the mindset of this man. This police officer who people told me is a threat to corruption. At first, I followed his actions and utterances withmuch enthusiasm. One for been a young man, and the other for been a police officer whomost considered not corrupt. An appellation not so common in Nigeria. As the daysturned to weeks and weeks to months, some of the body language changed as any open-minded observer would tell.It is a sometimes a problem with people who detest corruption to see beyond their noseswhen justice is sacrificed on the altar of anticorruption crusade. I must need enter acaveat here, I do not only hate corruption, I ABHOR IT! However, I am a student of Martin Luther king Jr. and do believe that injustice anywhere is a threat to justiceeverywhere.Time teaches that when a man becomes law unto himself, when a perceived liberator stays “too long” he becomes a bane. Have we forgotten so soon how members of stateassemblies were arrested by men of the EFCC and compelled to impeach Governors. Thecase of plateau state is still fresh where 6 members of a 24-member house signed animpeachment notice to remove a sitting Governor. What of the case in Oyo and Anambrastate. The list grows.From the moment Ribadu reduced himself to OBJ’s hunting tool, all modesty and thecourse for which he set out to achieve was lost. From the day he decided to be partisan,even declaring to us that he knows whom the next president will be, the scale of justicetipped.We can understand the Buhari’s regime trying to fight indiscipline with the might of amilitary government, but who would explain away the flagrant abuse of law anddisregard of its rule by the Ribadu led EFCC. I thought they said he is a trained lawyer.This Chairman of the EFCC has enjoyed an unprecedented record level in promotionespecially in the administration of his paymaster, former President Obasanjo. In fact, hewas promoted twice in a year, from Assistant Commissioner of Police to DeputyCommissioner of Police and then to Commissioner of Police and as a ploy to make himthe successor of the crime riddled administration of Ehindero, was promoted to the rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police.A friend told me the other day that Ribadu said is he is prepared to swear he has never collected bribe in his career. Very funny! Its so easy to swear when so much money and power is involved. Particularly in this age when God rarely administers instant judgment.If he is so clean maybe its time he stepped aside, and let us take a look at some of thethings he has done, then and only then can we know. It is so nice of him to want to stillremain as the EFCC chairman, even at the expense of resigning as a police officer.However, he should be reminded that he was not born an EFCC chairman. I do not think the hands trembled that penned him as the EFCC chairman, neither do I anticipate suchwould happen when a new EFCC chairman will be penned.
Ribadu’s appeal to be allowed to remain in office reminds one of Sunday Ehindero’s pleato serve till after the April elections even when he has far exceeded his normal serviceduration. The result of that is what we are still witnessing.What is in there that he needs to do so badly to merit his volunteering to resign from the police force? What gives him the impression that if the corruption war is to be fought andwon, he must head it? If he must fight corruption, he cam still be a police officer and dosame. Afterall, Nigerians know corruption have eaten too deep into the police force.I do believe that Ribadu should be commended in many respects. At least, the internetadvanced fee fraud and related crimes reduced drastically during his tenure, the fear of looting also hovered amongst elected and top officials like the sword of Damocles.Whether this fear translated to a reduction in stealing of public funds is left for studentsof history.It is insulting to tell 140 million Nigerians that without Ribadu, the fight againstcorruption is lost. It is a shame when even great minds want to make us feel that if Ribadu should drop dead today, corruption will rule the geographical entity called Nigeria. The war on corruption is not Ribadu’s crusade. It is a Nigerian war, and can only be fought by Nigerians. Maybe someone has to lead the crusade, but the oracle did notsay that the person’s name starts with an R nor N.When people praise Ribadu for curbing corruption, it only elicits laugh. It is like praisingIwu for having conducted a free and fair election. Who does not know that corruptionreached its zenith in Nigeria in the last few years of Obasanjo’s Administration withRibadu as the EFCC chairman! When instead of providing service to the electorate, mostelected officers insatiably stole (loot sounds too polite) in preparation for a showdownwith one another.How did an assistant commissioner of police become an Assistant Inspector General of Police in barely three years? How would a man who claims to be uncorrupted accept a promotion from commissioner of police to an AIG within 3 months?It is so easy to say he merited it for his hard commitment to service and then forget thenumerous police officers whose gallantry and uprightness still makes the countrymanageably inhabitable.Whatever happened to all the numerous accusations of over 200billion unaccounted nairaagainst Governor Peter Odili of Rivers State on accounted billions of naira? DidGovernor Lucky Igbinedion of Edo State put any visible structure on ground to supportthe billions his state got? Wither the accusations of Yerima of Zamfara been the mostcorrupt governor in the country? What of the ear tingling news from Turaki on how hesupported the botched third term bid with billions of naira? How did Andy Uba suddenly become so rich, and Obasanjo’s unexplainable billions, where did they come from? Whatof the Boni Haruna’s and the Joli Nyame’s ? what happened to Bode George and the NPAunder him? What about the recent allegation of impersonated 3.5billion naira deal byIyabo Obasanjo? What of the reckless sales of choice properties like the AP, NITEL and ahost of others?It’s either we don’t read the papers, we don’t see, or we choose to be blind becausehaving been oppressed for so long, we are prepared to settle for anything that have theappearance of a succour.Maybe we need a new set of activist and human right campaigners. Maybe what we needis a new set of freedom fighters. The likes of Gani and Femi Falana are gradually because

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