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Circular Tow One.and Two Article Aeromodellers. July August 1975

Circular Tow One.and Two Article Aeromodellers. July August 1975

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Published by vuelolibremotor

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Published by: vuelolibremotor on Aug 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Aero Modeller730
an outlinoofth€ d€velopments, andan explanation of th€ varioussystems used by theleadingA/2gliderfli€rs d€tailod byElton Drew
WHATS chcolariow?Simplyth. c€picityto allow aglldarto covor ! conirollsdcircular flighrparhai witl wirh rowtin€ailachsd,asooool6d to convoniionalWhy circulsriow, whsn in tho66rlydrysolglidsrflyingth6gr6.tost probl€moncountoradw.B lho achiovom.n!ot asrr.lghr ow ro fulltowlin€ hoight ollowedby5 circularglld6 p!th?Thormwor, orrllh€ransw€rs,bocomo mor6 readilyapparsnt fcon3lderation sgivonto rhoproblomsncountsredwhon llying incalmFirut,36nyonowho has owcd !srggingmodal in a tl.lc6lmw.ll lnows,th6boundary 6nc.and/or orhaostion sndtoar.ivomuch mor€ rspidly ihanrthormaland th6 flysr isofton conlronr6dwilh thschoicoof attompting ro b.ing ths modeldown on ths line, lsslfa chancyopdrstion,orroleasingh. mod€l n desporltion,whhlh€ rssuliing lighttimev6ry muchin tholapolth6god3.Circuls. ow cln obviouslyovorcomahisproblom.S€condly,kcul6r ow c6n bc a d6cidsdaido tho|maldorocti.n n rhos. condiiions,inhatonecangottwoormors'bit68t hchsrry',b6cau3of indoubt 6s to whothefornota thermalhasbeonencountorod, n6can samplygoround6gain' and r6checkrhalo.nicular o6lchofai..Thirdly, circularowmay bo amployodasatacricEllying 6id in that, s8sumingadollnits wind dircctlon, ons candrllt th6mod6ldownwind 6nd 6t€ uD a l.vour8blopo8lliono asse!6whicholihe opDo3ition'smodsl3 s hopotullygoingto m.rt llfi;alavouriteployot tho Russi.n oxponsnts.Thl3lscticobviou6lyisarticularlyu36lulincompslitions havingslaning lin6i fromwhlchorhsr comp€titoas are nsiurallyroluciantoiowuDvvind.t h63obvious
TiX.Rtt, x+Rt
limiiations if .ll lhoconbstantsomploycirculsr ow andsdoprths 6cticlAfunharbonu8 lspfovidodby lh6capacity hrt circular ow can ofl6r, of aBignitic6nl ar6puhhsight boosl on roloaie;invalu.bla ingaining pr8cioussoconds nFtouiE IOth.t tov hook.orlaln.llr Int nd.d ... n..d ofobt l.l.t..taltht tor.Clrc$lai tow ayrLm.1. fh.'F..nch Sw..n'lhs inr6ntlonalws ofcircular ow flishtp!!hlorglidsrss bynono€ns now. ThsFronchhld . sylt6minwidospr€8d sossoaroond 1967,pe.haps€rrlier. Th6irv6ryeimplo 3y!16m, e3unec!6da d3vic€ usodm.nyyoars6arli6r.ndfej€ctod6s virluallyusole8s)-thsoffsorlowhook.O.igin.llyahi3was nlend6das,hcans olobraining astraighi ow followod by6circlingglido;thi3b€ing b€for6 h6 univ6rs.l adoptionotThsolt3slhook'ooriginaldomiso 3 6asyto unduslsnd: In lhgory th€ momontimpossdbythslinolonsion .ciing on rhsolts6! towhook b.lanc€d ha mom.nt du€to th. lixsd ruddor dstleclion.This ist.ueatth€ 3!artoltho row andfo. aparliculo.aispo€d,bur rh6 situaiion apidlychang€slAs lho mod€l approachos he topol !h6lins ihos6i up changesas shownintOUn1. Now h3lino6nsion will bs so6ntoproducorollingmomsnr arhor hanhopt6viousyawingrnom.nl. H6ncethocouniaractiono tho rudd6.turningmom6ntha3di3app66r6d;ndc6dh6 rollingmomonrt.nd! lo rollthsmodolinlhs am6 irocrionssthorudd6ris urning h6 mod6l, nd hspoolingolf sffoct iB thus sggravaiod.Combinohiswilh lhc va.iablo slfoctofchangingwindsp66d6nd itisroadilyapplrsnt why tho ldv€ntotth. AuroRuddor hadb6€nwclcomod withop€n
