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A media plan for Lush Cosmetics for 2010.

A media plan for Lush Cosmetics for 2010.

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An essay for the 2011 Undergraduate Awards (Ireland) Competition by Laura Dears. Originally submitted for BSc Advertising at University of Ulster, with lecturer Marian Norwood in the category of Business
An essay for the 2011 Undergraduate Awards (Ireland) Competition by Laura Dears. Originally submitted for BSc Advertising at University of Ulster, with lecturer Marian Norwood in the category of Business

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Published by: Undergraduate Awards on Aug 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Media Buying and Planning
IntroductionLush Cosmetics was founded in 1994 byMark Constantine. Mark had previouslyworked as a product developer for theBody Shop. The company has headquarters based in Poole in the south of England and nowhave over three hundred and fifty stores as far afield as Japan and Australia. Despite beingan international company all of the stores are owned by Lush.Lush relies on their USP of hand making all their products with fresh and naturalingredients; these include skincare products, bathing and hair care products. All ingredientssourced by Lush come from sustainable sources with all of their products being suitable forvegetarians and many are suitable for vegan use. As a company Lush are committed tosustainable trading using fair trade ingredients as well as making efforts to reduce theircarbon footprint. It is this friendly and caring method of doing business which has helped toensure that Lush has become an internationally recognised brand synonymous with superiorproducts and admirable business practices.In the UK almost all major towns and cities have a Lush store located in the high streethowever in Northern Ireland there is only one store located in central Belfast. This meansthat many of the Northern Irish sales occur through the shopping feature on their website.This digital method of sales affects the likely customer base which must be taken intoaccount when devising the media plan.Media ObjectivesIt has been proven that for an ad to be effective it must be seen at least three times overa short period of time by the targeted audience (Sissors and Baron 2002). This rule is true of any advertisement shown across any media vehicle. Each ad to be shown by Lush mustconform to these guidelines to guarantee that maximum reach is made across the targetmarket. In order to ensure that this is the case the target market must be fully understood.
 There are some generalisations that Lush can make about the demographics of theirtarget audience in order to better identify them. The first of these is that the majority of Lush customers will be women. Usually the person who purchases the product will be theend-consumer but this varies around Christmas time when many pre-packaged gifts becomeavailable. Most products produced by Lush are designed with women in mind includingmake-up and bath bombs. However Lush does cater for male customers with products suchas shaving cream, it is more likely that these will be purchased by women for male relativesor spouses as gifts. Those women who do purchase Lush products are likely to be betweeneighteen and thirty-nine. This targeted age group suits Lush as they offer specialised ageproducts including skin moisturisers at a premium price.In addition to these demographics Lush can further target the most appropriate marketthrough psychographic means. Lush products are often expensive so those women who buythem are likely to set aside some of their extra disposable to purchase luxury products. Byrealising that these consumers are willing to pay a premium for products it can de deducedthat they the consumers are appearance conscious. In addition to these Lush businesspractices ensure that many customers have an interest in both ethical and environmentalissues. Lush addresses these issues by using a minimum of packaging on all products and bysourcing ingredients such as palm oil from sustainable sources.Current Marketing Mix and StrategyThe marketing mix is a group of elements that a company uses to sellits products; the marketing mix
consists of the 4P’s;
As stated previously Lush’s product is fresh handmade cosmetics made from entirely
natural and ethically sourced ingredients. Lush products are well reputed for being highquality and range from bath bombs, skincare products to shower gels.Lush products are charged at a premium price with the cheapest items being bath bubblebars which sell for around £3.00 while the more expensive skincare moisturisers can be asexpensive as £25.00 for a small sized pot. Lush can charge these prices as customers arewilling to pay slightly more to ensure that all of their products are high quality and havebeen responsibly manufactured.As mentioned before in Northern Ireland there is only one store located in Belfast somany sales here are conducted through the website or through the postal order form thatcan be requested. However Lush has stores all around the world with each of these sourcinglocal ingredients from which they make their unique products. Many of these countries haveLush stores located in high streets of large towns as well as in busy locations such as airportsguaranteed to have high foot-fall traffic.Unlike many other beauty product companies Lush has never invested in any formaladvertising in the UK or throughout the rest of the world. Lush relies on positive-word of mouth reviews from satisfied customers and features in the pages of several respected
women’s magazines. Lush uses email newsletters as well as the ‘Lush Times’ mock up
newspaper which is sent to existing custo
mers through the post. The ‘Lush Times’ advertises
the latest products as well as gives product reviews from other customers. This allows Lushto communicate their latest news including charity events, information on forth-comingproducts and when the products will hit stores. The paper also includes a list of all productsand an order form allowing customers unable to access the internet or get to stores to makepurchases. This paper can be considered a form of direct-mail however Lush produce it insuch a way to ensure most customers will not recognise it to be advertising encouragingthem to believe any message it contains.
Lush ensure that the ‘Lush Times’ is only delivered to customers who have already
purchased products from the internet, from stores or have signed up to receive it. This

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