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Published by Ken Stayner

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Published by: Ken Stayner on Sep 04, 2012
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On behalf of all of the staff at Stayner Collegiate, welcome to the 2012-2013 schoolyear. We hope that everyone had a safe and happy summer and that everyone iseager to return to school. We look forward to working with our students and their families for a rewarding, successful year at SCI.We would also like to extend a special welcome to students who are new to SCI thisyear. I know that you will enjoy your time at your new secondary school. As well asreceiving a great educational experience, we urge you to get involved in co-curricular activities to get the most out of your time in secondary school.In addition to many new students, Stayner is also welcoming a number of new staff to the school. We welcome the following staff: Debbie Prairie-Vice-Principal, DougCzerny-Technology, Jacqueline Donia-Briggs-Special Ed/Civics, Katie Cameron-Health & Phys.Ed., Trina Duguay-Business/Math, Shawn Jakob-Math, Tim Hasiuk-Science/Physics/Math, Lisa Mavrou/Science/Chemistry, Rick Pauze-Music/Math,Shawna Wyant-Educational Assistant.Parents can assist their teenagers in being successful by supporting andencouraging the completion of homework assignments and by attending awardceremonies, post-secondary information sessions, parent/teacher interviews and byencouraging their teens to become involved “in the life of the school”. Parents canalso help by scheduling vacations and appointments with school activities andevaluations in mind. Our staff volunteers coach a wide variety of teams and clubsand supervise after school activities (dances, etc.) in order that students canparticipate in a range of activities. Parents are also encouraged to become involvedby attending our School Council meetings. Our first meeting for 2012-13 is onMonday, September 24 at 7:00 pm in our school library.Students are encouraged to take their school work very seriously and achieve thebest results they can. Students in Grade Nine academic and applied math class willbe required to complete a provincially set mathematics assessment in the semester that they study Math. All Grade Ten students will write the Ontario SecondarySchool Literacy Test on Thursday, April 11, 2013. They are required to successfullycomplete this test, earning level 3 or 4, in order to graduate.It is our hope that parents and students will feel comfortable seeking the assistanceof all of our staff when the need arises. The official working hours of our secretarialstaff is between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. although messages may be left for schoolpersonnel at any time through the school message machine. Please feel free to callat any time.Jane Seymour, Principal and Debbie Prairie, Vice-Principal
TELEPHONE 705-428-2639 FAX 705-428-0562 Jane Seymour, Principal jseymour@scdsb.on.caDeborah Prairie, Vice-Principal dprairie@scdsb.on.caPaul Sloan, Superintendent psloan@scdsb.on.caCaroline Smith, Trustee casmith@scdsb.on.caBen Murray, Student ServicesJanice McLeod, Student SuccessKelly Lalonde, Special EducationJoan Walsh, Cooperative Education
September 4, 2012
Sept. 4 First Day of School (Term 1 Starts)Sept. 5/6 Grade Assemblies period 1Sept. 7 Student Picture Day, Photo ID & Activity Fee CollectionSept. 18 Grade 9 Spirit DaySept. 20 Meet Our Teachers BBQ & MusicSept. 21 Awards Assembly 2010/2011 AwardsSept. 24 School Council Mtg. 7:00-9:00 pm – LibrarySept. 27 Terry Fox RunSept. 28 Secondary & Elementary P.D. DayOct. 2 University Information Program at CCIOct. 8 Thanksgiving Day (no classes)Oct. 12 Progress Report CardsOct.18 Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews4-5 & 6-8 pmOct. 22 Picture Retake DayOct. 24/25 Josten Ring Sales (lunch time)Oct. 25 School Dance 7-10 pmOct. 26 Haunted HouseOct. 29 School Council Mtg. 7:00-9:00 pm – LibraryNov 7 Take a Kid to WorkNov 7 Spartan in Training DayNov 7 Grade 8 Open House 6:00-9:00pmNov. 7 Term 1 EndsNov. 8 Term 2 BeginsNov. 11 Remembrance DayNov. 14 Coop Information Meeting for Sem. 2 StudentsNov. 15 Mid-Term Report Card DistributionNov. 16 Secondary P.D. DayNov. 23 Awards AssemblyNov. 26 Full DisclosureNov. 26 School Council Mtg. 7:00-9:00 pm – LibraryNov 29, 30 Variety Night ProgramTBA Cdn Open Math ChallengeDec. 12 Coop Employer Appreciation Breakfast& Career Fair TBA Holiday Cheer Activities
(Student Council
)TBA University Applications DueDec 19 Christmas ConcertDec. 21 Holiday AssemblyDec. 26- HolidaysJanuary 4Jan. 7 Return to ClassesJan. 10-25 EQAO Math TestingJan 15,16,17 Grad PhotosJan. 16-23 Moratorium on all school activitiesJan. 24-30 Final Evaluations for Sem. 1
A package of information has been sent home with your student. All formsmust be completed and returned to homeroom teachers by Friday,September 7Please read through the Student Handbook, it can be found on our websiteor if you wish a paper copy, please contact the school. Make sure both youand your child are aware of the policies, rules and regulations that governour school.