reslored by applying ightiodsion to th€lin6. Reloasol themodels accomplishedbva lutth€r ncr€ason lins tonsion. hiscompf€ssesh6 spring o stop B" therebyintroducinga slighi amountotrudderoffsetustpriortoth6roleasef tho latch,and h€nc6elease f iho iow lin6 from thsmod6l.Thisoffsst,combin6dwithincroa$dair sp€6ddus to the high lin€ i€nsion,fesults n a calEpull€dlimbing urnwithausslul3innaltitud€.L€ppat tho'1971Championships, ndagain in 1973 demonstraieda vafiationomploying5nailercn on ihsponwing iipacriv6tod in coniuncrion with rh6towrudder olfser(left-handturn).This,Igather,6nhanc€dhe model'sbshaviour nlh6cifcular tow mode,pemiltingtightor'onth6 lineturns to be atiain€dandeliminatinqnyspiraliving endoncies.Th6 maindeterents to th€ mor6 wid€-sproadadoption ol these hooks n Britainars undoubtedlyour capficious climate,coupledwithths compl€xityofthahooksmachining scilities were widolysmployedon h€originals.Theagafiss tourclimatsresulin very few occasions deallvsuitedFitur. S-S..trdin.vi.n'rinr.ndr!.ins'
foruss olthe hook and iho anticipaledlowusoage would6pp6ar to lead mosi Britishllisrs to rh€ conclusionrhat rhe efforrnsedsdtoproducsthess hooks would be3. The Scandinavitn'Spting andRing'Untilrec6nrly, lho Fr€nch syslem appsarcdlo h8vs bssn lalqely supeGeded by varia-rionsonrho 'Eussian Hook' theme. Arevival olinrerest hasb6entriggercd off bythe adoption ol a new line releas€ syslemoriginalingfrom Sc.ndinavians Buchwaldand Pydso, apparently d6rivedfrom therathercomplicaled€nd cumbsfsomo Scan'dinavian spring.loadedclawd€vicodes-ctibgd in tha 1 97 3 7 4 Ae rcMo dele, A nn u at.Bri6fly,rhis involvsd r€placing ths con-vsntionallowhook wilh a fing towhichtheclawisclipped, s€ef&u/e 4. Tho r€leassof th€ claw is activaiod by animpulse fromtho springprovidedby tha s!dd€n fsleasoof a small amount of slackin the loadedrowlin6. lt cannor releass whilst theline isslack, and rhusprovidesan absolut€lypositivslinelock on.Buchwald 6nd Pydso's development wassimply lo feplaca this clawby a hook 3sshown in Ftgula 5a. Ths hookjust hanssinthe ring andis virtually impossibl€ todislodgain llighi,olherthan by a suddenimpuls€as doscribed above-a brilliantlysimplo, but stfeclivs, idea. A similarDaoishdavice(Figute5b, w6s illusrsled by BonCol€man in hisTechnicalRepon onth1973 World Championships(AercMod.eLNovembsr1973,and stated,in thal repoft,io hav€ ba6njudgedillsgal. Sincerhon alwas statedhatirs usewas allow€d in lhose(b)D i.t' devic.FiaurG6-Pivotedoff.Gtchampionships.r is dilticulo see on whatqroundstcouldhsvebeen disallowed sinceihe sprins exrension'slimiredby a stop:-.--_'hs spring extensionis limiredby a slop.
