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62648306 Sap Fico Definitions (1)

62648306 Sap Fico Definitions (1)

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Published by kalkikali

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Published by: kalkikali on Aug 31, 2012
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Define company
company is an organizational unit in accounting, which represents a businessorganization according to the requirements of commercial law in a particular country.A company can comprise one or more company codesEx:Reliance Industries is a companyReliance Retail, Reliance securities, Reliance Mobiles, Reliance logistics are company codes under a company(Reliance Industries)Under company code have many business areas like Hyderabad B.A, Chennai B.A, Bangalore B.A, etc͙..Under Business area some Functional areas is there are Admin Dept, Finance Dept, S&D Dept, R&D Dept etc͙Create a company
he credit control area is an organizational unit that specifies and checks acredit limit for customers. A credit control area can include one or more company codes. It is not possible to assign a company codeto more than one control area. Within a credit control area, the credit limits must be specified in the samecurrency.
Company code
It is an organizational unit used in accounting. It is used to structure the businessorganization from a financial accounting perspective. If you do not wish to copy an existing company code,you can create a new company code and make all the settings yourself. You define your company codes byspecifying the following information.
Company code key
: It is a four-character alpha-numeric key as the company code key.
Define Business Area:
A business area in SAP corresponds to specific business segments of a companyExe: A company may have different specializations.
RMHY (maximum 4 characters) RMCH, RMBLDescription: (Hyderabad bus area), RMCH (Chennai bus area), (Bangalore bus area)
Define Functional Areas:
he functional area field appears in the documents of the applications FI, CO, ProfitCenter Accounting (PCA), and Special Purpose Ledger (SL). Combined with the G/L account, the functional areadetermines the position of the value in the profit and loss statement.In order to define a financial statement version with functional areas, you must have defined the functionalareas.
Functional areas: RMP, RMF, RMA, RMSD, RMRD (maximum 4 characters)Description: production, finance, sales & dist, R & D,Maintain consolidation business area:
his is another controlling tool like Business Area, but on a muchlarger scale. A consolidation business area is a consolidation of a number of business areas that satisfycertain geographic or demographic criteria (for example, belong to the same state, country, continent, etc.or belong to business areas in cities only/villages only etc.).
his helps in a much more macro-controllingaspect as compared to business area.
 RMBA (maximum 4 characters) Consolidation business areaMaintain Financial Management Areas:
Financial Management Area is a customization that helps to workon Cash Flow & Funds Flow Management. Without this customization these features will not be activated.
RMF1 (maximum 4 characters), RMF2, RMF3, RMF4
Assign Company Code to company
In this step, we assign the company code we have created for ourcompany.
his ensures that whenever the company code is required to be quoted for any transactions, theresultant entries get passed to our company
Assign company code RM99 to company DARI99Assign company code to Credit control area:
Assign each of the company codes to a credit control areaas you require. Ensure that the appropriate credit limit is specified for the credit control areas and/or forthe individual customers. You determine the credit limits via the Accounts Receivable area menu.
Assign company code rm99 to credit control area rccaAssign Business areas to Consolidation Business Area
we assign the various business areas that wewant under a particular consolidation area under that particular consolidation business area. It must be
noted that a business area can be assigned to more than one consolidation business area in order to enablebetter reporting and controlling activities.
Business areas RMHY, RMCH, RMBL to consolidation business area RMBADefine Fiscal Year Variant:
In day to day life, we are following the year starting from January to December.
his is called calendar year. But while maintaining financial records, some business organizations, maintainrecords from April to March, some January to December or some in other way.
he period from which thefinancial records are maintained is called Fiscal year. Hence we need to define Fiscal year as per the need of ourbusiness organization.
FISCAL YEAR IS R3Assign fiscal year variant to the company code:
For every company code, you must specify which fiscalyear variant is to be used.
Assign fiscal year variant R3 to the company code RM99Define posting period Variant:
his controls which posting periods (normal and special) are applicable foreach company code. It is possible to have a different posting period variant for each company code.
heposting period variant is independent of the fiscal year variant.
Posting period Variant: RMVT, posting period variant for RM99
Open and close posting periods
n this activity you specify for each variant which posting periods areopen for posting.
wo intervals are available for doing this (period 1 and period 2). For every interval, entera lower period limit, an upper period limit and the fiscal year. You close periods by selecting the periodspecifications so that the periods to be closed are no longer contained.
Assign Posting Period Variant to the company code:
posting period͛s variant must have assign tocompany code because we create fiscal year company code.
Assign Posting Period Variant RMVT to the company code RM99
Define field status variant:
n this activity, you can create and delete field status variants. You must thenassign a field status variant to each FM area. You can use a field status variant for as many FM areas as youwish. By assigning field status variants and field status groups to field selection strings, you can achievedetailed control over document entry in your FM areas for the individual business transactions.
he field

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