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WCGA Coordinator Request For Proposal

WCGA Coordinator Request For Proposal

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Published by Dave Haviland

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Published by: Dave Haviland on Aug 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Notice to Prospective Proposers
You are invited to submit a proposal to the California Natural Resources Agency for the position ofWest Coast Governors Alliance on Ocean Health (WCGA) Project Coordinator.In submitting your proposal, you must comply with these instructions.Note that all agreements entered into with the State of California will include by reference GeneralTerms and Conditions GTC 307 and Contractor Certification Clauses that may be viewed anddownloaded at Internet site www.ols.dgs.ca.gov/ .If you do not have Internet access, a hard copy can be provided by contacting the person listed below.In the opinion of the California Natural Resources Agency, this RFP is complete and without need ofexplanation. However, if you have questions, or should you need any clarifying information, the contactperson for this RFP is:Amy VierraCalifornia Natural Resources Agency(916) 653-9416Please note that no
information given will be binding upon the State unless such information isissued in writing as an official addendum.
WCGA Project Coordinator RFP August 2012 
I. Purpose and Description of Required Services
The West Coast Governors Alliance on Ocean Health (WCGA) Executive Committee seeks theservices of a Project Coordinator to provide project management, strategic planning services andadministrative support for the WCGA.
A. Background
The WCGA is a proactive, regional collaboration to protect and manage ocean and coastalresources along the entire West Coast. Launched on September 18, 2006 by Governor’sGregoire of Washington, Kulongoski of Oregon, and Schwarzenegger of California, the allianceadvances regional ocean governance efforts as called for in the recommendations of theU.S. Commission on Ocean Policy and the Pew Oceans Commission. Governor’s Gregoire ofWashington, Kitzhaber of Oregon, and Brown of California renewed their commitment to thiseffort in early 2011.The alliance seeks to advance the goals of:
Ensuring clean coastal waters and beaches
Protecting and restoring ocean and coastal habitats
Promoting the effective implementation of ecosystem-based management
Reducing adverse impacts of offshore energy development
Increasing ocean awareness and literacy among residents
Expanding ocean and coastal scientific information, research and monitoring
Fostering sustainable economic development in our communitiesAfter extensive public participation and close coordination with three federal co-leads appointedby the Subcommittee on the Integrated Management of Ocean Resources (SIMOR), theGovernors released their Action Plan in July 2008 (available at http://westcoastoceans.org/ ).The Action Plan contains 26 actions to jointly solve some of the most challenging ocean andcoastal problems.In late summer 2008, ten working groups were established including representatives from eachof the three states, federal and tribal governments, academia, industry, non-governmentalorganizations and other interested citizens. Each working group is supported by a Point ofContact who also serves as staff to the Executive Committee. Action-specific work plans werereleased to the public in spring 2010 and the working groups are currently implementing theirplans. Since 2008, three additional working groups have formed (more information on each ofthe 13 working groups can be found athttp://www.westcoastoceans.org/index.cfm?content.display&pageID=68).
WCGA Project Coordinator RFP August 2012 
B. Services Required
The WCGA Executive Committee seeks the services of a Project Coordinator to provide projectmanagement, strategic planning support, and administrative support for the WCGA. Thefollowing tasks and deliverables for the Project Coordinator have been identified:
Task 1: Project Management
The contractor will support the Executive Committee and the Point of Contact for each ActionCoordination Team (ACT) by providing current status reports on all action items to the ExecutiveCommittee. The contractor will also provide support for the ACTs’ communication with theExecutive Committee and other ACTs. The contractor will coordinate and provide guidance tothe four WCGA fellows.
Contractor will develop periodic status reports on action items, including formalmilestone reports.
Task 2: Executive Committee and Points of Contact Conference Calls
Contractor will convene conference calls for the Executive Committee and for the Points ofContacts. Contractor is responsible for communicating with participants, primarily through emailto schedule calls, for developing and disseminating call agendas in advance, for memorializingdiscussions and using information and decisions reached on calls to inform subsequent actions.
Contractor will coordinate communication, develop agendas, and ensureupdates are informing future actions.
Task 3: Coordination of state representatives on the West Coast Regional Planning Body
Contractor will be responsible for coordinating state representatives to effectively participate inthe West Coast Regional Planning Body, anticipated by President Obama’s ExecutiveOrder 13547. Specific duties may include policy research and recommendations, anddevelopment of options documents.
Contractor will be responsible to ensure that state representatives have theopportunity and support necessary to coordinate comments or policy positions on the WestCoast Regional Planning Body.
Task 4: Research, Writing, and Materials Development
Contractor will be responsible for research, writing, and communication tasks needed toproduce memos, letters, presentations, and reports on behalf of the WCGA. Examples includea potential new Action Plan, tracking and reporting on state and federal legislative changes anddeveloping policy analyses for the state representatives to consider.
Contractor will draft letters on behalf of the Executive Committee to
fulfill specificactions in final Action Plan, develop formal milestone reports on the status of the action itemsinitiated by the WCGA, potentially develop a new Action Plan, and may develop policy analyses,depending on organizational needs. Such reports will be distributed widely to the public.Contractor will also make presentations to and provide other materials for the ExecutiveCommittee members as required.
Task 5: Fiscal Management and Fundraising
The WCGA has several sources of funding that are administered by a fiscal agent. Contractoris responsible for coordinating between the Executive Committee and the fiscal agent on

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