andcannotrovid€ny mor€ nJiishri.e(EiBg?gxrensionhanpominedby rhe2kginooFasa)
l€stpull.Admiltedlvthe device has a.ather'suspicious'appearanc6, but remem-b€f that ths spring merelyprovidsslheimpulsotodislodgerh€ hook, anddoesnolimparrany sn€rgyro th6 model,This'RingandSpring device wasenlhusiasticallvintfoduced ro me bv PetetAllnutt at rhs 1974 BritishNationals, hehavingpick€dup lhe idea on one of hisffsquont oxcufsaons o conrinenralcontests.H€ h8d adapteditlo the Ffench offset hooksystem and thsrsby inrroduced a newdimensionoirsusenthatatwasnolongeressential o maintain inetension;rh€ modelnowbeinglree lo circle wiihslack line, aswilhtho Russian yslem.Thas syslem has beenusedwilhsomesuccess by steveMariotrwho has added arelinemsnt, ss shown in f49u.e 6. ThisDrovidesrhe laciliN roreducerudd€roftseras towline lension increas€s, andpfovides,it is claimed,sreaiercontrolovef thereleaseopefaiionwhilslroiainjng rho abilityro circletightly with stackline.lnlerestingly boihPoter'sand Stevoshooks urilis€ springs havins muchsrealerexlension than thoseshown inrhe74ero-Mode et Annual &awinss, and in a skelchofBuchwalds and Pydsos hook whichappearcd inFrcaFlight News,March,1974sccompanying a drawins of an A/2 design,'StykbyPrydsoand Konsgard.
loirint.h. h.ppy b.nd of.ir.l..towcn do.. not r.quir..rt.n.iv.work.hopf..iliai.r-...l..tion ofn..dl. fild, no. l0and 55 drillrrS.rdl0 BA t.p.and.t.pwr.nch r.prc..nt th.only tool. rcq!ir.d .ddition.l to tho.cfoond in mo.t mod.ller"
Elton Drewcontinueshis.fascinating account of the latesttechniquesemployednA/2gliderswith an account of hispersonalexperiences
Followingmy rctum lromtheSwedish WorldChamps, I de.idedto try circular tow formyself. Thisled toaveryprotractedseriesofexperiments.Protracted n timespanrather than in efiort Imight add andit mustbe said that, besidesa lackofsparetime,the weather wascertainly responsible forslowingqownprogr€ss.FiSure7a-Aisembly
Initially, themain attributewhichattractedmetothe Russian systemwastheposiliveline lock-uppro.vided.The carapult heightgainwasalso regardedas desirable bonus,whilst. at that time.the circulartowfacilitywas considered as of lessimportanc€in view of the scarcityofcalm conditions n thiscouDf{y.Having nomachiring faciliesofmyown, the first requirefieD ,vas odevise a hook whichcooldbeproducedwithlimitedtools, All myhooks havebeen Droducedwith theusual range ofadromodellingtoolssupplementedwith8 and l0 BA taps,tap holder,appropriate tapping sizedrills(No.50 and 55 respectively),selection of files and, ofcourse, agoodvice,The fundarnentalconstructionaldifferencefrom the Russiandesigowasthe replacementof thepistonandcylinder arrangement with a
main body fashioned from 0.2in.thick duralplate,themoving hookbeingsituated nadrilled hole.Thefirst attempt unfortunatelywasafailure.I had tried to over-simplify the systemby doing awaywith the latch, thehook simplybottominginto a slottedprojectionon the hookbody. Thisprovedvirtually impossible orelease romthe line,everything workingper-fectlyup until thispoint.As soon asthe releasing tension(appliedtocompress he spring and bring thehook clear of the slottedstop) wasreleased, the hooksnapped backkeeping he towring 6rmly trapped.Filingaway the slopprojection
Group of ahr.G hoot.. At top rirhtitElto.'.!n.ucc...ful fir.t .tt.mot whl<hw...up.rce.d.d br th. c.ntrc hook-.l.in . rari.tionon th. Rq..i.n hookth.mc. lt f..tu r.. . hovinil.t.t tor linclock.on,bst 1..k. fr.ili.r for .isht.r'on-li.e'ci..l.rth.nfr.c-rlld. cir.l...Syrt.mIt dfrwn in Firurc.7. .nd 7b. At low6rl.ft it a furth.r d.v.loDm€^t trilor.d t6.uit'Lc.dinaL.drr Init.ll.tio.-l.t.rr.pl.c.dby rina-.nd-.prid8d€vic.rhown
- ...,.".,,""
Author".l6plilicd"i!..i.nhook vrri..tion-nott hook op.r.t.. in .onisnd.ionwith convlntion.l Aqtorudd.r.toD.toralld.turn .dju.tm.nt,
@/oo hD4
. r,..1*''^''1"/--\
.----r--.1r.-1+ \/-\...l-.jcoi#| ,/-|

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