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Published by Pamela Swarts

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Published by: Pamela Swarts on Aug 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Genesee Community College
Art 209 Computer Graphics Fall 2011
Pam Swarts (pswarts@genesee.edu)Class:
mon & weds. 2:30AM - 4:30PM Room E122
E122: 585.343.0055 Ext. 6436Office Hours:
T & Thurs 12:30-2:30pm
Catalog Description
Introduction to Computer Graphics using the computer as an image making tool.Students will learn image development, dimensioning, modifying, storage, and systemmanagement.
Course Objectives
By the end of the semester students will be able to:
Demonstrate control of the Mac OSa) navigate the desktop b) set basic files and directories
. Create a minimum of 15 logos using the program Illustrator. To achieve this they willneed to master the following skills:a) manipulating type b) creating and manipulating simple shapesc) controlling the superimpositions of vector objectsd) creating balanced and dynamic designs utilizing the interaction of shapes andletterforms
Create a minimum of 5 business cards using. To achieve this they will need to masterthe following skills:a) The linking of external files to another document b) Controlling the attributes of both text and graphic boxes.c) Simple type manipulation
Create a minimum of 5 backgrounds using Photoshop. To achieve this they will needto master the following skillsa) file size management b) using filersc) using selection toold) copying and pasting between documentse) managing color modesf) using adjustment toolsg) using layersh) creating imagery that alludes to organic matter, suggests depth and has a variety of color and texture while employing elements of good design.
Create a minimum of 5 dream images using Photoshop. In addition to the skillsmastered in the background assignment, students will also be able to:a) master the basics of scanning images b) control file size, image ratio andcolor modes of multiple scanned documents.c) Create imagery that has a surreal dream-like quality and displays knowledge of design basics.
Create a short animation. To achieve this they will need to master the following skills:
a) Correctly formatting graphics from other sources for importing into the Directorprogram. b) Controlling motion in an animation program.c) Controlling the basic functions of the stage, cast and score.d) Manipulation of sounds for use within an animatione) Creation of a concept that will hold together the motion of simple red dots and resultin a story that is understandable to viewers and linking all elements within theanimation (image, motion, sound) to that concept.
Attendance Policy
- Students are allowed 2 unexcused absences. More than 2absences will result in the reduction of your final grade by one letter grade for every subsequent absence.
Required Text/Supplies
- No required text, jump drives requiredReccomended text-The Litttle Mac Book by Robin Williams and The Idea Index by JimKrause.
Course Overview and Weekly Schedule
Students will explore the elements of design and learn to control apparent space.* Week 1 Computer Basics* Week 2 Computer Basics and Vector based Programs* Week 3 Illustration: Creating a monogram* Week 4 Review of student monograms* Week 5 Critique of monograms: Introduction of layout program* Week 6 Creating a business card using page layout software* Week 7 Business cards due: Introduction of Raster/Pixel program* Week 8 Background project* Week 9 Background project* Week 10 Background Critique: Introduction to scanning * Week 11 Photo Retouchin* Week 12 Dream imagery critique: Introduction to Animation* Week 13 Animation and Sound* Week 14 Animation Critique: Introduction to multimedia * Week 15 Multimedia * Week 16 Multimedia Portfolio Presentation
Student Performance Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of the course, as documented by projects, discussions, andpresentations, students will be able to:1.Demonstrate basic knowledge of the Macintosh OSX operating system. *2.Create logos in a vector program.3.Create business cards in a layout program.4.Describe the principles of Bit Map/Raster/Paint programs.5.Demonstrate knowledge of the basics of scanning and working with image resolution.6.Explain the principles of creating motion and using audio and animation.
*This course objective has been identified as a student learning outcome that must be formally assessed aspart of the College's Comprehensive Assessment Plan. All faculty teaching this course must collect therequired data (see Assessing Student Learning Outcomes form) and submit the required analysis anddocumentation at the conclusion of the semester to the Office of Assessment and Special Projects.
Criteria for grading
 An A project contains all of the following;a B project contains 4 of the following;a C project contains 3 of the following;a D project contains 2 of the following; andan F project contains 1 or less of the following:
Project One: Monograms/Logos
* 15 logos have been created* all personal logos are black and white with no gradients* initials of individual letters used to create monograms* letterforms are manipulated to create new shapes* a dynamic composition is created that is not centered and stagnant* other shapes that may be used (boxes, circles, etc.) do not create the composition.
Project 2: Business Cards
* 5 business cards created useing page layout software* Logos placed/linked to document* All linked logos included* Text boxes and picture boxes used* Measurement box used to access fonts and size business card Automatic Failure:*Logos not properly linked and not included
Project 3: Backgrounds
* separate backgrounds that have 640X480 pixels and 72 ppi resolution* effective composition that is not static and not centered* at least 3 different colors, combining cool and warm tones* areas of light and dark that suggest depth* contrasting textures that add visual interest Automatic Failure:* a swirl or globe or other centered object in the middle of the composition.
Project Four : Dream Imagery
 5 images 300dpi* 3 images using layers.* 2 images manipulated using any means that does not require layering and pasting images ontop of each other.* Images have a surreal/impressionistic dream like quality with no purposeful composite imagery (ex. Placing Rover's head on Grandma's body).* At least 3 different colors, combining cool and warm tones.* Areas of light and dark that suggest depth.* Contrasting textures that add visual interest. Automatic Failure:* willfully manipulated imagery (ex. Placing one person's head on another person's body orplacing someone in a new environment) that is meant to look realistic in nature.* a swirl or globe or other centered object in the middle of the composition.
Project Five: Animation
* A concept is created that is understandable to the viewers and all elements within theanimation (backgrounds, sound, motion and red dots) are linked to that concept.

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