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Tribute to Bob Marley by Sadhu Govardhan

Tribute to Bob Marley by Sadhu Govardhan

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Published by Magha Garcia

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Published by: Magha Garcia on Aug 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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by Sadhu GovardhanMuch of my life, Bob Marley accompanied me in the form of his music. He has inspired me for decades,and I feel gratitude towards him. He is without a doubt the most influential musician of the century andhe needs no introduction. He has hundreds of millions of fans around the globe, but what particularlystrikes me about him is that his work is gaining even more meaning as time goes by. He is the championof all suppressed and exploited. The simple man. You. Me.His message is powerful and prophetic. Some may fully understand the truth of his message, while thevast majority rarely picks up on how powerful and true it actually is. Only a few implement his messageinto their lives, which is unfortunate. I hope that these excerpts and comments to some of his lyrics willincrease the awareness of how important it is to stay connected to BM and rare, empowered individualslike him.
How much more pertinent can a song title possibly be? While we were all sleeping, our planet has beendestroyed and our future has been stolen.
See them fighting for powerBut they know not the hourSo they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money,Trying to belittle ourIntegrity now.They say what we know
Is just what they teach us;And we're so ignorant'Cause every time they can reach usThrough political strategyThey keep us hungryAnd when you gonna get some foodYour brother got to be your enemy
If there is one thing he clearly knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, it was how the system works:Modern governments have perfected the art of manipulation and ruthless exploitation. The mostimportant supplies for mankind, such as food and energy, are all centralized so that they can be turnedon or off - as needed. The level of control , manipulation and exploitations has reached a frighteninglevel. A human life has no more value today. Civil rights are a thing of the past. For moderngovernments, we only have two identities: to be a surrendered consumer and an even moresurrendered taxpayer. Beyond that, we have zero value.
“Baldhead" and "Babylon"
are terms that refer to the establishment that runs our countries.
I and I build a cabinI and I plant the cornDidn't my people before meSlave for this countryNow you look me with a scornThen you eat up all my corn
Simple people built a simple society: we all need a roof over our head, some food, the basics. All of these things can be provided by an agrarian society. There is no need for a stock market, no need for awar mongering army, no need for centralization of any sort. But all of this has gradually been takenaway from us. In return, we are getting dangerous food, toxic building materials or carcinogenic clothes,and are made s
ick so that we have to buy the system’s medicine.
Build your penitentiary, we build your schoolsBrainwash education to make us the foolsHate is your reward for our loveTelling us of your God above
Instead of allowing freedom, the system forces us to provide whatever the elite needs the most in orderfor them to stay in power. One of their main tools is brainwash education
yes, practically all of moderneducation is nothing but brainwash education, meant to keep a self-destructive system going strong. Butno matter how much we surrender, hate is still their reward. This hate can be felt quickly once wequestion the system.
Here comes the conmanComing with his con planWe won't take no bribe, we got stay alive
Most of us have taken the bribe in order to fit into society. Only a few managed to stay alive.
Them crazy, them crazyWe gonna chase those crazy
Baldheads out of townChase those crazy baldheadsOut of town
Bob always had hope that one day “the movement of the people” would finally wake u
p and chasethose crazy oppressors out of town. Unfortunately, these oppressors are pulling their strings cleverlyand control countries with
frightening ease. The very concept of a “movement of the people” has
become unrealistic because the system has done everything required to prevent such a thing. Once themasses have been manipulated to the extend that they have become surrendered and gullible sheeple,no sane movement can ever rise. But Bob Marley
’s conclusion is still correct: at one point, these ruthless
oppressors will need to be chased out of town in order to establish a society in tune with nature.
What I particularly like
about Bob Marley is that he was always concerned about people’s welf 
are andthat he never gave up on instilling hope.
How can you be sitting thereTelling me that you careThat you care?When everytime I look aroundThe people they are sufferingIn every way, in every where
Although it is self-evident that the world has become a place of indescribable suffering, we are all beingtrained to look away. Watch TV. Go to the movies. Check out the next party. But anyone who can openhis eyes, can see how billions of innocent animals are slaughtered on a regular basis; how millions of children go hungry and die; how millions of people are forced out of their lands and homes in order tomake way for new development; how mother earth is raped and tortured. These are just some of many
atrocities and there’s no end in sight.
So my brethren, my sisthrenWhich way will we choose?We better hurry, oh hurry'Cause we got no time to lose
Bob Marley knew that we would eventua
lly run out of time if we didn’t
fast. We haven’t acted fast,
which means that we chose the wrong side: to comply with the system and go along with its self destructive schemes.
In this age of technological inhumanityWe're the survivors black survivalScientific atrocity, we're the survivorsAtomic mis-philosophy, we're the survivorsNuclear mis-energyIt's a world that forces lifelong insecurity
These lines are some of BM’
s most brilliant lyrics. Even decades ago, he understood clearly howtechnology would destroy anything humane. People are no longer treated like human beings but aretreated like numbers or machines.
The concept of “black and white” has changed over time: in the past,

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