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Sanskrit Roots

Sanskrit Roots

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Published by Tomek Lipiński

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Published by: Tomek Lipiński on Aug 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adho downwardsAlamba a prop, a supportAnahata heartAnanta InfiniteAnga a limb or part of the bodyAnjali offeringAnuloma with the grain, in regular gradationApana one of the vital airs which move in the sphereof the lower abdomen.Asta the number eightAstanga Yoga the eight limbs or stages of YogaAsva a horseAum all, conveys concepts of Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence.Ardha half Asana pose
the 3
stage of Yoga
Baddha boundBaka a craneBala childBandha bondage or fetter. a posture where certain organsor parts of the body are contracted and controlled.Bahya restraint following exhalationBhairava terrible
Bhakti worship, adoration.Bhastrika bellowsBhati light, lusterBheka a frogBherunda formidable, terrible, type of birdBhuja arm or shoulderBhuja-pida pressure on the arm or shoulderBhujanga a snakeChakora a partridgeChakra wheel Energy (prana) is said to flow in the humanbody through 3 main channels (nadis), theSusumna, Pingala and Ida. Susumna is situatedinside the spinal column. Pingala and Ida startrespectively from the right and left nostrils, moveup to the crown of the head and course downwardsto the base of the spine. These 2 nadis intersectwith each other and also the Susumna. These junctions of the nadis are known as chakraswhich regulate body mechanism.Chandra moonChatur the number fourChaturanga four limbsChitta the mind in its total or collective sense, beingcomposed of 3 categories; (a) Mind, having thefaculty of attention, selection and rejection;(b) Reason, the decisive state which determinesthe distinction between things and(c) Ego, the I-maker.Danda rod or staff Dhanu a bow
Dharana concentration or complete attention
the 6
stage of Yoga
Dhyana meditation
the 7
stage of Yoga
Drishti view, gazeDwi the number twoDwi-hasta two handsDwi-pada two feet or legsEka one, single, alone, onlyGanda cheek, whole side of the faceGarbaha wombGaruda an eagleGo a cowGu darknessGuru one who illumines the darkness of spiritual doubt(see Ru)Ha 1
syllable of the word Hatha which is composed of the syllables ‘ha’ meaning the sun and ‘tha’meaning the moon. The object of Hatha Yoga is tobalance the flow of solar and lunar energy in thehuman system.Hala a plowHamsa a swanHasta handHatha Sun/Moon balanceHatha Yoga the way towards realization throughrigorous discipline.

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