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Published by Sahil Lopes

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Published by: Sahil Lopes on Aug 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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abateabhorrentatoneto decrease; reduceinspiring disgustto make amendsabdicateatrophyto give up a position, right, or power ill temperedaberrant deviating from what is normalabeyance temporary suppression or suspensionabject miserable; pitifulabjure to reject; abandon formallyabscission the act of cutting; the natural separation of a leaf or other partof a plantabscond to depart secretlyabstemious moderate in appetiteabstinence the giving up of certain pleasuresabysmal very badaccretion growth in size or increase in amountaccrue to accumulate; grow by additionsadamant uncompromising; unyieldingadjunct something added, attached, or joinedadmonish to caution or reprimandadulterate to corrupt or make impureaesthetic relating to beauty or the artsaffected pretentious; phonyaffinity fondness; liking; similarityaggrandize to make larger or greater 
aggregate amounting to a whole; totalalacrity cheerful willingness; eagerness; speedalchemy medieval chemical philosophy based on changing metal intogold; a seemingly magical power or process of transmutationallay to lessen; ease; soothealleviate to relieve; improve partiallyalloy a combination; a mixture of two or more metalsallure the power to entice by charmamalgamate to combine into a unified wholeambiguous unclear or doubtful in meaningambivalence the state of having conflicting emotional attitudesambrosia something delicious; the food of the godsameliorate to improveamenable agreeable; cooperative; suitedamenity something that increases comfortamulet ornament worn as a charm against evil spiritsanachronism something out of the proper timeanalgesic medication that reduces or eliminates painanalogous comparableanarchy absence of government; state of disorder anodyne something that calms or soothes painanomalous irregular; deviating from the normantecedent something that comes before
antediluvian prehistoricantipathy dislike; hostilityapathy indifferenceapex the highest pointapogee the point in an orbit most distant from the body being orbited;the highest pointapothegm a terse, witty sayingappease to calm, pacify, placateappellation nameapposite strikingly appropriate and relevantapprise to informapprobation praise, approvalappropriate to take possession of for one's own use; confiscateapropos relevantarabesque ornate design featuring intertwined curves; a ballet position inwhich one leg is extended in back while the other supports theweight of the bodyarcheology the study of material evidence of past human lifeardor great emotion or passionarduous extremely difficult; laboriousargot a specialized vocabulary used by a grouparrest to stop; to seizeartifact item made by human craftartless guileless; natural

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