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Table Of Contents

Creek Chub Bait Company
CCBC Fin Tail Shiner
CCBC Dingers
CCBC Beetles
CCBC Baby Wiggle Fish
CCBC Husky Dingbat
CCBC Wiggle Fish
CCBC Beetle Display
CCBC Narrow bodied wooden mouse
CCBC Midget Pikie
CCBC Cray-Z-Fish
CCBC straight Pikie
CCBC Pikie
CCBC Snook Pikie
CCBC Baby Dingbat
CCBC Model 2702P plastic Pikie
CCBC Jointed Pikie
CCBC Plunker
CC Plunkers
The famous Wigglers
Perch color Pikie
CCBC Streeker plastic
CCBC concave belly Darter
Straight plastic Pikie
CCBC Mouse
Plastic Darter
CC Injured Minnow
Pikie in plastic
Common Plunker
Prototype CCBC Pikie
Baby Jointed Pikie
Jointed Striper Pikie
Older CCBC Pikie
Baby Pikie
Golden Shiner
Jointed Pikie
Striper Pikie
Standard CC Plunker
CCBC Beetle
Heddon 150
Heddon-Stanley Pork Rind Minnow
Heddon Model 8300 Zig-Wag
Heddon Dowagiac Super Spook
Heddon Meadow Mouse
Heddon 210 Surface lure
Heddon Brush box
A 1950s Heddon “blue stripe” box
A 1960s Heddon/Daisy “target” box
The “green diamond” blister pack
Heddon “Original Wood Vamp”
Heddon Game Fisher
Heddon Baby Game Fisher
Heddon Vamp
Heddon SOS lure
Heddon Walton Feather Tail
Heddon Zig Wag
Heddon Punkinseed
Heddon Darting Zara Spook
Heddon Crazy Crawler
Heddon 150 minnow
Card of Heddon Whis-Purr baits
Rare Tiny Runt colors
Two-piece upward bass box
Early Heddon lures
Four-point decoy
Fluted Wobbler prototype
Artistic Minnow Model 50
Heddon Model 151
Heddon Model 101
Heddon Model 150
Heddon Flaptail
Heddon King-Basser
Downward leaping boxes
Midget Crab Wiggler
Rainbow Heddon lures
Heddon Bassers
Heddon Punkinseed Spook
More 1940s-50s lures
Chipmunk Crazy Crawler
Heddon Dealer Dozen
Heddon Tiny River Runt
Fly rod baits
Heddon Bass Bug Spook
Heddon Punkie Spook
Trout size Wilder-Dilg
Heddon Bass Bug
Boxes for Heddon fly rod lures
Heddon Zig-Wag, Jr
Heddon “batwing” and “4-point”
Heddon Original Wood Basser
Heddon Model 2120 Crazy Crawler
Heddon wood Cobra
Heddon r/w/r Model 150 minnow
Heddon Tiger
Tiny Floating Runt
Heddon Tiny Punkin Spin
Heddon Tiny Punkinseed
Heddon Tiny Runt
Heddon Big Bud
Heddon Dowagiac Spook
Heddon Spin-Fin #2
Heddon Vamp Spook
Heddon Tadpolly
Model SK-4 Sonic Kit
Rare color Model 385 Sonic
Heddon Top Sonic
Heddon Lucky 13s
Heddon Baby Lucky 13s
A 1984 blister pack
Heddon 385 Y (yellow) Sonic
Heddon Tadpolly Spooks
Heddon Chugger Spook
Heddon Cousin II
Heddon River Runts
Heddon Crazy Crawlers
King Basser
Rare Heddon Spin-Diver
PP wooden Torpedo
PP River type
PP Wotta-Frog
PP Plunker
PP Gray Mouse
PP Gray/green Mouse
PP Green scale River type
PP Model 901
PP Model 9100
PP Lippy Joe River type
PP Model 6300
Early Moonlight/Paw Paw Poppers
PP Groovehead Wobbler
PP Little Jigger
PP Sunfish type
PP Green Scale Pike
PP Pike
PP Junior Size Pike
PP Famous Pike Minnow
PP Jointed Pike
PP Baby Jointed Pike
PP Bass Seeker
PP Aristocrat Torpedo
PP Old Faithful
PP Torpedo
PP Piky-Getum
PP or Moonlight Wiggler
PP Wilson Fluted Wobbler lures
PP Sunfish
PP double spinner
PP Flap Jack
PP Clothes Pin Lure
PP Caster Bait
PP Jig-a-Lure
PP Floating Jig-a-Lure
PP Midget Underwater
PP Model 900 Series
PP Model 9000 Series
PP Pencil Plug
PP Grooved Plunkers
PP Old Flatside
PP Old Faithful Junior
PP Underwater Minnow
PP Lippy Joe
Shur Strike type
PP Jointed Pike Minnow
PP or Moonlight Plunker
PP Model 905
PP Popper
PP Aristocrat Shiner
PP Series river type
Paw Paw Sucker Bait
Pflueger Muskellunge Minnow
Pflueger Wizard Wiggler
Pflueger Never Fail Minnow
Pflueger or folk?
