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VAND IntoAfrica

VAND IntoAfrica

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Published by Christopher Craig

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Published by: Christopher Craig on Aug 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wn 2013
Dear Vanderbilt Alumni and Friends, We are pleased to partner with ravel DynamicsInternational, one o our longest-established and mosthighly-respected tour operators, in bringing you anopportunity to explore parts o Arica that ew areprivileged to see. Te voyages described in this brochure are to an“undiscovered” Arica, an Arica o souks and bazaars,o vanished empires and colonial plantations, o pristinetropical islands, lush rain orests, and immense, starkly beautiul deserts. And since this is Arica, there is wildliean astonishingly rich variety o wildlie. All o this, and much more, you will nd along the shores o  West Arica.It’s ironic that West Arica, once busy with the ships o explorers, colonists, traders, and missionaries, is rarely  visited by contemporary travelers. With these voyagesthat encompass the continent’s entire coast between theStrait o Gibraltar and the Cape o Good Hope in South Arica, we hope to change that.In act, traveling by ship is the only way such unique journeys are possible, as air and land connectionsbetween North Arica and South Arica are logistically complex and time-consuming. Aboard ship, you unpack once and travel in perect comort.One o our goals is to introduce you to the many dierent “Aricas”: the noble Imperial cities o Morocco;the handsome colonial monuments o Luanda, Angola;the lush orests and wildlie sanctuaries o Te Gambia,Sierra Leone, and Ghana; the idyllic islands o São oméand Príncipe; the world-class wineries o South Arica. Tese voyages give you rare opportunities to get to know the people o Arica. We’ll meet local artists and artisans,shermen and armers, wildlie park rangers, and the sta o the acugama chimpanzee rescue program. o deepen your understanding o contemporary Arica, we will alsoarrange discussions with local leaders.
This page: West Arica’s coast is lined with pristine waterways Cover: Red colobus monkeys, Abuko Nature Reserve, The Gambia 
 unknown shores
Like you, we are aware o the demands group travel canmake on local environments. Tat is why we travel only on a small ship with a limited number o participants.“raveling small” enables us to visit sites that wouldbe out o bounds to the thousands o passengers rommassive cruise ships. When we visit a traditional village,a wildlie park, or a cultural monument, we do notoverwhelm it, and we are careul to minimize as much aspossible our impact on the site.Our ship, the
, is ideal or this unprecedented voyage. With only 50 spacious suites, many with aprivate balcony, elegant common areas, superb acilities,expansive promenade decks, and almost as many crew members as guests,
adds immeasurably to thesuccess o the discovery o West Arica. We hope you will join ellow Vanderbilt Alumni andtravelers rom other distinguished colleges, universities andmuseums on this once-in-a-lietime adventure, choosingthe date that best suits your personal schedule. We look orward to welcoming you to this extraordinary voyage.Please call us at 615-322-3673 or urther inormation andto reserve your suite aboard the elegant
. Withree airare rom New York and limited accommodations,this trip is certain to sell out quickly.Sincerely, Carroll Kimball, BA’84PresidentVanderbilt Alumni Association

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