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Nibiru the Winged Planet is Approaching - Message of Urgency...by Cosmic Awareness channelled by Will Berlinghof

Nibiru the Winged Planet is Approaching - Message of Urgency...by Cosmic Awareness channelled by Will Berlinghof

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Published by spiritualbeing

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Published by: spiritualbeing on Sep 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CAC Red-Hot Alert. August 31, 2012. Will Berlinghof, Interpreter. JoanMills, Questioner and Energizer.
That the Law of Love has been received, that this Awareness is prepared at thistime to offer this message. That it is a message of urgency for those who at thistime are experiencing difficult times. It is a message to help many understand thatthe final months of these
end times
are indeed underway and that manyindividuals are experiencing at this time extreme difficulty mentally, emotionallyand physically.That part of what this is to do with is the energies of the planet Nibiru that isaccelerating now toward Mother Earth . It has been proceeding towards the planetfor some time now and there are many sites on the internet that are showingpictures of the winged disk, for that is how Nibiru is presenting itself: a disk-likeobject with two streaming wings of light and energy streaming outwards from itand backwards from it.That those who are interested can seek these sites out to see for themselves thiswinged disk that is Nibiru, the same winged disk that was used in many ancientcultures for they too knew of Nibiru and they symbolically represented it as thewinged disk: this a symbol common to such cultures as Egypt and even the Meso-American peoples, including the Mayans. That this was shown at a time whenNibiru approached the last time or even times before this and now it is approachingagain.There is much activity from the Galactic Federation forces, as it is already startingto create harmonic disruption to Mother Earth and putting great pressure on thetemplates of the planet. These templates are those that, when they move, willcreate great upheaval, geophysical upheavals, and the Powers That Be know of this, it is what they have always known and why they have prepared so diligentlyfor this time, creating their underworld/underground bases and habitats, thinkingthat they will soon need to abandon the surface because of the influence of Nibiru.That the Galactic Federation forces are very involved in stabilizing the geophysicaltemplates that are already affecting this planet and many are starting to see signs of this. In the part of Australia that the Interpreter and his wife live in, they can see on
a nightly basis the ships over the southern Ocean as they are working toconsolidate the drifting of the templates and the actions that are being carried outon them.There is indeed even interference from those known as the Greys, those known asthe Orion/Reptilians, as they are trying to create maximum chaos. It is their wishand their desire for these plates to shift and to create the great physical upheavalsthat are predicted by so many, but those forces of the Galactic Federation are verymuch engaged in preventing this.These are all actions that the majority of individuals on the planet are simplyunaware of, for it is not the type of information that is making the six o'clock newsin the evening. But what many are now experiencing due to the increased energiesof Nibiru that are causing disruption and a state of disharmony, is the physicalconditions as this Awareness stated at the beginning of this message.Therefore, understand that those who are experiencing physical crisis, who aregoing through viruses and aches and pains, are also experiencing this new energyof Nibiru that is altering the harmonics of the planet. In this case, many need totake special care of themselves at this time, need to use natural remedies as muchas possible to countermand the effects of this transition period, this approach of Nibiru.It is recommended that such things as liquid oxygen, if obtainable, be added toindividuals
regimes as well as naturopathic substances that will help calm thesystem. This will have great effect also on the emotional body as well as themental body.Furthermore for those who are engaged in extreme mental activity, who have felttheir fear factor of upcoming events rising in them, that they need to at this time domore meditation, seek ways in which they can calm their thoughts and theirfeelings.It is imperative at this time not to go into fear because this is as it needs to be. It ispossible in recognizing what is happening to deliberately refocus one's attentionaway from fearful thoughts and dwelling upon matters that are indeed frightening.
That this Awareness has talked in the past of the nexus moment. That this nexuspoint is one where the majority of timelines of all individuals on planet Earth willcome together to experience one grand event. While the normal procedure is thateach and every individual has their own unique timeline that they share withothers, be it family and friends and their own culture, their own nation, evenglobally--
this event is one that will bring the majority of timelines, over 80%of all timelines, into focus for this extraordinary event: the approach andpassage of Nibiru.
 These events have happened in the past when Nibiru has passed this planet, wherethose timelines did coalesce into one set of timelines, into that which was themajority timeline to experience the upheaval of the planet. These events haveoccurred in apocryphal times when the old planet disappeared and a new planetemerged; not new as in the Ascension process, but new in that the planetunderwent great distruction and a new beginning then occurred.The Flood is an example of this and
example is that of collecting the DNAfrom all plants and animals and humans of the time so that they could be restockedafter the flood waters receded. That the Earth is again approaching such an eventand that many will come out of it entering into that new phase of existence that istheirs to experience.This Awareness has talked many times about this and how many can experienceunique timelines by focusing their attention to not going into fear and confusion, tostaying focused and holding faith and trust that they will indeed survive the eventsand come out on the other side. This advice still applies, but what this Awarenessdoes need to be more specific about is that because so many timelines are inagreement with each other because this is a mass event for both Mother Earth andhumanity, that many will experience to some degree this approach of Nibiru andthe effects of that approach.This is already happening, individuals are already experiencing these individualresults such as aches, pains, illness, confusion, fear, doubt and whatever else isthere. That is why this Awareness at this time is speaking, is putting out thiswarning, for these events will now speed up and the world events will begin toreflect this situation more and more as Nibiru approaches even closer.

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