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"REAL" Scream 4 Screenplay

"REAL" Scream 4 Screenplay

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Published by Liam Jacobs
The killer returns for the 10th Anniversary of the Original Woodsboro Murders.
The killer returns for the 10th Anniversary of the Original Woodsboro Murders.

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Published by: Liam Jacobs on Sep 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ZWritten byKevin Williamson5/17/10
INT. HOUSE - NIGHTFADE IN:On a RINGING phone. A hand reaches for it.SHERRIEHello?A young girl of 17. Sweet. Innocent in that scrubbed clean way. Looks like a virgin. Probably not.MAN’S VOICE(from phone)Hello.SHERRIEYes?MAN’S VOICEWho is this?SHERRIEWho are you calling?MAN’S VOICEWho am I speaking to?SHERRIEWrong number.CLICK. Sherrie hangs up. Not very polite about it.INT. KITCHEN - NIGHTSherrie joins Trudie, 16, a sexy, pretty. Tells it like itis. Trudie is snacking on chips while TEXTING on herSIDEKICK. Two friends hanging out.TRUDIEWho was that?SHERRIENobody. Are you making popcorn?TRUDIENo, did you pick a movie?SHERRIEWe’re going scary. SAW 4.Sherrie searches the cabinets and fridge for food.
TRUDIEI saw it in the theater. It sucks.And it’s not scary -- it’s gross.I hate that torture porn shit.SHERRIEHow do you really feel? I likeJigsaw. He kills people verycreatively.TRUDIEBut you don’t give a shit who dies.There’s no character development.Just body parts ripping and bloodspewing. Blaaaah.SHERRIEWho do you keep texting?TRUDIEI have a Facebook stalker. Hekeeps leaving me messages.SHERRIELike what?TRUDIEJust stuff. Like, “Hey, what’s up.You’re hot. I wanna kill you.”SHERRIEDelete him.TRUDIEI did. He hacked his way back in.SHERRIEReport him.TRUDIEHe’s really hot. Wanna see?Sherrie joins Trudie as she pulls up a profile. A glimpse ofa shirtless young hottie.SHERRIEThat’s Channing Tatum.It’s hard to make out on the small screen.TRUDIEIt is not? Is it?2

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