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5 August 09 Chief Exec Restructure

5 August 09 Chief Exec Restructure

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Published by MisterMustard
5 August 09 Chief Exec Restructure,General Functions Committee, Barnet Council
5 August 09 Chief Exec Restructure,General Functions Committee, Barnet Council

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Published by: MisterMustard on Sep 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page nos. 1 - 10
Meeting General Functions CommitteeDate 5 August 2009
Subject he Corporate Senior
Report of ead of Paid ServiceSummary
This report seeks approval for a revised Corporate Seniorure needs
Restructure of tManagement Team
Chief Executive and H
Management structure that is aligned to and delivers for futof the Council
Officer Contributors Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service / Acting Head of HRpt)osed structure chartbyrgency / (ifcableContact for further information: , 020 8359 7952Status (public or exemPublic and in the separate exempt reportWards affected Not applicableEnclosures Appendix 1 propFor decisionGeneral Functions CommitteeFunction of CouncilReason for uexemption from call-inappropriate)Not appli
1. RECOMMENDATIONS1.1 That the proposed restructure of the Corporate Senior ManagementTeam and responsibilities as detailed in this and the exempt report beapproved for implementation.1.2 That where roles do not assimilate, that a selection process be run torecruit to the new structure.1.3 That where an employee does not secure a position in the newstructure they will be dealt with under the Council’s Managing Changepolicy. If employees are not successfully redeployed, that they bereleased on grounds of redundancy under the Council’s severancescheme.1.4 That the Chief Executive be instructed to issue notices of redundancyas appropriate and to seek to capitalise any costs arising from theredundancies1.5 That if there are any changes to be taken into consideration as a resultof formal consultation, these are actioned by the Chief Executivethrough a Delegated Powers Report.1.6 That all roles be re-evaluated including Assistant Directors after thestructure has been implemented so changes can be fully reflected.2. RELEVANT PREVIOUS DECISIONS
2.1 At the time of writing the report the following decisions have been made withregard to the restructure.2.2 The posts in scope for restructure are Executive Directors, and Directors.The Assistant Director roles will be affected by this restructure; howeverthese will be managed by the new Corporate Senior Management Teamwhen determining their own management structures. There are twoinstances in the proposed new structure that are at the next tier to reflect theurgency of issues to be dealt with.2.3 There is a possibility that the process may result in compulsoryredundancies.2.4 A decision was made at the 14 January 2009 meeting of the GeneralFunctions Committee to recommend to the Council the deletion the ExecutiveDirector for Communities post and the decision of Council to approve andadopt the recommendations of General Functions Committee (No. 162).
3.1 The Corporate Plan states that next to our Barnet citizens, ouremployees are the most important asset. A new Corporate SeniorManagement team structure is now needed to deliver the CorporatePlan, and lead the transformation of local public services as set outin the Future Shape programme. There are also a series of internaland external pressures that need urgent attention
Large number of secondment and acting arrangements
Increasing importance of Partnerships in the new CAA agenda
Significant capacity gaps in key areas such as commissioning andprogramme management
Preparing for a downturn in public expenditure
 The current structure inclusive of Assistant Directors has a high percentage of‘acting up’ roles leading to potential instability and loss of continuity. Therestructure provides the opportunity to confirm or select permanent peopleinto posts.Where there are vacancies due to either displacement or a new post, interimarrangements will be put in place to ensure continuity of services. This will benecessary to ensure capacity to continue to lead the organisation whilst in atransitional period.A communication plan will be drawn up to ensure employees are wellinformed, particularly as the restructure process may involve whole teams orfunctions moving to new directorates.
4.2 Selection process
 The restructure will need to ensure that a robust selection process is in placeso the right people are appointed, with particular emphasis on referenceclearing to mitigate risk in this part of the process. Vacant posts at DeputyChief Executive and Director level will be Member appointments.
5.1 The selection process will be run according to the Council’s ManagingChange policy that supports the Council’s Human Resources Strategy.5.2 An Equalities Impact Assessment will be completed at the end of theconsultation period, as supported by Councils Equality and Diversity Policy

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