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The Feast - September 2, 2012 Issue

The Feast - September 2, 2012 Issue

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Published by Cynthia U. Santiago

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Published by: Cynthia U. Santiago on Aug 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Catholic Prayer Meeting of the LIGHT OF JESUS FAMILYSeptember 2, 2012
 S P EC I A  L  M E S S A  G E  T O D A  Y
Today, I receive all of God’s love for me.Today, I open myself tothe unbounded, limitless,
overowing abundance of 
God’s universe.Today, I open myself to
God’s blessings, healing,
and miracles.Today, I open myself toGod’s Word
So I would become
More like Jesus every day.Today, I proclaim thatI am God’s beloved,I am God’s servant,
I am God’s powerful
champion.And because I am blessed,
I am blessing the world.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.
We Have 3 Lives
THE late Stephen Covey said that we actually have threelives: Our public life, our private life, and the most importantof all, our secret life.
Public Life:
This is what other people see. Our achievements. Our educational degrees. Our job. Our money. Our 
jeans, and
shoes.Our white SUV with leather seats and DVD players.
Private Life:
This consists of our closestrelationships. Our spouse. Our kids. Our parents.Our siblings.
Secret Life:
This is about our deepest motives andvalues, the reasons we do what we do. It’s really thefoundation of our character, or as Bill Hybels puts it,
“who you are when no one is looking.”
Here’s the truth:
We will never be satised in our  public and private life without satisfying the demands oour secret life.
So what does it mean to satisfy the secret life? It’slistening to God’s voice within.Fill your life with all that is great and lovely and beautiful. Listen to uplifting music. Watch the mostinspiring movies. Read the best books. Spend time withnature and breathe fresh air. Rub elbows with happy,loving, holy people. Serve the hungry, the wounded, thesick, the poor. Play with your children regularly. Hug your spouse seven times a day. Bring your parents out on dates.And form your conscience by chewing on God’s Wordand the teachings of the Church.Invest in your secret life.It’s the most precious part of who you are.Satisfy it, and yousatisfy your life.Have a beautifulFeast today!May your dreams come true,BO SANCHEZP.S. Watch for an explosive seriesnext Sunday. Our brand new series is
 Money, Sex, and Power.
Through it,I know God will equip you to handlethese three gigantic forces so that they’ll bless, not curse, so that they’ll unite, notdivide. Invite your friends to join us andexperience this equipping!
Bro. Bo delivers his talkat the Plenary Hall, then dashes to the
Forum to address the Feast overowcrowd.
Photos by BLAISE GOMEZ.Crowd shot by CRIS LEGASPI 
   E   L   S
We Have a Choice
FR. TITUS MANANZAN, SVD,said the day’s readings are aboutchoices. In Joshua 24:1-18, we readabout Joshua, a most celebrated
commander in the eld in Jewish
history. In our time, he can belikened to a Hall of Fame awardeefor bringing the Jewish people tothe Promised Land. Joshua makes achoice: “As for me and my house,we will serve the Lord.” And he dieshappy because he was able to bringhis people to the Lord.We, too, have choices – fundamental and everyday choices.Our fundamental choiceshould be God. He created us because our very own existenceis an absolute proof of God’slove. But, Fr. Titus pointed out:If we share in His divinity, whywill some people go to hell? Theanswer: Because we have thechoice to respond or not to the loveof God, but we are not free fromthe consequences of our response.Hell, which means being awayfrom God in all eternity, is a naturalconsequence of not choosing God.In our daily life, we have achoice between good and evil. Fr.Titus shared the story of two AfricanAmerican priests. The priests aretwins born of single parents in thesouth side of Chicago, a place saidto be so notorious for crimes, whitesdared not go there. When the two priests were ordained, they wereasked how they became priestsdespite living in such a dreadful place. Melvin, one of the twins, said,“Because I choose to be good.”We can choose to be goodin spite of our bad surroundings,circumstances, or superiors.Peter said, “Lord, to whomshall we go?” If we turn awayfrom God, where shall we go? If we are buried in sin and shame,where shall we go? The bottomline is
believe that God loves us, His love will never change, and it iswithout condition
. We can alwayschoose GOD.
-- Bella Estrella Photo by ELS 
Passion, Potential, Purpose
BRO. BO SANCHEZ started his talk with a reminder-- God’s declaration inJeremiah 1:5:
 Before I formed you in thewomb I knew you, and before you wereborn I consecrated you; I appointed you
a prophet to the nations
.Bro. Bo pointed out: “When Godcreated you, He created you with a sacred purpose. And it’s this sacred purpose that
makes you unique... your purpose dened
everything about you—your personality,your past, your pain, including your  passion and potential.”In his last talk of our series
, titled
Your Passion
, Bro. Bo Sanchez said successis all about alignment of our passion, potential, and purpose.To illustrate, he said, imagine anarcher: “An archer’s most important skillis the ability to align three things: his bow, his arrow, and his target. Withoutalignment, he can’t hit his target.”He added that we’re all archers-- because God has created us with amission, a goal, a purpose, a target. Hefurther explained:
The bow symbolizes your passion
This is where your power comes from. You can have anexcellent arrow—sharp andstraight and strong—but if youdon’t have a powerful bow, itwon’t go anywhere. In the sameway, you can be as intelligent asEinstein, but if you don’t have passion for your purpose, youwon’t be successful.
Bro. Bo Sanchez with Arvin Rabino of Shepherd’s Voice Radio andTelevision (SVRTV) demonstrate alignment of bow, arrow, and target.
-- Photo by ALEX UY YCO
   C  r   i  s   L  e  g  a  s  p   i   E   L   S
• The arrow symbolizes
 your potential 
The arrow symbolizes your core gift; Your bow could be very powerful, but if you picked thewrong arrow—if you picked anarrow that is bent, or brittle, or  blunt—you won’t hit your target.If you want to be successful,you have to stick to your game.You have to be faithful to your core gift.
• The target symbolizes
 your purpose
Success is a simple pattern. If you really think about it, there’s nothingcomplicated about success.If you have the right bow—  passion—and if you chosethe right arrow—potential— through
 —in duetime, you’ll be able to hit your  purpose in life.Bro. Bo added: “Whenyou align your passion, potential, and purpose, thatis when you achieve true prosperity. This is what I call
 Divine Alignment 
. The reason
you lack peace, fulllment, joy,
success, and true prosperity issomething is still not aligned inyour life.”Bro. Bo thus shared thesethree elements that need to bealigned in your life…
Your passionis that one thing you love todo even if you don’t get paid.Imagine that you found inyour yard $400 million. Evenwith that kind of money,you still work. What youwork on is your passion.
2. Potential.
Passion isn’tenough. You need potential-- your special gift. Bro. Bosaid ask yourself, “Where do Iexcel? What one thing do Ido that when I do it, peopleare blessed?”That’s your core gift.Bro. Bo said, “God has givenyou a unique gift that will
make you a superstar in your world.
He added:”If you nd
your unique gift, developyour unique gift, and resistthe temptation to divert awayfrom your gift—you’ll be Number One. As 1 Timothy4:14 puts it:
“Do not neglect 
 your gift.”
3. Purpose.
Presentingideas from Jim Collins’ book,
Good To Great 
, Bro. Bosaid, “The easiest way for 
THE FEAST September 2, 2012
you to know God’s purposeis to look for the intersection between your passion andyour potential.”To know your purpose,Bro. Bo said go where thecircles intersect.
Know What You Wantand Be Willing To Give UpEverything for It.
Bro Bosaid, “Passion meansknowing what you want andgiving everything you’ve gotto get it. Passion is saying toyourself and to the universe,‘This is what I want, andI’m betting my entire lifeon this. I’m putting my time,my future, and my comfortat stake here. I’m unloadingall my guns. I’m holdingnothing back. I’m
sacricing everything
on the altar!’ ”He ended with whathe loves saying: “When youwant something bad enough,nothing much can stop you.”As the Bible says,
 If youare unable to make up your mind and are undecided inall you do, you must not 
think that you will receive
anything from the Lord.
 (James 1:7-8)
-- Kristine Mutuc
 A Photo-Op
 NOTHING just happens,Bro. Bo Sanchez said in his
series. True.My son Kevin and Ispent our Holy Week vacationin my hometown in Naga,a year before the May 2010 presidential elections. On themorning of Holy Thursday, wewent to the Camsur Resort. Aswe were enjoying our walk around the place, we chancedupon our former Mayor Jesse Robredo and Senator Mar Roxas.My brother Jonas andMayor Jesse went to the sameschool at the Naga ParochialSchool. Although our house islocated just a few blocks awayfrom the house of the Robredos,
this was the rst time that I met
Mayor Jesse.Jonas asked Mayor Jesseif we could have a picture takenwith him and Senator Roxas.“Sure,” he said.He took our camera andhe himself took our picture withSenator Mar. Then, he gladly posed with us as Kevin clickedaway. Since then, these pictureshave become part of our family album.The second time I metMayor Jesse was when heattended the 80th birthday of my father on September 23,2009. It would turn out to bethe last time that we wouldever be with him. He got busythe following year as NoynoyAquino became President andhe appointed our Mayor asSecretary of Interior and LocalGovernments. He would serveonly for a short time.That fateful Saturdayafternoon of August 18, 2012,my husband Rene called me to
above: Lulu (3
from le) with brother JonasDelvo, sister Louise Chio, thenMayor Jesse Robredo, and Lulu’saunt Belen Alvia. At right, thegroup’s picture with Senator MarRoxas taken by Mayor Jesse.
watch the news on television.Secretary Jesse’s plane crashedinto the sea, several metersaway from the Masbate shores.Dismay, fear, shock, andsadness engulfed my whole being that very moment. All Icould hope and pray for wasthat our beloved Mayor wouldsurvive. By Tuesday morning,his body was retrieved fromthe wreckage.We will all have our fondmemories of this great yetsimple man who had touchedour life, one way or another. Asfor our family, we will alwaystreasure him in our heart as avery dear family friend.Dios Mabalos,Simply Jesse!Bro. Bo added that if you want to prosper, add onemore circle. The “peso” circleconsists of the various waysyou could earn. You couldearn the most at that sweetspot where these three circlesintersect. This is where youshould focus on because that’swhere you can potentially earnthe most.
THE FEAST September 2, 2012

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