Beginning high school can be a very exciting time for anadolescent. It can also be a challenging experience for someteens. For a student entering Grade 9 there are many socialand physical changes to cope with.Parents can help ease their teen's transition pains by beingopen and understanding. Often, sharing parental experienceswill help.
Reassure your teenager that it is normal to feel confusedand unsure at first and that most others will be feeling thesame way.
Help your teenager keep in touch with old friends and bewelcoming to new friends.
Create and support a homework routine.
Be a good and supportive listener, but try not to give advicetoo quickly. Problems that young people can solvefor themselves help to build confidence.
Encourage your child to join school activities - a great wayto make new friends.
Do not forget that despite their age, teenagers still needparental affection, love and support.Whether it is the first day of Junior Kindergarten, the start of Grade 12 or a new grade in between, even children who areeager to return to class must adjust to greater levels of activityand structure associated with school life.The degree of adjustment depends on the child, but parentscan help their children and the rest of the family manage theincreased pace of life by planning ahead, being realistic andmaintaining a positive attitude.
In an effort to retain more youth in secondary school andpromote success for all students, the Ontario Ministry of Education implemented Phase III of the Student Successstrategy. One main focus of this Phase is the transition fromGrade 8 to Grade 9. For more information on the transition,please visit:http://scdsb.on.ca/student-street/student-success/transition-to-high-school/ 
Ontario Ministry of Education – 10 tips to get your childready for school
The 2012-2013 school year calendars are available onthe SCDSB website atwww.scdsb.on.ca. As well, theSCDSB’s Equity and Diversity Calendar, featuring studentartwork, is posted with the school year calendars.
We look forward to welcoming parents and family to our schoolfor events in the coming months. For those of you who are notaware, a reminder that under provincial law, smoking isprohibited anywhere on school property at anytime. Please be agood role model for our students and make sure you do not usetobacco products while on school property. With your help wecan encourage our students to choose a tobacco-free lifestyle.
Students and parents are reminded that alltextbooks are loaned to students for their use and must be returned to the school atthe end of each semester. In the event atextbook is lost or damaged, the student will beresponsible to pay for its replacement.
Student injuries at school, during school events,and extra-curricular activities (athletics, clubs,and out-of-province/out-of-country field trips) are notcovered by the Board or its insurance company. Whileevery precaution is taken to provide a safe learning envi-ronment, accidents can and do happen.Due to recent injuries in Ontario during school extra-curricular activities and field trips, and the resulting legalclaims, a risk exposure to school boards has been high-lighted. It is essential that all those participating in out of regular school extra-curricular activities have adequateinsurance coverage for all instances of injury.
The Simcoe County District School Board has selectedReliable Life Insurance Company as an option for stu-dents/parents/guardians to consider with regards to pur-chasing student accident insurance coverage for the up-coming school year. The coverage is for 24 hours a day.Reliable Life offers a variety of plans and benefits at rea-sonable annual prices. Coverage can be purchasedonline at www.insuremykids.com .Please watch for your student accident insurance pack-age along with a letter about requirements for extra-curricular activities and out-of-province or out-of-countryfield trips.
