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Science 10-12 4

Science 10-12 4

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Published by lolagarayala

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Published by: lolagarayala on Sep 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson Plan - Science 5 Primary
The lesson here was prepared as a drama scene. Before it the teacher gave studentstheir parts to learn them by heart. There was arranged the whole scene – the court,costumes, etc. The lesson-performance took place on 16
February 2012. Pupilsprepared it as a summary of a few lesson connected with envirenment protectionaccording to the ideas of project “Doing Our Bit” – saving the wildlife.
The trial of a spider
The action takes place at court
All contested cases are usually tried in the court. Today in our court we have to solvevery difficult problem – protect or destroy the spiderToday the court will be represented by:As a prosecutor – our colleague ........As a barrister – our colleague .......We also will hear the wintesses of defence and prosecution. We will give a chance tospeak up the spider itself. Not to make it longer I’m asking the court chairman to speakup.
During the last lesson we were discussing the spider building and its way of living. It isstrange animal and it raises mixed feeling in human beings. What attitude should wehave toward it? Protect or destroy? It is a problem that we have to solve today. Ladiesand gentlemen let now the spider speak up itself. Has the accused come?
I am Your Honor! I recieved a summons and I’m counting on a fair trial
Let the prosecutor speak
Your Honor! Here in front of us, there is the spider. It hangs its webs wherever it wantsnad its beats cause swells and blains. Let the witnesses say precisely what I mean.
Witness I
It came here hairy, with its cheliceares and long thin legs to scare us. It has got 4 pairs of very small eyes, so it can’t see very well. But it has got 4 pairs of hairy legs, on which itruns very fast. Creepy creature.
Lesson Plan - Science 5 PrimaryJudge
Thank you. Now the second witness please.
Witness II
I am not scared of the spider’s ugliness. I would like to say something about its activity.Wherever you look – at home, in the basement, in the attic, in the forest – betweentrees, bushes, on the meadows, everywhere you will find its sticky and ugly webs. It setstraps for poor, innocent insects. And the webs are also hotbed for dust. Even in theponds you can find bell shape webs. It is inexcusable.
Thnak you. Now let the barrister speak
Thank you You Honor! I won’t waste time for unnecessary words. My client is innocent.And the witnesses presented here will convince all to its innocence.
Now we will hear the defence witnesses.
Witness III
In Poland we have go 675 types of spiders in all ecosystems. The spider is the animalwhich probably won’t win the miss title but beauty isn’t the most important thing in life.Hairy body have got not only some spiders but also cats, dogs which we like very much.According to the cheliceares and its legs they work as mouths used to get food whichusually consists of pests. If the spider accidentaly beats the human being with itscheliceares, there can be seen a small swell but it isn’t dangerous. Lets look at the casewider.In the apple gardens of Izrael live spiders that are predators of some butterflies – pests,and they deal with them very well. In Switzerland spiders living on the corns andrunning on the ground, hunt many insects – pests. In Japan spiders are willingly seen inrice fields and cabbage fields, in the USA in fields of: cotton, sweetcorn and lucerne.How can’t you see that and don’t appreciate this!
I’m calling the next witness
Witness IV
I know the spider very well. It is calm, quiet, ballanced, patient and hard-workinganimal. It has got skills as a weaver, engineer and a hunter. The acreage of somespiders’ webs can be even 1m
So how much work it has to do to hang its web verycarefully and with what cautiousness does it move bypassing sticky thread. How patientit is when it holds the thread ending with its legs, waiting for the signal that a prayer is
Lesson Plan - Science 5 Primary
in the web. It calms down the prayer with the help of its cheliceares but does it quicklyand almost painlessly. The spider female is very caring mother – it tightly covers withweb the fertilized egg creating cocoon, which protects the egg from cold. We can findspider everywhere, almost in every habitat, even on 7000 meters above sea level. Theydon’t live olny on Antarctica. For now!
Thank you. Now I want to hear what the prosecutor has to say.
Please don’t delude yourself! The accused spider is ugly, creepy and harmful. It belongsto the flock of arachnids, that isn’t famous for good things. Its cousins from exoticcountries are known for being venomous killers. I’m asking for the maximum sentence.
Let the barrister speak
The barrister
The spider despite its appearence, came to the trial to remind all about its merits. It ishumble and shy. It doesn’t smell ugly like some of the stink bugs. It doesn’t destroyfurniture and clothes like clothes moths and woodworms. It isn’t noisy. It doesn’t touchhuman’s food. It is gentle creature. It is more sensitive to pesticides then many plantspests and unfortunatelly it dies faster.
Let’s the accused speak
I’m really sorry that people turn around from me with aversion but if they wanted,despite my appearance, to be more gentle for me and know me closer, they wouldchange their mind. I’m also sorry that people constantly destroy my webs and don’tappreciate their importance and my work. I’m optimistic and I believe that there willcome happy days for me and we will live in peace.
I’m pronouncing a sentence. The spider isn’t guilty of any imputed actions. It deservesrespect and appreciation. Besides it I order all of you, to avoid similarmisunderstandings in the future, to familiarize with the book by W. Adolph and I.Mikulska “Spider – weaver, engineer, hunter” or with any other book on that topic. Andas a proof of the sentence execution you have to write in your notebooks a short noteabout spiders.

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