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GVI Fiji July 2012 Achievement Report - RMMS IT Program

GVI Fiji July 2012 Achievement Report - RMMS IT Program

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Published by gvinadioffice

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Published by: gvinadioffice on Sep 04, 2012
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 Fiji Yasawa Hub Achievement ReportJuly 2012
Ratu Meli Memorial School IT Program
GVI and Ratu Meli Memorial School of Nacula Island have received 25 used laptops donated bySchool District No. 23, Central Okanagan, Canada, which was facilitated by volunteer Keddy andher father Dave Pavlik. Once the laptops were released from customs, GVI volunteers and staff set about developing an IT program for RMMS students and teachers. This generous donationto both the resources available to GVI volunteers and RMMS teachers and students will be usedto enrich lessons, provide an interactive learning experience and of course provide basiccomputer literacy training. This new access to computers will help better prepare pupils for thetransition into secondary school as word processing is a part of the national curriculum for allsecondary school students. These computers have also helped the school to bridge thesignificant gap between the resources available to primary school pupils on the mainland andthose available to the pupils of outer island schools.The first stage step in integrating the ITprogram into daily school activities was togauge the p
current IT knowledge.Pupils were asked to practice their laptopand word processing skills by asking them tocopy text from their favorite books into aword processing program. It was clear fromthis test run across classes 5-8 that lessonswould need to be arranged on basiccomputer literacy and word processing.The second stage of the process was to liaisewith the teachers of Class 6 to 8 and gathertheir recommendations on how IT could beworked into the current curriculum as auseful tool for lesson delivery. It wasproposed that pupils would benefit the mostfrom being taught on how to correctly useMicrosoft word and Word Processing
programs.Once these skills have been mastered we would then be able to branch out into further tuitionon office programs such as Excel and PowerPoint. Excel will be used to progress theirunderstanding of how data can be organized and manipulated easily with computers in a waythat would easily enable them to organize and collate their work. PowerPoint is also anextremely useful tool as it they will utilize it to create presentations aiding them in theirunderstanding of English literacy and personal presentation skills.IT lessons have now become a permanentpart of the curriculum, with each classdesignated to an afternoon of wordprocessing lessons. Volunteers work one-on-one with the children to aid them intheir training and track each of theirindividual progress. They commence withbasic laptop use, progressing through totwo hand typing, up to creating andwriting their own reports.We are currently researching educationalsoftware that will further enhance subjectspecific engagement, such asmathematics games, electronicencyclopedias, and other subject specificsoftware, which would help enhance anddiversify the learning experience offeredto the children of Ratu Meli School.
Math’s games have so far proved an
exciting challenge for the students and afantastic alternative learning environmentin what can be a challenging class formany of the students.We hope to increase the
future prospects by enabling them to have access tocomputers, early exposure to which will be an asset to them in higher education and improvefuture employability. This is an extremely new and exciting addition to the curriculum of RatuMeli School, and one that we can see making a dramatic change to the students learningabilities and achievements. On behalf of Ratu Meli School and GVI, we would like to express our

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