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Published by: 9290010274 on Sep 05, 2012
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SAARC Social Charter India Country Report 2012 Page i
Central Statistics OfficeNational Statistical OrganisationMinistry of Statistics and Programme ImplementationGovernment of IndiaSardar Patel Bhavan, New Delhi
SAARCSocial Charter India Country Report2012
SAARC Social Charter India Country Report 2012 Page i
The SAARC Social Charter is one of the guiding forces in the formulation of Government policies aimed at alleviation of poverty, enhancing the income levels,providing better healthcare facilities, raising the literacy levels and thereby raising thestandards of living of its citizens. India pursues the five year development plans toachieve the objectives of social and economic development which are in conformity withthe principal goal of SAARC which is to promote the welfare of the people of South Asia.The objective of the Eleventh Plan (2007-12) was faster and inclusive growth and theinitiatives taken in the Eleventh Plan period have resulted in substantial progresstowards both objectives. With the kind of favourable platform created by the EleventhPlan, the Twelfth Plan (2012-17) aims at faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth.The recent global economic crisis which started in the USA, has had its impact on Indiaas well. Though India has been able to take on this situation in a much better way thanmost of the countries in the world, it has not been possible for it to remain immune. Thecrisis has resulted in lower than the expected growth rates whcih has had its spin-off onall the sectors of the economy. Continued uncertainty in the world market does notaugur well either.Under the current situation, there cannot be a more enhanced case for even greater cooperation among the countries of the South Asian region. Given the commonhistorical, social and cultural heritage, the Member States of SAARC are better placedto weather the economic crisis
which has affected each State with varying degrees
 by having closer economic cooperation. The current situation has presented us with anopportunity to look towards and recognise each others' strengths, work on that, havegreater people-to-people contact and move ahead.I hope that the 'SAARC Social Charter 
India Country Report 2012' would be a stepfurther in providing an opportunity to understand the recent policy approaches and theprogrammatic interventions undertaken by the Government of India with the aim of faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth in the country.(T. C. A. Anant)Chief Statistician & Secretary,New Delhi Ministry of Statistics and22
August 2012 Programme Implementation
SAARC Social Charter India Country Report 2012 Page ii
The “SAARC Social
India Country Report 2012” is the fourth country report
which presents the progress made in achieving the objectives of the SAARC SocialCharter in India. Along with the most recent values of the outcome indicators associatedwith the different Articles of the Charter, the present report vividly describes the policyapproaches and the programmatic interventions of the Government of India aimed atall-round development of the citizens of the country. Earlier, India also brought out
“SAARC Developme
nt Goals
India Country Report 2010
Mid-term Statistical
 Appraisal” which gave the statistical appraisal of the achievements made on the 22
SAARC Development Goals in India on the mutually agreed 67 indicators with somevoluntarily added additional indicators. This report was brought out as per the decision
of the meeting of the “Inter 
-Governmental Mechanism for Mid-Term Review on the
 Achievements of the SDGs and Plan of Action on Poverty Alleviation” held at SAARC
Secretariat, Kathmandu during 28-29 September 2010.The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation has been designated as thenodal Ministry to facilitate the implementation of SAARC Social Charter in India. TheMinistry is also responsible for bringing out the country report on the Social Charter. Thepresent report gives the status of implementation of SAARC Social Charter in thecountry. The report is divided into 7 chapters corresponding to the different Articles of the Social Charter.I would like to thank all the Ministries/Departments of the Government of India who haveextended their full cooperation in bringing out this report. Thanks are also due to theable guidance of Mrs. S. Jeyalakshmi, Additional Director General, Social StatisticsDivision of the Central Statistics Office and her team of officers responsible for thepreparation of this Report
Mr. S. Maitra, Deputy Director General, Mr. Dhrijesh Kumar Tiwari, Director and Mr. Mool Chand Bhaskar, Deputy Director 
for their valuableefforts in the preparation of this Report.(S. K. Das)Director GeneralCentral Statistics OfficeNew Delhi Ministry of Statistics and22
August 2012-08-27 Programme Implementation

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