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life coaching

life coaching

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Published by Thersia Breedt
Helping people with their lives by making it easier
Helping people with their lives by making it easier

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Published by: Thersia Breedt on Sep 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue 1
About the magazine:I have created this magazine for the purpose of helping the less fortunate people out there toget a second chance in life
. When you buy my book I give 50% of the money to the God’s Havenfoundation. I’m trying to inspire people with wisdom and a positive mind and a bit more insight
to some of the things.
If you can deliver some of your old clothes to me I will appreciate it and If you can bring some food to
help the people who don’t have
and I would like some tents aswell eventually I would like them to sleep ina tent rather than in the cold and on the floor and if you have a sponge mattress to bring please bring ityou can email me thersiabreedt@gmail.com then I will tell you where to come deliver the goodies.
I would like to make a change in this world and you can also help me to do this I won’t mind
. There is somany people out there that are struggling shame man lets help them.
 3There must be some things lacking in your life and
glad to know that there is somebody who can give me
anything I need or desire and that is our God. Anything your heart desires can be given to you isn’t that good news.
God is our Shepherd and what shepherds do is
watch over their sheep and we are God’s
sheep He will always take usto places where there is green pastures (place to grow from) we will have green grass to eat from not dead yellowgrass. God is a God of new things not of old things He wants to bring new seasons into your life are you tired of having only one season in your life like winter that is cold and everything is dying in your life well God wants to bringSpring into your life where everything is starting to grow again and there is new flowers and leaves you can see newthings happening in your life and new fruit is growing on the trees for harvesting time. When you grow fruit on treesthe obvious procedure is water your tree right, well your tree needs water (Word of God) to grow (as child of God).So the small bud appears first that will be your idea or your dream or the thing that you prayed about appearing in a
bud it’s not fully grown yet
, it just started to grow but for your bud to grow you need more water (the Word of God)to grow until you have your ripened fruit ready for harvesting. I see my tree in the growing (my soul) and I feed itwith water to grow (the Word of God) and now I prayed for a new thing in my life to happen now I have to feed mysoul with the Word of God to come the point of actually getting my dreams come to pass I will have to pray andbelieve God and go to a church that helps me to grow as a child of God and then I will grow my fruit.There can be anything new in your life to start with like you will need some new intelligence, ideas (green grass) notold died out ideas. You can start life with something fresh just ask God He is a prayer away. God will give youeverything your heart desires.

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