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Angeles Notes

Angeles Notes

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Published by Michael Angeles

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Published by: Michael Angeles on Jan 16, 2009
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Michael Angelesmichael@studioid.comhttp://studioid.com
What they are, why people are using them, making them useful forknowledge management
Usability Professionals Association16 September 2003
Making sense of weblogs in the intranet
Thank you.Today I’m going to talk about weblogs inside my company, their use inknowledge management, and how my organization is hoping to make themusable for enterprise knowledge work if the number of blogs in the companyincreases significantly.I’ll talk briefly about our company and the types of people involved in variousforms of web publishing on the intranet.Then I’ll look more closely at what weblogs are, how people use them, and howwe might develop information systems to make usable, the data that getspublished from these weblogs.
But, first... a disclaimer.I like it when documents such as functional specifications start out with adisclaimer -- a discussion of what it doesn’t cover as well as what it does.I’d like to try to introduce this presentation in the same way so you know thatnot everything I’m talking about has been implemented.Much of this talk has to do with strategy and positioning.
What this is
 A discussion about weblogging for knowledgemanagement within corporations A discussion of my organization’s role -- howwe view ourselves in terms of providingweblogging support A look at our long view -- how we’re planningto support webloggers
So here’s what this presentation is going to be...This is going to be a discussion of a phenomenon occurring within corporations* Namely the proliferation of intranet weblogs for knowledge management.* I’m also going to talk a little about how weblogs affect corporate intelligence and IT.This is also a discussion of how my organization has analyzed and is planning to deal with weblogs.* I’m going to talk a little about how we’re supporting bloggers presently.* And I’m going to talk about how we, as the company’s information management organization, arepositioning ourselves to deal with any information growth as a result of blogging.The disclaimer part is that we have NOT implemented all of our ideas yet, though we have the technology andresources to implement them. The technical implementation, as you will see is trivial when compared to thestrategy and resources required to actually pull off some of the ideas we’ve kicked about.

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