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Origins of Behavior Creativity Research Project

Origins of Behavior Creativity Research Project

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Published by Jan Herder

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Published by: Jan Herder on Sep 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Creativity, a research project for Origins of Human Behavior 
Summer 2012, Professor Regina Ritscher By Jan Herder Creativity. Sir Kenneth Robinson (1) says “Schools Kill Creativity.” I would have to sayschool certainly hampered creativity and it is very dormant in many college studentswho find their way to my program. How can we reignite it? What is the origin of creativity, what instills it, stimulates it? I look into myself for answers to this as well.The sense of disequilibrium that Piaget talks about, in order to gain knowledge, thisrings true to me in the creative process I experience. As Bhattacharya and Han (2012)put it, disequilibrium occurs
When external reality does not match with the logical internal mental structures(disequilibria), equilibration occurs as an effort to bring balance betweenassimilation and accommodation as the person adapts more sophisticated internal mental structures. (2)
Yet this doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and this is contrasted with other perspectives, likethe one Simoluca (1989) suggests in
The Relevance of Vygotsky's Theory of CreativeImagination for Contemporary Research on Play. (3)
which emphasize the social aspectof play and creativity in development. Stephen Downes and George Siemens take itanother step, in the connectivist point of view creativity is the repurposing of materialand other peoples creations. In a brilliant Huffington Post blog, Stephen Downes says, 
But it is important to remember that creativity does not start from scratch.There is this myth that we stare at a blank sheet of paper, and that ideas thenspring out of our heads. But it's just a myth. Nobody every creates something from nothing. That's why we call this section 'repurpose' instead of 'create.' We
want to emphasize that we are working with materials, that we are not starting from scratch.
 Addressing what the MOOC will be about, namely connectivism itself, Downescontinues,
This whole course will be about how to read or watch, understand, and work with the content other people create, and how to create new understandings and knowledge out of them.( 
4)The creation of content is a fundamental aspect of the constructivism that this processbuilds on. We construct a creation in a different way than when we re construct. Iasked some of my college students, whom I knew had creative items to discuss, whatthey thought about creativity and their creative process. I had 3 replies, though onlyone answered all my questions.
Research Theme and Questions:
How much awareness of the creative process do my students have? What helps thembe creative? What hinders it? What would they want to be more creative? What roledoes connectivism play? What role does the constructivist theory play in their creativeprocess?Do they believe there is a relationship between creativity and leadership? 
I will ask the students if they would like to participate in my Study. I will ask them topick a design and tell me about it, and add this to their portfolio. One did add it to her portfolio so far.
Questions for the subjects.
Posted via Facebook messages:Summary of responses:
Pick a piece of work that you have documented that you like and can talk about.Why did you pick it?
I put so much of myself, my time, and my energy into it, I got to have completecreative licence on the piece. Also I love trees so getting to build one was anamazing oppertunity for me.
I picked this because it was my first light design and the most creative of my light designs.
Its the area I’m most interested in.
(set design)
What worked and what did you think would be improved?
I wanted roots for the tree but because of the way the chicken wire was doneto the tree by my fellow designer they were not able to become a part of the tree.
I could have improved the design by experimenting with other electrics for asimilar effect as the booms to keep the design from being stale and predictable.
the biggest issue is getting that picture
(in my head)
in to the scale floor planand front view of the scenes
What kinds of things do you do to prepare for a creative project?

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