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Published by Anil Kumar

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Published by: Anil Kumar on Sep 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No. Post Office Name Pincode City District1 Aberdeen Bazar 744104 Port Blair A&N Islands2 Bakultala 744208 Port Blair A&N Islands3 Bambooflat 744107 Port Blair A&N Islands4 Betapur 744201 Port Blair A&N Islands5 Campbell Bay 744302 Port Blair A&N Islands6 Car Nicobar 744301 Car Nicobar Car Nicoba7 Diglipur 744202 Port Blair A&N Islands8 Haddo 744102 Port Blair A&N Islands9 Havelock 744211 Port Blair A&N Islands10 Hut Bay 744207 Port Blair A&N Islands11 Jangli Ghat 744103 Port Blair A&N Islands12 Kadamtala A & N 744209 Port Blair A&N Islands13 Kapanga 744304 Port Blair A&N Islands14 Long Island 744203 Port Blair A&N Islands15 Marine Jetty 744101 Port Blair A&N Islands16 Mayabunder 744204 Port Blair A&N Islands17 N S Building 744101 Port Blair A&N Islands18 Nancowrie 744303 Port Blair A&N Islands19 Neel Island 744104 Port Blair A&N Islands20 New Secretariate Bldg 744105 Port Blair A&N Islands21 Oralkatcha 744210 Port Blair A&N Islands22 Port Blair 744101 Port Blair A&N Islands23 Ranghat 744205 Port Blair A&N Islands24 Shadipur 744106 Port Blair A&N Islands25 Wimberlygunji 744206 Port Blair A&N Islands26 A C Nagar 524002 Nellore Nellore27 A C Palli 508207 Nalgonda Nalgonda28 A G M Colony 504251 Adilabad Adilabad29 A GS Office 500463 Hyderabad Hyderabad30 A G S Office Staff 500890 Hyderabad Hyderabad31 A M A L College 531001 Vishakhapatnam Vishakhapatnam32 A P E R L 500030 Hyderabad Hyderabad33 A P S E Board 500049 Hyderabad Hyderabad34 A Raichur 509343 Mahboobnagar Mahboobnaga35 A T Agraharam 522004 Guntur Guntu36 A T P Collectorate 515001 Anantapur Anantapu37 Aallagadda 518543 Kurnool Kurnool38 Abadi Ghanpur 506144 Warangal Warangal39 Abadi Ramagundam 505208 Karimnagar Karimnaga40 Abbinenigunta Palem 522015 Guntur Guntu41 Abburu 522403 Guntur Guntu42 Ac Guards 500004 Hyderabad Hyderabad43 Academy 500252 Hyderabad Hyderabad44 Achampet 509375 Lingotam Mahboobnaga45 Achanta 534123 Achanta West Godavari46 Achutapuram 531011 Vishakhapatnam Vishakhapatnam
47 Adarsh Nagar 504001 Adilabad Adilabad48 Adarsh Nagar 500463 Hyderabad Hyderabad49 Addanki 523201 Addanki Prakasam50 Addanki Gate 523001 Prakasam Prakasam51 Addatigala 533428 East Godavari East Godavari52 Adilabad 504001 Adilabad Adilabad53 Adilabad Collecotorate 504002 Adilabad Adilabad54 Adivarampet 505188 Adivarampet Karimnaga55 Adm Bldgs 507101 Khammam Khammam56 Administrative Building 500007 Hyderabad Hyderabad57 Administrative Building 500032 Hyderabad Hyderabad58 Adoni 518301 Adoni Kurnool59 Adoni Arts College 518302 Kurnool Kurnool60 Adoni Cotton Market 518301 Kurnool Kurnool61 Adoni Town 518301 Kurnool Kurnool62 Adsarla Pally 508367 Nalgonda Nalgonda63 Advanced Training Institute 500007 Hyderabad Hyderabad64 Advula Divi 522263 Guntur Guntu65 Afzal Gunj 500012 Hyderabad Hyderabad66 Agadur 516421 Agadur Cuddapah67 