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Chronic Disease Manager – Improving Disease Management Outcomes

Chronic Disease Manager – Improving Disease Management Outcomes

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Published by estdocs

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Published by: estdocs on Sep 06, 2012
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 1 © 2012, Endeavour Software Technologies
Chronic Disease Manager
Improving Disease Management Outcomes
Chronic Diseases
$1 Trillion Health Burden, Still Growing
Chronic diseases are an inordinate part of the United States and the world’s health care costs. A study
by the Milken Institute estimated that the annual economic impact on the U.S. economy of the mostcommon chronic diseases is calculated to be more than $1 trillion per year. This cost is projected tofurther explode to an astounding $6 trillion by 2050. Approximately seventy-six percent (76%) of Medicare spending is spent on patients with five or more chronic diseases.Chronic diseases place an enormous burden on untold millions of lives around the world. Given thescope and impact of this challenge the medical community is continuously working to develop newpractices and innovations to improve the quality and coordination of care for chronic conditions.
Meeting the Challenge
WellDoc’s Innovation
WellDoc co-founder and CEO
Ryan Sysko has boldly stated, “The inability to effectively and efficientlymanage chronic disease is a global pandemic of unsustainable proportions.” Yet, there is certainly hop
ein this new age of medical innovation.
 2 © 2012, Endeavour Software TechnologiesMr. Sysko and his leadership team at WellDoc, Inc.(http://www.welldoc.com/)firmly believe in a vision where mobile technology can dramatically improve the delivery of care for chronic diseases. A visionwhere the participants in the delivery of care also includes perhaps the most important and oftenoverlooked participant: the patient.The genesis of the WellDoc solution occurred when co-founder Dr. Suzanne Sysko Clough, anendocrinologist at University of Maryland, became frustrated with traditional methods for treating herType 2 diabetes patients. These methods included a series of office visits, weeks apart, in whichpatients shared their conditions and behavior using handwritten diaries. During this care Dr. Clough
could not retrieve current data on patient’s conditions nor could she provide ongoing advice to alter herpatient’s
behavior and treatment regimen. Therefore, ongoing adjustments to care (e.g., titratingmedications) occurred less frequently with less data to aid the decision making.
Endeavour The Mobility Company
A Partner
In 2004, WellDoc engaged Endeavour
The Mobility Company to work with the WellDoc team to
develop the innovative “patient coaching” mo
bile solution. Endeavour provided a range of servicesincluding:
Enterprise Mobile Strategy/Assessment
Mobile Architecture Design
Application Development Mobile Application
Mobile Security Design/Development
Integration Services
FDA Approval/HIPAA Compliance
The Solution
Mobile Patient Coach
After years of design, development, and testing WellDoc, Inc. produced a new innovative solution togive patients real-time coaching and feedback on how to manage their disease by giving physiciansongoing data captured by using a mobile phone. The product known as DiabetesManager® uses amobile phone with an individualized patient coaching mobile application.DiabetesManager®improves the delivery of care by helping patients understand their own illness.Using a mobile phone, patients input personal health information, such as medications taken, diet,exercise, and for diabetics, data on glucose. They receive immediate feedback from physicians, andcase managers via the WellDoc application in real time. The feedback is personalized and relevant totheir condition. Doctors have access to the data and use it to monitor and communicate with theirpatients. The feedback-to-behavior change cycle is dramatically improved.
WellDoc’s product teaches patients how
to manage their chronic disease in real time, at what CEO
Ryan Sysko calls “
the right teachable moment.” 
It engages patients in positive behavioral change andhelps doctors provide real time treatment recommendations outside office visits.
 3 © 2012, Endeavour Software Technologies
solution impacts the coordination of care on many levels. Three critical areas of importanceare:1.
Patient Coach
patients become engaged in their illness by using a mobile “Patient Coach”
application to track their health and receive real time feedback on their condition. The systemprovides real time coaching with alerts, reminders and patient education.2.
Expert System
-a software system that uses complex clinical, behavioral and psychosocialalgorithms to trend patient data and provide real-time advice and support. The system includespredictive modeling and analysis of longitudinal data. 3.
Decision Support
- data collected from patients is collected in a decision support system that isused physicians and care managers to improve coordination of care. Clinical data analysis andoutcome based support is provided with integration to case management and EHRcomponents.
FDA Approval and Clinical Trial
WellDoc received a
clearance from the FDA for its Diabetes Manager System in 2010 which gaveapproval to use the product as a viable alternative to treating the chronic disease.In 2011, a large randomized controlled clinical trial study funded by University of Maryland, WellDoc,Sprint, and CareFirst found that users of the WellDoc system had significantly lower A1c values thancontrol patients. The published findings were very well received in the health care community and nowserve as an exemplary case for other innovators seeking to improve the coordination of health carethrough the use of new mobile technologies. http://www.welldoc.com/Clinical-Trials.aspx .
Our Value Add
Endeavour and our clients believe we deliver unique value in several areas:
Our Mobility Expertise
We have developed deep expertise in mobile technology, starting in2002. We have over 250 mobility experts worldwide.
End to End Enterprise Capability 
- We have experience supporting the unique challenges of large enterprises. We have experience with developing mobile applications, selecting mobileenterprise application platforms, and integrating legacy systems.
Partnering Approach
We act as partners with our clients enabling them to address difficultchallenges and achieve market goals. Our focus is not on selling our own products but, first andforemost, on making our clients successful.
Domain Specialization
We recognize the importance of unde
rstanding a client’s business.
We have domain expertise in health care, banking and other key industries. We work closely

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