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Coated Grids

Coated Grids

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Published by EMQueen

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: EMQueen on Sep 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Coated Grids
The diameter of grids is standard, as 3.05mm. The thickness is variable based on the gridmaterials. The thickness range is from 10um to 25um. The mesh of the grid is defined by thenumber of hole within 1 inch. For example, the 200 mesh grid has 20 holes along diameter direction, 400 mesh grid has 40 holes in diameter.Since the diameter of grid is a standard length, 3.05mm, each hole size is less than ~200umin 100 mesh grid, ~97um in 200 mesh grid, ~63um in 300 mesh grid and ~42um in 400mesh grid.Most samples for transmission electron microscopy must be "supported" on some kind of athin electron transparent film, to hold the specimen in place while in the objective lens of theTEM. Only samples that are "self- supporting" do not need some additional support film.Should an electron microscope user use a support film at all if one is not absolutely needed?Probably not, because even the very best quality of support films do result in more materialbeing placed in the beam's path, resulting ,even if ever so slightly, in reducing the contrast of the final image. But for many users, they don't have the luxury of having to make thatdecision: More often than not, even what appear to be self-supporting samples, still do needthe assistance of a support film to cut down on sample drift.
Types of coated grid availableThin carbon film coated grids:
This is pure thin carbon film coated grid. The carbon film is very clean and pure. Thicknessof the carbon film is less than 10nm. Since the film is very thin and fragile, it requires delicatehandling during specimen preparation. We only coated it on 400 mesh grids. Glow dischargewill make the carbon surface less hydrophobic.
Thick carbon film coated grids:
This is pure thick carbon film coated grid. The carbon film is very clean and pure. Thethickness of the carbon film is about 35nm. Since the pure carbon film is very fragile, wedon't coat them on grids less than 200 mesh. Glow discharge will make the carbon surfaceless hydrophobic
Carbon/Formvar film grids:
 A 20-30nm Formvar film coated grid with a ~15nm layer of carbon. This is the strongest andmost versatile support film. It is stable in the EM under all operating conditions including highmagnification with high beam intensity. The films can withstand vigorous specimenpreparation techniques. If the carbon surface is hydrophobic, specimen suspensions can beapplied to the Formvar surface or glow discharged.

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