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Issue #6

Issue #6

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Published by UniBeam11
with our heroes awaiting their fate in the captive hands of Dr.Doom they start piecing together the little information that they have to find out what fate awaits them. Dont miss out on this next installment! Our heroes are gearing up for a once in a lifetime battle!
with our heroes awaiting their fate in the captive hands of Dr.Doom they start piecing together the little information that they have to find out what fate awaits them. Dont miss out on this next installment! Our heroes are gearing up for a once in a lifetime battle!

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: UniBeam11 on Sep 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue #6
Somewhere near the Aegean Sea
Mein Gott…what in the world happened?..(Silence) Captain? Tony? Last resort; Spider 
to himself) Ok, let’s take a couple steps back, Kurt. What do you remember last?Captain Rogers pointed at Doom, told me to teleport and I did…now I’m here…Great! I knownothing…(Looking around) This does not look like Latveria.
And I am certain Doom Castle was
my last known location…
There is
n’t even anything here
, no buildings, villages, not even a
I really pray that my powers are not on the fritz because I did not teleporthere
…Ok, I am going to try and teleport over to that cliff, see if 
I end up there or.... somewhereelse. (Crosses his heart, saying a quick prayer and Teleports) Well, that worked just fine, but whyam I in this desert wasteland?! (Hanging upside down on the cliff) Although this cliff provides abeautiful scenic view of 
the ocean…..(Light bulb!) The ocean? Wait, why am I near the ocean?
And where is everyone else? Are we all scattered around here? Ok, Kurt, WWJD? He would takethe initiative to go and find his comrades, seeing as how I am at the edge of the ocean, I should
 probably start looking that way (Points opposite direction of the ocean) Thank God I don’t have
to walk (teleports)
Cut Scene to: Somewhere in a holding cell 
Spider-manUhhh, anyone else wondering why Frank Castle, The
, is here with us?!HellstromHe musta been here before we got here.Punisher
I’m right here you jackasses, why don’t you just ask me yourselves? No, I arrived here the same
time you did.CapWhy the hell are you here, Castle?PunisherYou think I know any more than you do at this point?...Sir.Cap
 No, I mean why are you here with us? I don’t remember seeing you around when we landed in
Landed?Punisher & CapShut up, Stark.Spider-man
(Aside to Tony) No, I’m with you, if he considers that a landing, what the
hell does he consider acrash?!IronmanI change my mind, it was a landing, what happened to you not being able to talk?Spider-manNo wonder the public hates me. I can
t even get my own superhero peers to be nice to me, are
you sure you’re not J. Jonah
Jameson under that monkey suit?(Doom enters)DoomWelcome to my Kingdom, where I
the law.HellstromHelluva welcome. You make all your guests where shackles? Prick.DoomAhh, yes, the son of Satan, am I correct?Spider-man(aside to Tony) Wonder what gave it away, the pentagram scarred into his chest?IronmanWhat makes you think I want to hear every little side comment that pops into your head?Hellstrom
(Back to Doom) Yeah, that’s right. And I already spoke to my old man,
he’s got a
specialplace reserved for you, fully furnished with giant spikes, fire pits and all sorts of torcher devisesready to &%$# you if you even try and take a shit the wrong way.DoomBig words for an unarmed demon in enchanted chains. But a man who has gained immortalityhas no intention of going to hell, and I happen to know that you and your father are not onspeaking terms. Perks of making a hell of a deal with the devil (smiles).
Immortal? I’ve heard plenty of you
make the
same claim, still hasn’t proven true.
 DoomEnough. I possess all of the answers you seek. Mr. Castle is here because he has been tailing yousince the beginning of your mission. Lurking in the shadows, going unnoticed, like a well-trainedspecial ops agent should. All of you have been stripped of your weapons. Spider-
man’s web
shooters have been confiscated, captain; your shield remains with me as well, I always marvel at
its primitive beauty. The son of Satan’s trident is in my possession, the new self 
-appointed god
of Olympus has no weapons or armor, and of course Castle’s firearms have been destroyed.
Icannot allow history to change so drastically by introducing firearms. And, as insulting as it wasfor you, Stark, to show up unarmed, I did confiscate from you a little book, with nothing butneedless phone numbers, fool. I have searched you all extremely thoroughly-Spider-man-
Oh, God! I knew my seat cheeks were more sore than usual! And he’s the law?! How do I file
amolestation-?Doom-Short of givin
g you all an enema! (Looking straight at Spidey) Don’t make me change my mind,
it would not be a pleasant inspection.CapWait, did you say
firearms? What-DoomI will return later, before your scheduled executions. That will be all for now, make yourselves
comfortable until then, or as comfortable as you can. If you’re a
God-fearing man
, I’d start
praying. (exits)Cap
(Yelling after Doom) Where’s Kurt?!
All right, let’s get our heads leveled here. At least he told us some things, pr 
etty typical of asuper-brain villain, they like to monologue and what not. They leave their captives alive andcontained or incapacitated, giving them the opportunity or chance to make an escape (gestures tothe team and their situation). This is somethi
ng Doom will come to expect from us. He’s hopingthat with all odds against us we will try and make a daring and optimistic escape. He’s counting
on our notion of the greater good to get us into deeper trouble. So, before we start gnawing at ourwrists a
nd ankles, let’s talk calmly.

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