Pflueger Globe Copy
Archival Materials
Pflueger Card
Pflueger Pilot Fly
Pflueger Pilot Fly Dealer Display
Pflueger Venese Fly
Pflueger Tantrum
Pflueger Canoe Box/Lure
Pflueger Mustang
Pflueger Pal-O-Mine
Pal-O-Mine and Mustang
Pflueger Limper Spoon
Pflueger Pippin Wobbler
Pflueger Rarities
Pflueger Metals
Musky Globe
Shakespeare Lures
Shakespeare Egyptian Wobbler
Shakespeare Swimming Mouse
Shakespeare Midget Spinner
Shakespeare Midget Surface
Shakespeare BRI Dopey
Shakespeare R/W Dopey
Shakespeare Midget Floater
Dalton Special
Shakespeare Pop-Eye Junior
Shakespeare Bass-A-Lure
Shakespeare Slim Jim
Shakespeare Glo-Lite Mouse
Shakespeare/ Paw Paw era
Shakespeare Hong Kong
Shakespeare reel oiler
Rare items
Glo-Lite Mouse
Shakespeare Evolution
Shakespeare Glo-Lite Pup
Advertising items
South Bend Lures
SB Spin-I-Duzy
SB Dive-Oreno
SB Minnow 999
SB Bucktail Weedless
SB Bass-Oreno
SB Surf-Oreno
SB Troll-Oreno
SB Teaser
Bass-Oreno Comparison
SB Pike-Oreno
SB Lure Grouping
SB Fish-Oreno Grouping
SB Fly-Oreno
SB Midget (or Baby) Surf-Oreno
SB Early Surf-Oreno
SB Babe-Oreno
SB Comparison
SB Fish-Oreno
Nappanee “Ypsi” Bait
SB Underwater Minnow
SB Spin-I-Diddee
SB Nip-I-Diddee
SB Minnow Details
SB Dive-Oreno blister pack
SB Gantron Bass-Oreno
SB Two-Oreno
SB modern box comparison
SB Finn-Oreno
South Bend Rarities
Evans’ era SB Midge-Oreno
SB Nip-I-Diddee/box
SB Spin-Oreno
SB Fish-Obite/box
Three-Hook Underwater Minnow
Variety of Fin-Dingo lures
Atlantic Coastal Region
Go-Getters box
Go-Getters Wobbler
Wooden Mouse
Early Wobbler
Allen Tackle
Allen box
Katchmore Bass Caller
Ubangi types
Atlantic Lures
Lazy Susan
Miracle Minnows
Mouse fly rod trinkets
Plunger Pup
The Frantic Antic
Garcia Corporation (The)
Finlandia Dealer Carton
Spinning Kit
Gibbs Lures
Large Gibbs lure
Vivif Lures
Vivif lure
Great Lakes Region
Frog Lures
Mouse Lures
Michigan-made Rarities
Aeroplane Tackle
Colorado Spinners
Allcock, Laight & Westwood
True Temper Speed Shad
Arbogast (Fred Arbogast Company)
Spinning Jitterbug
Arbogast wooden Jitterbug
Luminous Spinning Jitterbug
Plastic Jitterbug
Arbogast Tin Liz
Tin Liz
Hula Popper
Hawaiian Wiggler
Musky Jitterbugs
Arnold Tackle Corporation
Arnold Surface Wobbler
Arnold Box
Arnold or H-I
Arnold Mouse
Bon-Net Baits
Sucker Minnow
Bear Creek Tackle
Ice fishing decoy
Biff Bait Company
Muskie Spiral Special
A. F. Bingenheimer Co
Nemahbin Minnow
Bing’s Underwater Minnow
Bing’s hooks
Blakemore Lure Co