 APM 1420 ( found onwww.scdsb.on.ca) All students with anaphylaxis and/or life threat-ening conditions will need medical emergencyplans updated for this school year. Studentswill be contacted within the first week of schoolin order to pick up necessary forms to take home so thathome and school work together. Please call our Principal,Jane Seymour, if you have any questions or concerns. It is sovery important to work together so that we have plans in placefor action and well being.
The SCDSB encourages participation of volunteers inschools and recognizes the educational advantages toall concerned. Volunteers are asked to complete an informationform, provide an original copy of a Criminal Records Checkwhich includes Vulnerable Sector screening, and go through anorientation program to become familiar with the school and dailyroutines. Volunteers work under the direction of the Principaland school staff. Should you wish to join our team of volunteers, please contact the school.If you are already a SCI Volunteer you are reminded to pleasereturn your Offence Declaration and Volunteer Transportation Authorization forms as soon as possible.If you are already on another school’s list, we can do a transfer from that school to SCI and if you wish to be on severalschool’s lists that can also be arranged, we just need to knowso we can fill out the proper paperwork.Thank you for Volunteering!
Check out the Guidance Website for all the latestnews and updateslStudent Timetables
By the time you read this, most students will have a timetable.Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to work withus to ensure that this school year is set up in a way that bestsuits your student needs, interests and goals. Though it is ineveryone’s best interest to have timetable issues resolved andset as early as possible, we would appreciate your patience andcooperation as we attempt to resolve all timetable issues asquickly as possible over the next couple of weeks. Our toppriority is helping to support what is in the best interest of eachindividual student.Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have anyquestions, concerns, ideas about how to improve your timetable, or are in need of clarification or assistance indetermining appropriate academic and career goals. Weencourage you to keep the lines of communication open with usso we can work together (parents/guardians, students, andcounsellors) to ensure everyone is feeling confident andpositive about this school year.Mr. Murray and Ms. Thompson (Counsellors) and Mrs. Fawcett(Secretary) make up SCI’s Student Services Department. If wecan be of assistance at any point during the school year, pleasedo not hesitate to contact us by phone at 428-2639, or call toset up an appointment.
Every student who begins secondary school inOntario is required to complete 40 hours of communityinvolvement in order to receive a diploma. The purpose of thisrequirement is to encourage students to develop anunderstanding of the various roles they play in their communityand to help them develop a greater sense of belonging andresponsibility within the community.What counts as Community Service? Students and their parents/guardians are advised to pay careful attention to theanswer to this question as the School Board has specificguidelines for the types of activities that are eligible for completion of the community involvement hour requirement. Westrongly suggest you confer with someone in student servicesbefore putting in any hours at a specific task to determinewhether or not it will be recognized as an eligible “communityservice” activity. In the past there has been some confusionabout what activities count towards Community Service. Toavoid disappointment and confusion, we advise you to outlineyour plan to us, and simply ask, “Will this activity count towards40 hours of community service?”. We also encourage everystudent to start working on completing your hours early so thatthey are not left for your busy graduating year!
Congratulations to all Grade 12 students who are headingtowards graduation. NOW is the time to carefully review theOntario Secondary School graduation requirements to makesure you will have completed all of the compulsory courses,literacy requirements, and community service hours in order toqualify to graduate. Also, as much as possible, be sure toresearch the admission requirements for any post-secondaryoptions that you are considering.It is important for you to ensure NOW that your timetable for thisschool year includes the courses that specific university andcollege programs, and apprenticeship and employment optionswill require. These will vary depending where you plan toproceed beyond high school. Don’t wait to do this researchbecause the course you need may only be offered duringsemester one!In general, universities require students to have completed aminimum of six secondary school courses at the Grade 12 “U”or “M” level, with specific mandatory courses depending uponthe program. College admission requirements will also varydepending upon the program of study, but the minimumrequirement for all programs will be graduation from high schooland a credit in either ENG4C or ENG4U. Again, other specificsubjects may be required depending upon the program.Finally, in relation to apprenticeships and employmentopportunities, be as sure as you can that you know whether anyspecific subjects or courses will be required. For example,many apprenticeships require Grade 12 College level math.It is your education and your future; you are ultimatelyresponsible for carefully considering all aspects of your academic requirements and post-secondary planning. Your Guidance Counsellors (Mr. Murray and Ms. Thompson) and

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