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Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious

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Published by Michael Ross Garner

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Published by: Michael Ross Garner on Sep 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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: Obama Administration gives militaryweapons to Mexican drug cartels which were used tokill U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry!
Help us get justice for Brian!
#10 carrier_CV#10carrier.qxd 8/5/2011 8:56 AM Page 1
Fellow American,He was about to head home to Michigan forChristmas – plane ticket and presents for his familyalready bought.He only had a few more hours before he wasoff duty and on his way to enjoy the family he rarely gotto see……when suddenly a gang of Mexican drugsmugglers attacked him in the dead of night.Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry did what hecould to fight off the gang, but he was outnumbered andout-gunned. The Mexicans had powerful AK-47’s thatwere no match for Brian and his fellow Border PatrolAgents.Brian was shot and killed in the fight.
He did return home to Michigan that Christmas – 
but in a body bag.
Brian Terry survived serving inthe Marines. He survived being apolice officer in Detroit. But hecouldn’t survive patrolling ournation’s borders in Arizona.Why?
Because the ObamaAdministration sold the guns thatkilled Agent Terry to the Mexican
Board of DirectorsGlenn Spencer
Chief Executive Officer 
Bill King
[Retired Chief Patrol Agent, U.S.Border Patrol]*
Ron Sanders
[Retired Chief Patrol Agent, U.S.Border Patrol]*
Richard Humphries
[Former Agent/Pilot, Arizona Drug Enforcement]*
Col. Chuck Floyd, U.S. Army Ret.
Former Presidential Appointee for International Embassy Security
Melissa Jaramillo
Air Force Veteran, mother of six,lives near the border in Arizona
*titles for identification purposes only
National Office:2160 E. Fry Blvd., Suite 426Sierra Vista, AZ 85635-27361-800-600-8642www.americanborderpatrol.com
 This might be the worst scandalto hit Obama’s Administration! Help me get to the bottom of this bysigning the enclosed petition and return it to me as soonas you can.
 The Terry Family had to bury their son andbrother, Brian (shown here with his father),right before Christmas 2010 because of 
Operation Fast and Furious.
drug cartels!
I was shocked when this story broke – instead of protecting ourborder, the Obama Administration has been arming drug smugglers!
The American people deserve answers, and Brian deserves justice.
Please sign the enclosed INVESTIGATE FAST AND FURIOUSpetition and send it back to me right away. The petition is addressed to Rep. Darrell Issa, who is the chairmanof the House Oversight Committee. This committee has the power toinvestigate those who were involved in selling military-grade guns toMexican drug cartels.
Operation Fast and Furious 
iswhat the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobaccoand Firearms (ATF) called this debacle.It all started with a hare-brainedidea: Sell military grade weapons todrug cartels to track where the gunswould end up. The problem is ATF didn’t have asolid plan for tracking those weapons!
(I have a theory that Obama wantedto show that U.S. weapons wereresponsible for the Mexican drug war!)
It came as no surprise that these guns started showing up at crimescenes all over the United States and Mexico, including at the murderscene of Agent Brian Terry.
Our own government provided guns to Mexican drug smugglers – at your expense as a US Taxpayer.
 The Obama Administration is guilty of helping Mexican drug cartelssmuggle in drugs and illegal aliens.And they are guilty of assisting these gangsters in killing BorderPatrol Agent Brian Terry, and who knows who else.
 The Obama Administration handedthousands of machine guns and sniperrifles over to Mexican drug lords.

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