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Plano Gram

Plano Gram

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Published by abhishek_sinha
Comparison of planogram in different stores
Comparison of planogram in different stores

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Published by: abhishek_sinha on Aug 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Comparison & analysis of planogram of three different categories namely Apparel, Electronics & FMCGs& suggestion for improvement in the planogram.
Abhishek Sinha
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The planogram is a visual diagram, or drawing, that provides in detail whereevery product in a retail store should be placed. These schematics not only present a flowchart for the particular merchandise departments within a store layout but also show onwhich aisle and on what shelf an item is located. A planogram should also illustrate howmany facings are allocated for each SKU.The complexity of a planogram may vary by the size of the store, the software used tocreate the planogram and the need of the retailer. Planograms can be as simple as a photoof a preset section or more detailed with numbered peg holes and shelf notches showingexact placement of each item.
Creation of Planograms
Big box stores and larger retailerstypically hire merchandisingspecialists to assist in developingplanograms or they may have theirown in-house planogrammers. Due tothe hefty price tag of most planogramsoftware, small and independent retailers often resort to using wordprocessors or paper and pen tooptimize shelf layout.As competition increases, we're seeing vendors and distributors becoming more aware of the importance of correctly merchandising their products. That awareness is leading tobetter point-of-sale displays, planograms and other marketing aids provided to retailersdirectly from the suppliers at no cost.
Planogram Purpose
Product placement and improved sales are just two very basic reasons a retailer should beimplementing planograms in their shops. Planograms provide many other positive benefits,such as:
Assigned selling potential to every square foot of space
Satisfying customers with a better visual appeal
Tighter inventory control and reduction of out-of-stocks
Easier product replenishment for staff 
Better related product positioning
Effective communication tool for staff-produced displays
Page | 3
• Fixture information
• Sideview
• Planogram
SKU listingBelow are the requirements for each component:
• She
lf descriptions/height (shelf 1 is always 7.375”, shelf 2-9.00”, shelf 3-8.875”etc. –
The base shelf is
shelf 1 – working from the bottom to thetop, left to right.)
• Where pushers or dividers are incorporated ensure appropriate space is allo
Merchandise layout 
All products/skus should be horizontally merchandised
(not skus) can be vertically blocked
Holding Power Verification
Holding power standards require each sku to support a store allocationunit plus 1 pieceper facing based on 16” base decks and 15” shelves.(Shelf depths may vary by planogramand should be verified with themerchant.)
Compare And Save
In the case of compare and save merchandising, the private label brand isalwaysmerchandise to the right of the national brand regardless ofwhether a right or left hand set.
Reverse Sets
Both a right and left hand set will need to be provided.
Planogram Height 
The top of product cannot exceed gondola height.Shoppable height of the merchandise cannot exceed 72”.

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