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Supervisor Skills

Supervisor Skills

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Published by Parisha Pandey

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Published by: Parisha Pandey on Sep 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FIVE SUPERVISORY SKILLSA supervisor uses five different skills during the workday:1.Planning2.Organizing3.Communicating4.Leading5.Facilitating These are five classifications of supervisory skills. If we classify how youas a supervisor should develop and use these skills to be a goodsupervisor, our list might look something like this:
Have clear instructions and directions from your superior.
Know capacities of equipment (what the machinery can do).
Plan work for your people at all times.
Know your people.
Plan your work and work your plan
Cooperate with management and other departmentalsupervisors.
Review established methods
Review established quality requirements.
Assign duties and responsibilities to your people.
Know capabilities of employees (what the people can do).
Be able to demonstrate the established methods.
Know how a piece rate is set.
Be able to explain to workers how a piece rate is set.
Answer questions
Be the 1 st stop in grievances.
Explain quality requirements.
Set personal example for other employees.
Understand the wants and needs of your employees.
 Treat each employee as the individual s/he is.
Direct and inspire with questions – not commands.
Stimulate employees to want to work as a team toward theobjective.
Guide the people in the direction you want them to go.
Follow through on quality.
Follow through on production needs.
Follow through on people’s problems until they are solved.
Reduce waste.
Keep costs in line with estimates.
Continually look for ways to increase profits and/or production. THE SIX MAJOR SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES To achieve lowest possible cost, on-time delivery and quality production,you have 6 major responsibilities:
1.Effective utilization of labor2.Effective utilization of machinery3.Effective utilization of materials4.Effective utilization of money5.Effective utilization of minutes6.Effective utilization of information
 These responsibilities, in turn are carried out by effectively performingthe skills of planning, organizing, communicating, leading andfacilitating. . . as we outlined before. Listed below is another brief listoutlining your objectives, functions and responsibilities as a supervisor.In order to have effective utilization of 
, the supervisor should:1.Plan the work to be done by each employee.2.Assign the right individual to the right job.3.Carefully select employees.4.Make new employees feel “at home.”5.Train and retain employees.6.Establish two-way communication with employees both asindividuals and as a group.7.Be sure each employee knows what is expected of him/her.8.Keep employees informed about things that affect them.9.Be genuinely interested in employees and their problems.10.Praise and/or discipline employees when either is deserved.11.Settle grievances on their merit --- not to please an employee.12.Treat each employee as an individual, which s/he is.13.Understand the real needs of your employees.14.Be firm that an employee give you a “fair’ day’ s work.15.Encourage suggestions.In order to have effective utilization of 
the supervisorshould:1.Plan properly.2.Know what work must be done and the best way to do it.3.Assign the right work to the right machines.4.Arrange machines and work stations for most efficient flow of work.5.Insist that employees follow the best known methods in doingtheir jobs.

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