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BOOK REVIEW_Natural Remedies for Anxiety by Olivia P

BOOK REVIEW_Natural Remedies for Anxiety by Olivia P

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Published by Jackie A Paulson
If you want a permanent cure to your anxiety and other life issues.
If you want a permanent cure to your anxiety and other life issues.

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Published by: Jackie A Paulson on Sep 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Natural Remedies for anxiety by Olivia P. Hart © 2012
When I was asked to do a review on my friend Olivia Hart’s new book I was so excited
as it deals with the common problem of anxiety in the 21
century. I feel that with theeconomic drop since 2007 that anxiety, stress and ailments of all sorts have increasedand not decreased. With insurance companies wanting your money and wanting to puta Band-Aid on our illnesses, the solutions are not always a cure! I know this fromexperience as I have been on many medications for depression and anxiety and in thelong haul, they did not help more than they hurt! The first thing to note is that manymedications for this type of illness are very addictive or alter your brain chemicals to
depend on the medications and they are very hard to “get off of permanently.”
I am currently free of anxiety medications but do take a type of Prozac for depression,as I was hit by the economic times of 2007 and the stress led me to believe that a
doctor was best to handle my mood swings as a woman in her 40’s. I have never had
insurance to pay for my medications thus leading me on a online research for anythingnatural for healing what ails me! In my research I find t
hat Olivia Hart’s complete
resource guide to healing your anxiety very helpful as I am now cured.What exactly is anxiety anyhow? It really is an exaggerated response to a situating or event. For example, I use to believe I would die if I went into an enclosed elevator. For me, my heart would race, I would get sweaty, and feel like I could vomit and pass out allat one time as I entered the elevator. Yes, I did ride them with others but felt that waywithout telling others. Well, I recently got a job where I was forced to ride an elevator bymyself to complete my job duties and if I did not take elevator I would not be completingmy job duties. Thus, I did it and talked myself through the fear I had and just took deepbreaths and told myself good affirmation to get through it. Guess what? I am healed! Ittook about one week and 100 rides, but I am completely not afraid or I have zeroanxiety. This is what Olivia walks you though. She tells how you can heal your anxiety just like I did! The techniques and tools you can use are all explained very clearly in her book and will give you the results that you need all in one book! I would have paid30.00 for this book or more!If you want to narrow down your ailments of anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression or many others pick this book up and you will gladly heal from what ails you in a naturalway which happens to be cheaper than going to most doctors and paying less insteadof more to permanently heal what ails you.The author as well as I would love to hear from you! Pick up your copy today!© 2012 (April) All Rights Reserved Jackie Paulsonhttp://www.amazon.com/review/R11NVUJ51PGFB8/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm 
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(until April 18, 2012) to meet your deadlineand get paid.
Payment acceptedORDER REQUIREMENTS SUBMITTEDThe buyer responded to your instructions.See following Message: The nonfiction health and fitness (alternative therapies) book is Natural Remedies for  Anxiety: Natural Anxiety Relief with Alternative Therapies (author: Olivia P. Hart). Link topaperback on Amazon is http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Remedies-Anxiety- Alternative-Treatments/dp/1475061358/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1332566415&sr=1-2.Link to Kindle version ishttp://www.amazon.com/Natural-Remedies-  Anxiety-Alternative-ebook/dp/B007NO5W18/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1332566489&sr=1-1 
It well be done and I will post it on Amazon, Jackie Paulson Thanks you.Thanks!
What is Anxiety? Anxiety is a natural exaggerated rsponse to a situaon or event.False Evidence Appearing Real is the most common term for FEAR.Types of anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disord-er, panicdisorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social phobia/social anxiety disorders, specific phobias(snakes, spiders, heights, airplanes, elevators, driving), andobsessive-compulsive disorder. Some people have more than one anxie-ty condition.For instance, symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder include:
• Excessive anxiety and worry for at least 6 months un
-der a variety of circumstances.
• Trouble controlling the feelings of anxiety and worry, with difficulty relaxing.
• Experiencing these specific symptoms on most days:
 o Feeling tense, restless, and/or uneasyo Becoming easily tired out or fatiguedo Having trouble concentratingo Getting irritable easilyo Feeling muscle tension and associated physical symptomso Undergoing trouble sleeping

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