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Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe

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Published by Michael Ross Garner

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Published by: Michael Ross Garner on Sep 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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If you stand with Eric Holder and Barack Obama against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, then don’t bother to open this envelope…
Just remember, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is our last line of defense in the war tosecure our borders. AndObamawillstopatnothingtodestroyhim.
Go ahead, let them defeat “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”
 ASJ-02 OE_Layout 1 3/14/2012 11:18 AM Page 1
“If we don’t defend people like Joe Arpaio, our borders will never be secured.”-Sean Hannity 
 ASJ-02 OE_Layout 1 3/14/2012 11:18 AM Page 2
Dear Friend,There is one man standing between Barack Obama and his ultimate goal of amnesty formillions of illegal immigrants.That man is the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona: Joe Arpaio.Obama knows this – which is why he has launched an all-out assault to defeat anddiscredit Sheriff Joe in this year’s election. Just a few weeks ago, he even filed an outrageouslawsuit against Joe in federal court, accusing him of being a racist.If Joe loses this fight, it will result in amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. You and I can’t let this happen. When my great-grandfather, John Philip Sousa, wroteStars and Stripes Forever, he was paying tribute to the great Americans who make this nationstrong… he called them the “Brave and True.” I can’t think of anyone more “brave and true”than Sheriff Joe Arpaio.Obama disagrees, which is why he is waging war against this great American. There is too muchon the line in this battle for you and me to sit on thesidelines.I’ve been told that you’re not the type of person to back down from fighting for what’s right – which is good because it’s not only US Attorney General Eric Holderand President Obama lined up against him, it’s alsogroups funded by George Soros, who have pledged tospend $10 million to defeat Sheriff Joe. With the election approaching, the Left has intensified its assault on this lifelong publicservant. The attacks on Sheriff Joe are disgusting. This loyal American who is a veteran of theKorean War, is being subjected to name calling…
 Racist. Nazi. Hitler 
. These are just the “mild” insults thrown at Joe and his family. Thefact is…
“Our last line of defense in our battle to secure the border”
Sheriff Joe is ough on crime – real ough. Insead of billing axpayers millions for a new air‐conditoned  prison, Joe buil a en ciy in he middle of he deser o house criminals.
 National Support Center 
 PO Box 8897 
 Pueblo, CO 81008-8897 

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