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How to Apply for Reassessment

How to Apply for Reassessment

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Published by shiftingphases

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Published by: shiftingphases on Sep 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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/var/www/apps/conversion/current/tmp/scratch_1/108394416.docLast updated 5 September 2012
How to Apply for Reassessment
Sept 10, 2012Hi Mylène, I’d like to reassess “Explain the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance” (I’veupdated the bar graph for that unit). You’ll find my corrected quiz in the back pocket of my folder, alongwith two practice problems I found in the book. I checked my answers in the back of the book and gotboth of the questions right, so I think I’m ready to reassess.1.
Correct your quiz and write feedback to yourself 
, for example by
Improving clarity (give
, talk about where, how much, how long, etc.)
Noticing connections (how your answer is
supported or contradicted 
by other ideas)
Explaining what
the mistake or misunderstanding
Figuring out what
you still have
NopeGetting thereYep
I was confused.I was confused because Ithought more voltage wouldalways mean more current.”“I thought more voltage would alwaysmean more current. After all, the modelsays that voltage causes current. Now Iknow that it’s possible to have voltagewithout current, but I’m still wonderingwhy that can happen.”“I need to read the questionmore carefully.”“I didn’t notice that thequestion asked about therelationship betweenelectrons and protons.”“I didn’t notice that the question askedabout the relationship between electronsand protons. This is because I wasimagining them both flowing around thecircuit, but now I think that onlyelectrons flow around the circuit.”I made a stupid mistake.Ohm’s law is the rightequation to use when youknow the voltage andresistance but you need tosolve for current. I justpunched it into my calculatorwrong.”“Ohm’s law is the right equation to usehere, so that part of my thinking wasright. I should have noticed that a 5Vsupply is unlikely to result in kilo-ampsof current. Now I think I should estimatethe answer (at least to know whether I’mexpecting amps, milliamps, or kilo-amps)before I solve it.”2.Do at least
two things to practice
your new understanding. Examples:
Find an odd-numbered
 practice problem
from the textbook or
make up a practice problem
Complete it and check your answer.
Build a
that demonstrates the idea
Make a
to demonstrate your thinking

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