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Published by CCFamilyAE

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Published by: CCFamilyAE on Sep 02, 2012
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 Central Coas
Central Coast 
September 2012
Sleep / Library Card Month / Transitions / STEM Education / Coastal Cleanup!
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Central Coast Family News September 2012 www.CentralCoastFamily.com Page
Cover Photo:
SLO County Coastal Cleanup2011 beach volunteers
California Coastal Cleanp Day
(CCD) was rst organized in
1985 by the California CoastalCommission. In 1993, the event
was recognized by the GuinnessBook of World Records as the“largest garbage collection” ever organized with 50,405 volunteers.
Here in SLO Conty, theEnvironmental Center of SanLis Obispo (ECOSLO) has been
organizing Coastal Cleanup Daysince 2005. Last year’s eventenabled countywide watershed
cleanp from creeks to beaches
hosting 1,567 volunteers whocollected 30,807 pounds ofdebris. This years 28th annual
CCD will take place on
Saturday,September 15th from 9:00 am to12:00 pm
at sites throughout the
This year’s event will be importantin educating SLO County beach-goers about the Japan tsunami,which resulted in the release of5 million tons of debris into thePacic Ocean. Tsunami debrishas started to wash up on shoresalong the west coast, and it is likelythat California will start seeing theimpacts this year. Fragments willbe arriving throughout 2013 and
likely for several years after that.
Radiation experts agree that it ishighly unlikely that any tsunamigenerated marine debris willhold harmful levels of radiation
from the Fkshima nclear 
emergency. Debris in West Coaststates has already been tested,and no radioactive contaminationwas found. When the debris
arrives, it will probably be beachcleanp volnteers who removeit. Coastal Cleanp Day volnteers
will be educated about how toidentify and handle potentialtsunami debris and will also begiven data collection cards totrack the arriving wreckage.
COSLO will also be teaming upwith Creek Day organizers onceagain. This will allow volunteers
the opportnity to cleanp at
one of fty beach or creek sitesthroughout the county!Coastal Cleanup Day organizersare urging all participants to“Bring Your Own” (BYO) bucket,gloves, reused bags, rellablewater bottle, and to ride a
bike, walk, carpool, se pblic
transportation, or do anythingecogroovy (environmentally-friendly) that you can imagine.For every ecogroovy action youdisplay on the day of the event,you will receive a rae ticket.Rae prizes include a chance towin a night for two at Clis Resort,two Whale Watching passes withSub Sea Tours, a bike tune-up fromCambria Bike Outtter (worth$75), and many more prizes fromgenerous local sponsors!To sign up for SLO County CoastalCleanup and/or Creek Day, visit
or contact Kylee
Singh at (805) 544-1777 or programs@ecoslo.org.
 Central Coast 
PO Box 6424, Los Osos, CA 93412
Our goal is to connect Central Coast families with the resources they need to thrive!
Central Coast Family
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Woodards & Rose
Kristen Barnhart,
Amanda Buechner, Guy Crabb, Jerey Cyr,Kerrin Edmonds, Steve Kragenbrink
Walter Reil,
Steven Smith, David Vogel
Out of the Blue
Getting Out
Central Coast Family News September 2012 www.CentralCoastFamily.com Page
Child Development
As new parents, we are all familiar with the classic qestion yo start
hearing right after your little oneis born: “How is she sleeping?”When my daughter was born,this question always baed me,because I didn’t really know howshe was supposed to be sleepingor what these well-meaningfriends were referring to.
After a cople weeks of sleepless
nights, desperation set in and Istarted wishing that sleep was acommodity you could trade for on the streets! Sleep plays a hugerole in the rst few years of our children’s lives, and it also directlyaects us as parents. Becausewe all know that if baby isn’tsleeping… no one is sleeping!But how can we maximize our children’s sleep potential?It helps to understand the scienceof sleep. As our babies grow, we
are constantly on the lookot
for developmental milestones.When will he give us a rst smile,
when will she roll over, what
about pulling up or babbling,eating solid foods, etc.? But mostparents don’t realize that children
reach sleep milestones as well. By
understanding when these comeand what they mean, you canhelp maximize your child’s sleep
The rst sleep milestone isusually reached at around 6-8weeks after birth. This is whenbaby’s nighttime sleep becomesorganized! What does that meanto us? Well, it means that you willstart to get one long chunk ofsleep, usually at the beginning ofthe night. This “long chunk” canbe anywhere from 3-8 hours, butthe norm is about 4-6.Before 6 weeks of age, a baby’sbiological clock is too immature toeven tell the dierence betweenday and night. Sleep comes whenit will, and all we can do is try to
promote as mch sleep as we can.
Babies’ lives consist of eating andsleeping around the clock, withmaybe a little face time mixed in.This is completely normal!The second big milestone is atabout 4-5 months of age. Thisis the Big Daddy of milestones,and most parents will notice theeects in one way or another. Atthis age, babies’ sleep cycles startbecoming more like an adult’s.Adults spend only about 20% ofnight-time sleep in the REM phase.The remainder of our night sleepis made up of non-REM cycles.But new babies’ sleep cycles aresplit at an even 50/50.At around 4-5 months of age, most
parents notice that their typical
night-time routine suddenlydoesn’t work anymore! This stagehas sometimes been labeled the“4 month sleep regression.” Inreality, it is a change that parentscan work with and come outbetter in the end!
While the sleep matrationprocess takes many years, we can
see changes right away. First, ababy’s daytime sleep becomesorganized. What does this mean?We start to see naps falling intoa loose schedule, usually around9:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 3:00
pm. We can help babies shape
that schedule in conjunctionwith their “circadian rhythm” or “body clock.” We will also seethe biological need for an earlier bedtime, typically between 6:00-8:00 pm.One of the most important thingsto remember is that the sleepingbrain is not a resting brain. It isconstantly growing, developing,and ling away everything our little ones are learning. Sleep is tothe brain what food is to the body.While we would never think ofdepriving our little ones of food,
it is important that we view sleepthe same way.
Kerrin Edmonds is a Certied Infant & Child
Sleep Consultant, and the Founder of Meet youin Dreamland.
Exhausted and overwhelmed from sleepless nights?
Face to Face, Phone, & Email Consultations
Local group classes
contact@meetyouindreamland.com (805) 296-2149
by Kerrin Edmonds

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