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Seminar on Intelligent Drug Delivery System

Seminar on Intelligent Drug Delivery System

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Published by keyur

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Published by: keyur on Sep 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Seminaron
Intelligent drug delivery
Keyur Vasava…
The convetional manner of introducing drug to patient is inefficient and often lead totoxic side effect
The dramatic advance in controlled and targeted drug delivery system over past fewdecades have lead to enormous expectation for treatment of no of complicated alimentswith minimum side effect.
One class of such system is intelligent drug delivery system.
Intelligent drug delivery systems are capable of adjusting drug release rates in response toa physiological need.
This system help to maintain drug in therapeutic range with single, localize delivery of drug to particular compartment, preserve the medicament that are rapidly destroyed,improved patient compliance.
Intelligent drug delivery system may be
open- loop system
1. Open-loop control systems
Open-loop control systems
are those in which information about the controlledvariable is not automatically used to adjust the system inputs to compensatefor the change in the process variables. In the controlled drug delivery field,
are known as
externally regulated
The externally controlled devices apply external triggers for pulsed delivery such as:magnetic, ultrasonic, thermal, and electric. It involves following systems
1. Magnetically modulated drug delivery system
2. Ultrasonically modulated drug delivery system
3. Electrically modulated drug delivery system
4. Thermo sensitive drug delivery system
5. Other stimuli that control drug release
2. closed-loop control systems
closed-loop control systems
the controlled variable is detected and as a result thesystem output is adjusted accordingly.
The closed-loop systems are known as as self regulated. In the
devicesrelease rate is controlled by feedback information, without any external intervention.
The self-regulated systems utilize several approaches as rate-control mechanisms:pH-sensitive polymers, enzyme-substrate reactions, pH-sensitive drug Solubility,competitive binding and metal concentration-dependent hydrolysis. It involve follwingsystem:
1. pH responsive drug delivery
2. Glucose-responsive insulin delivery
3. Urea-responsive drug delivery system
4. Inflammation-induced pulsatile release
5. Morphine triggred naltrexone delivery system
6. System utilizing antibobody interaction
7. System utilizing chelation
Classification of intelligent drug delivery system :
Schematic Showing Classification of intelligent Delivery Systems. 

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