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Telgi Scam

Telgi Scam

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Published by Vishal Salve

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Published by: Vishal Salve on Aug 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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At the outset I take the privilege to convey my gratitude to thosewho have co-operated, supported, helped and suggested me toaccomplish the project work. This project work bear’s imprint, of many persons who are either directly or indirectly involved in thecompletion of it.I am also desirous of placing on record profound indebt ness to myguide Mr.Vishal Salve S Y BFM Roll No 134 for the valuable advice,guidance, precious time and support that she offered.
Table of Contents
Sr. No. Topics1. Introduction2. Key Players3. Government Reactions4. Involvement of CBI5. Politicians Involved6. Cases & Evidences againstSenior Cops7. History8. Mystery of the Missing Moolah9. General Opinions10. An Interview11. Conclusion
 The Telgi stamp scam can be dubbed as the mother of all scams and manycannot resist saying it happens only in India. Its ramifications run deep andcover over 12 states with Maharashtra leading the way. It has left its stampof shame on the top police brass, politicians and bureaucrats. Today anumber of them, including the ex-police commissioner of police, Mumbaiare languishing in jails along with the kingpin, and state’s strong manresigned as cries to boot him out reached a crescendo.Abdul Karim Lad Saab Telgi’s story is that of the rags to the riches. Hestarted by selling articles on the Belgaum platform and trains to make out aliving and educated himself and by doing a petty job. He struck gold whenhe plunged into printing and selling fake stamps. His operations lasted fornearly a decade and during this period he was able to keep the law at bayby bribing the powers that pulled the strings.He started be doing what has been even impossible to think of. Hepenetrated the confines of Indian Government’s Nashik Security Presswhere millions of crores worth court stamp papers and printed inconnivance with the top officials. He bought scrap stamp printing presses inworking conditions, installed them in his Mumbai Press and began printingand selling stamp papers.What helped and boosted his sales was that by pulling his political stringshe succeeded in getting a stamp vendors license. This enabled him to sellin bulk to top companies and banks. Soon his growing1money power gained him so much clout at Mumbai Stamp Office that forlong periods they feigned shortage of stamps, allowing Telgi’s men to sellstamps at a premium outside the stamp office. Today, many are paying the police of their falling prey to Telgi’s bribes and Telgi to who has amassed a fortune is down with aids and in jail but thistime without the luxuries of a cell phone or hotel stay. Today’s watch worthis “No Telgi Ghee only butter” Though the racket had come to light in 1995 those whose duty was toexpose and bring the guilty to booth engaged them in cover-up andapparently allowed him to run the racket from his cell by providing him thecell phone.Finally, it was the patience and perseverance of one man, the indefatigableAnna Hazare who filled a public interest petition in the high court. Thisbrought things into the open and exposed the role of police and politiciansand under the court’s order the state government was forced to set up S.I.T

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