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Professional Wedding

Professional Wedding

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Published by Mathew R Wimot
It's their most important day but someone has been sent to step in and ruin it.
It's their most important day but someone has been sent to step in and ruin it.

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Published by: Mathew R Wimot on Sep 02, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The ceremony had been beautiful, underneath a canopy of blossom treeswhich fluttered down on the bride and groom as they said their own vows andmade each other laugh and cry. Both the Mother of the bride and the Mother of the groom had been a wreck for the last hour, neither managing to sing all thewords to the hymns chosen for this special day.The bride and groom had walked down the isle under a storm of confettiand cheers, flanked on either side by family and friends cheering for theirhappiness and grinning with joy and pride. After surviving the confetti, Thenewly weds stood and posed for picture after picture. The young energeticphotographer assuming every conceivable pose and hopping on top of any studysurface to get another terrific angle, framing everyone inside the idyllic sceneryat the back of the large multi-million pound house. After the extensivephotography session the key wedding party retreated into the house and werereplaced by waiting staff carrying drinks in tall glass flutes and innumerable bitesized hor d'oeuvres which no doubt cost more than most of the guests clothes.One man was not concerned however, he had been at the fanciest parties aroundthe world, this was just another day for him.He had sat in the back during the ceremony, when asked he had saidhe was a friend of the Groom and the usher seated his accordingly. He had feltnothing during the exchange of words between the couple and sang quietlyduring the hymns as not to rouse suspicion. He had faked a smile when thewalked past and tossed confetti into the air. When the photographer begancapturing the photos that would sit in a gilded frame and show the world howhappy they were on that day, he faded into the crowds. He had taken a drinkand a canapé and began to drift. The nodding and smiling to the other guestswas muscle memory now. a reflex built up over the years it was all part of theroutine, just another weapon at his disposal. It was all in the timing somethinglike this. You couldn’t show up too early or too late and couldn’t spend too longworking the crowd. There had been a time when it had been a sport, anunofficial score card which floated around the office but so such things happenedthese days. It was a job and he was a professional and thats all there was to it
now. He deposited the half empty glass on the edge of a table and made his waythrough the last of the crowd towards the corner of the house. He kept his pacesmooth and even, the way a guest would if he were making his way to thebathroom or back to the car for his phone. Soon he was out of sight of theguests and round the corner of the house following the path that lead to the sideentrance. He slipped in behind kitchen staff and waiters busy loading up largesilver platters with more expensive finger food. He stopped to let the gigglingbridesmaids march past him down the corridor headed for the party after a fullcostume change. Once the coast was clear he made his way up the rearstaircase leading up to the west wing of the house. On the landing doors linedeach side of the wide carpeted corridor, many of the doors were partially open,laughter spilled out of the lavish bedrooms but he knew where he needed to be.The last door on the left, the only door that was fully closed. Turning the handleslowly he slipped inside without a sound, the room was empty but no cause foralarm. The shower was running in the bathroom. He reached inside his suit jacket and pulled the 9mm out of its holster. From the other side of the jacketcame the suppressor which he quickly twisted into place. As quietly as he hadentered the bedroom he entered the en suite feeling the hot steam on his face.In one swift movement he pulled the shower curtain and aimed the pistol at thefigure inside, squeezing the trigger as the grooms eyes widened in fright as hisfate was sealed. The bullet penetrated the skull between the eyes leaving aperfectly round hole for blood to pour out of. The groom slumped into the cornerof the shower and continued to bleed out into the hot swirling water by his feet.He left the body there and exited the en suite, unscrewing the suppressor andreplacing all of his equipment. He paused for a moment listening though thebedroom door for any signs of life. When nothing stirred he stepped back outinto the hall and made his way down the stairs taking a different route fromwhen he entered. Leaving the kitchen behind him He walked through the houseand out the front door. The drivers of the limousines were huddled togethersmoking, complaining about the long day and swapping stories about disastrous jobs. He strode though the gathering of cars and straight out the front gates

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