Blakemore Crab
Bob’s Fly Tying Shop
Wiggle Frog
Brunswick Corporation
Doll Top Secret
W. H. Brady Co
Fish Dinner Frog
Mad Minnos
Burke Lures
Burke Pulsar
Dealer carton
C-L Bait
Small Crawdad
Small Frog
Large Crawdad
Clark Lures
Clark Water Scouts
Water Scouts compared
Cotton Cordell Tackle, Inc
Cordell Jig Spoon
Cordell Mr. Whisker’s
Gene Cooper Lures
Gene Cooper Frog
Cree-duk Lures
Donnie Wobbler
Edson Lures
Edson’s Fish Fooler
Dardevle Seadevlet
Lou J. Eppinger
Falls Baits
Fish ’n Fool
A Lil’ Arty friend
Fenner Weedless Bait Co
Fenner’s W.A.B
Fetch-it Company
Fetch-it Duck Retriever
Gabbard Tackle Co
Gee Wiz Bait Co. (The)
Gee Wiz Frogs
Gowen Mfg. Co
Bumble Bug
Harrison Industries, Inc
Harrison Mouse
Bill Plummer Frogs
Helin Tackle Company
Horrocks-Ibbotson Co
Hovde Enterprises, Inc
Cast Jet
Hub Bait Co., Inc
Hub lures
Muk-Cha-Ko frogs
Muskie Dynamite
Snagged hook remover
Chippewa Skippers
Muskie Sinker
Isle Royale
Isle Royale Southern Basser
Jamison Tackle Corp
Shannon Twin Spin
Shannon Twin-Spins
Jenson Froglegs Kicker
Cardboard box type
Kautzky Lazy Ike Co
Sail Shark
Last box type
Natural Ike
Kentucky Bait Co
Kitchen Lures
Kitchen lure
Kramer Products Company
Kramer Products novelty spoons
Kush Spoons
Kush Spoon
L & S Lures, Inc
L & S #25
L & S box types
L & S OOM Mirr0lure Sinker
L & S Bass-Master
Import Copy
“Mirro” colors
Larson Bait Company
Boxes, lures and papers
Custom Super Spook
Group of old Latiano lures
Four display boards of lures
Lauby Bait Co
Rare Lauby Chunk
Rare color pattern and box
Color patterns
Other Marathon lures
Musky-Houn examples
Marathon Grouping
Marathon Catalogs
Classic Marathon
Mepps Ultra Light “Killer Kit”
Mercury Minnow
Michigan Lakes Tackle Co
Fin-Wing and box
Michigan Tackle Co
Wooden Flipper Fish
Wood vs. Plastic
Hook hanger
Millsite Tackle
Millsite Deep Creeper
Daily Double
End Stamping
Early Minnow
Montpelier Bait Company
Packaging type
Musky Sucker Bait Mfg. Co. (The)
Flexie and Flexie Broadtails
Musky Sucker baits
P & K Incorporated
P & K Walkie Talkie
P & K Amazin Mazie
P & K Minnow Saver box
Paul Bunyan
Phillips Fly & Tackle Co
Phillips Midget Killer
Gapen fly box
The Naturalized Rainbow Trout
Baitfish Largemouth Bass
The Hump or Humpy
Erv Poppe Bait Co
R-K Tackle Co
C. C. Roberts Bait Co
“Cartoon Box”
Box Types
Robert’s Pupette
Robert’s Mud Puppy Lures
Shurebite Bait Co
Box for Celluloid lure
Shurebite box
Shurbite Prototype
Shurbite Prototype?
