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Best Dutch Oven

Best Dutch Oven

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Published by: articlecontent4u on Sep 05, 2012
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 Alternatives to traditional nonstick cookware include ceramic cookware and porcelain enamel cookware.
NonStick Cookware Alternatives
Best Dutch Oven
We firmly believe that Teflon-style nonstick cookware is obsolete.Why worry about PFOA/PTFE toxicity? Nonstick Teflon alternativesare readily available!In a previous post, we discussed various Dutch ovens and Dutchoven substitutes. (
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) In order to choosethe
best Dutch oven
, a brief recap is in order:
Traditional Dutch Oven
 Kitchen Things
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In simple terms, a Dutch oven is a large pot with a tight-fitting lid.Usually made from heavy-gauge cast iron, a Dutch oven can be usedeither on the range-top or in the oven. Probably the most popularDutch oven today is theLodge Color Dutch Oven. More than 876 customer reviews. Everyone wants one of these!The difference between a Dutch oven and a French oven is mostlysemantic. Does it make any difference if a cast iron pot is made inFrance? In our opinion, the quality of construction is moreimportant. However, if you want a true French oven, buy theLeCreuset Enameled Cast-Iron 5-1/2-Quart French Oven.Does your Dutch oven have small dimples on the underside of thelid? A Staub Dutch oven or cocotte would have the smallprotuberances that create a self-basting effect. A truly gorgeousand highly functional cocotte is theStaub Coq Au Vin Cocotte.Check out the rooster!A good soup pot should have sloping sides with the top diametersignificantly greater than the bottom diameter of the pot. Buy aLeCreuset Enameled Cast-Iron 2-3/4-Quart Soup Potas a smallercomplement to your traditional Dutch oven.
French Oven
CocotteSoup PotBouillabaisse Pot
NonStick ookwareSafe Nonstick CookwareDo you have nicks inyour nonstick? Are youtired of throwing outexpensive nonstick ...Ceramic Coated CookwareBest Ceramic Cookware Homemakersare simply amazed when they use“ceramic coated cookware” for the firsttime. There is little need for...Best NonStick CookwareBest Cookware without Teflon Nonstickcookware is generally assumed to meanTeflon or Tefal or some improved versionthereof. Did you ...Porcelain EnamelCookwareWhat is Porcelain EnamelCookware? Porcelainenamel is made by heatinga powdered glassformulation known as a frit to a very highte...Hard-Anodized CeramicCookwareCuisinart Cookware Eco-friendly cookware! Hard-anodized cookware is verypopular and has beenavailable as nonstick for several y...Choosing an Enamel PotHealthiest CookwareEnamel kitchenware is thehealthiest cookware on themarket - the first choicewhen selecting any kind of pot i...Stock PotWhat is a Stock Pot? Astock pot is an essentialpiece of porcelain enamelcookware – every kitchen
A bouillabaisse pot is simply a large version of a soup pot. It shouldbe an enameled pot and it should have sloping sides. TheLeCreuset Enameled Cast-Iron 7-1/2-Quart Bouillabaisse Potisprobably the best enameled bouillabaisse pot.A well-equipped kitchen should have a variety of pots, each servinga specific purpose. By definition, a Dutch oven is oven safe andtherefore it can serve more than one purpose. Teflon alternativesfall into two general categories – porcelain enamel (see above) andceramic cookware. Choose the best Dutch oven for your kitchenfrom the following:Take your pick – a Dutch oven, a French oven, a cocotte, a souppot, a bouillabaisse pot - we would heartily recommend any of theenamel pots listed above. All are oven safe. Whether it is a regularDutch oven or one of the other pots, porcelain enamel is a provenperformer. Porcelain enamel is green cookware. Most cooks like tohave two – one large pot and one that is smaller. Also, you maywant to have either a soup pot or a bouillabaisse pot. Having at 
WHAT IS THE BEST DUTCH OVEN?Porcelain Enamel Cookware
should have one.Generally, a...Scanpan Ceramic SkilletCeramic CoatedCookware Ceramiccoated cookware issuperior to traditionalTeflon-style nonstickcookware. Ceramic cookwa...Best Dutch OvenTeflon AlternativesWe firmlybelieve that Teflon-stylenonstick cookware isobsolete. W...
Rachael Ray PorcelainEnamel II Nons...Rachael RayBuy New$129.99Privacy Information

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