Staley-Johnson Mfg. Co., Inc
Steelstamp Corp
1940s Steelstamp
Steelstamp Pike Thief
Rapala Lures
Early Rapala lure type
Rinehart Tackle Co
Rare Chubby
Rinehart Jinx
Sears Roebuck & Co
Sears Fishing Ruler
J.C. Higgins
Bud Stewart Tackle
Bud Stewart Crippled Minnow
Bud Stewart Chub
Bud Stewart Crippled Mouse
Bud Stewart Jointed Pikie Minnows
Bud Stewart Jointed Pikie Minnow
Pad Hopper
Injured Minnow
Storm Manufacturing Co
Storm Thin-Fin
Storm Hot ’n Tot
Storm Hot ’n Tots
Sales Boards
Suick Lure Mfg
Thriller lures/boxes
Viking Lures
Wallsten Tackle Company
Jointed Cisco Kid
Gold Musky Cisco Kid
Cisco Kid Toppers
Box History
Topper Jr
Yellow May Hibuoy
Weber Fly Toter
Weber Falcongrip Hooks package
Spin-Tail Spinning Lure
Weber Tackle Rod Repair Kit
Tiger King
Archival lures
Mailing envelope
Weber Poppers
Weber Archival card
Ice Fishing Floats
Japanese Imports
Real Threat
Four-legged frogs
Two-legged frog
Frogs in yellow
Fly rod Mousie
Dive-N-Wobl on card
Weber 1950s lures
Weber carded items
Dylite Plus
Metal Plus
Spinning Lures
1938 Catalog
Teeters Musky Rat
The Weezel Bait Co
Weesner’s Casting Spinner
Ed’s Hula Hula
Glen Willow Lure Co
Wood Manufacturing Co
Spot Tail Minnow
Spot Tailbox side
Dipsy Doodle
Larger Dipsy-Doodle
Worth Company (The)
Worth Fly Box
Prototypical Flutter Fins
Production Flutter Fins
Executive Pearl Spoons
Worth Water Demon
Wright & McGill
Wright & McGill color patterns
Wynne Precision Company
“Ol’ Skipper, Griffin, Georgia”
Weller baits
Unknown Lures
Unknown Wobbler
Folk example
Four Pencil Plugs
Unknown Plastic
McGinty or Devon Types
Airex Buggie from the 1950s
Gulf Coast Region
A.D. Mfg. Co
Bayou Boogie
Jim Bagley Bait Co., Inc
Diving B-III
Mama Cat
Collectible Bagleys
Bagley’s Go-Devil
Barnes Bait
Barracuda Bait
Bingo Bait Company, Inc
Plugging Shorty Shrimp
Lucky U
Plugging Shorty Minnow
Bingo Spinner
King Bingo
Bo-Bo bass buzz bait
Super Bingo
Hat and Patch
1980s era blister packs
Dealer Dozen
Archival data
Bingo 22X
Bomber Bait Company
Reissue of old box type
Wooden Bomber
Boone Bait Co
Boone’s Needle Fish
Demon Lure Co
Barracuda Torpedo
Dalton Twist
Baby Florida Shiner
May Wes
Box type
Hump paint stencil
Hump Lure Company, Inc
James Smithwick Lures
Model B-1238/box
Model B-1209/box
Model B-1231/box
Model E709 Rooter
Dealer Carton
Metal lip models
Rooter Model 709
Wheel Horse
Speed Cast “Chump”
Fantails in boxes
Tulsa Fishing Tackle Co
A-Lure, Inc
Box and lure examples
Les Davis Fishing Tackle Co
Les Davis “North Star” fly
Lucky Lady Fishing Tackle Co
Lucky Lady
Frog lures
Package examples
Martin Fish Lure Co
Dealer Display
Martin glass-eyed salmon lure
Martin Colors/Boxes
Common Martin
Martin Lure Details
Poe’s Mfg. Co
Frog Loco-Motion
Poe’s Loco-Motion/box
Poe’s Super Cedar #431
Poe’s Fish Package
Eddie Pope & Co
Andy Reekers
Early Hot-Shots/boxes
Rainbow Sporting Goods
Miller Wobblers
Republic Tackle Co
Dealer Advertising Board
Tradewinds, Inc
Variety of Fin-Dingo lures
Zimmy Plugs
Yakima Bait Co
Rooster Tail on card
Spin-N-Glo drift bobbers
Flatfish in Worden’s pack
Poe’s Super Cedar
P. 1
Classic Fishing Lures; Identification and Price Guide

Classic Fishing Lures; Identification and Price Guide

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Covering the collectible lures of the six most popular lure manufacturers in North America - Heddon, South Bend, Paw Paw, Pflueger, Creek Chub and Shakespeare, this full-color book is the most comprehensive identification and price guide available!This book features a history of each manufactures, with nearly 2,000 listings of the most collectible lures on the market, complete with up-to-date pricing and a brilliant color photos. No collector will want to be without this glorious tribute to the fishing lures of yesterday.
Covering the collectible lures of the six most popular lure manufacturers in North America - Heddon, South Bend, Paw Paw, Pflueger, Creek Chub and Shakespeare, this full-color book is the most comprehensive identification and price guide available!This book features a history of each manufactures, with nearly 2,000 listings of the most collectible lures on the market, complete with up-to-date pricing and a brilliant color photos. No collector will want to be without this glorious tribute to the fishing lures of yesterday.

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