Agali 515311 Anantapur Anantapu68 Agnoor 501146 Agnoor Ranga Reddy69 Agraharam 522270 Guntur Guntu70 Agraharam 534196 West Godavari West Godavari71 Agri Market Yard 522004 Guntur Guntu72 Agricultural College Jubilee 500030 Hyderabad Hyderabad73 Ahmed Nagar 500028 Hyderabad Hyderabad74 Ahmed Nagar 523155 Prakasam Prakasam75 Ainapur 501522 Ainapur Ranga Reddy76 Ainavolu 522659 Guntur Guntu77 Air Force Academy 500043 Hyderabad Hyderabad78 Aitipamula 508216 Nalgonda Nalgonda79 Ajit Nagar 520015 Krishna Krishna80 Ajjada 532552 Ajjada Srikakulam81 Ajjaram 534339 West Godavari West Godavari82 Akepadu 516132 Cuddapah Cuddapah83 Akividu 534235 West Godavari West Godavari84 Akividu Bazar 534235 West Godavari West Godavari85 Akkalareddy Palle 516506 Kurnool Kurnool86 Akkayyapelem 530016 Vishakhapatnam Vishakhapatnam87 Akkupalle 532219 Srikakulam Srikakulam88 Akkurti 517536 Chittoor Chittoo89 Akumalla 518196 Kurnool Kurnool90 Akunuru 521245 Krishna Krishna91 Akuthotapally 509362 Mahboobnagar Mahboobnaga92 Alamanda R S 531240 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram93 Alampur 509152 Mahboobnagar Mahboobnaga
94 Alamuru 533233 East Godavari East Godavari95 Alamuru 534126 West Godavari West Godavari96 Alcot Gardens 533101 East Godavari East Godavari97 Algunur 505533 Karimnagar Karimnaga98 Alipur 505330 Karimnagar Karimnaga99 Alir 508101 Nalgonda Nalgonda100 Alla Durg 502269 Medak Medak101 Allagadda North 518543 Kurnool Kurnool102 Allavaram 533217 East Godavari East Godavari103 Allipur 502310 Medak Medak104 Allipuram 530004 Vishakhapatnam Vishakhapatnam105 Allor 503214 Nizamabad Nizamabad106 Allur 524315 Nellore Nellore107 Allurpet 524315 Nellore Nellore108 Alluru 509150 Mahboobnagar Mahboobnaga109 Aloor 501514 Ranga Reddy Ranga Reddy110 Alur 518395 Kurnool Kurnool111 Alwal Pahad 509149 Mahboobnagar Mahboobnaga112 Amada Bakula 509388 Mahboobnagar Mahboobnaga113 Amadagur 515566 Anantapur Anantapu114 Amadala Valasa 532185 Srikakulam Srikakulam115 Amadalavalasa Gate 532185 Srikakulam Srikakulam116 Amadapur 501504 Ranga Reddy Ranga Reddy117 Amalapuram 533201 Amalapuram East Godavari118 Amalapuram Bus Complex 533201 East Godavari East Godavari119 Amalla Dinne 515445 Anantapur Anantapu120 Amangal 509321 Mahboobnagar Mahboobnaga121 Amarabad 509201 Mahboobnagar Mahboobnaga122 Amarapuram 515281 Anantapur Anantapu123 Amaravathi Guntur 522020 Guntur Guntu124 Amaravati Road 522007 Guntur Guntu125 Amarchinta 509130 Mahboobnagar Mahboobnaga126 Amarvoi 509142 Mahboobnagar Mahboobnaga127 Ambajipeta 533214 East Godavari East Godavari128 Ambam 503235 Nizamabad Nizamabad129 Ambaripet 505306 Karimnagar Karimnaga130 Ambedkar Nagar 502103 Medak Medak131 Amberpet 500013 Hyderabad Hyderabad132 Ameerpet 500016 Hyderabad Hyderabad133 Amerpeta 509330 Mahboobnagar Mahboobnaga134 Amidyala Mopidi 515822 Anantapur Anantapu135 Ammana Brolu Raparla 523180 Prakasam Prakasam136 Ampole 532015 Srikakulam Srikakulam137 Amrut Nagar 508219 Nalgonda Nalgonda138 Amrutalur 522325 Guntur Guntu139 Anajpur 508290 Nalgonda Nalgonda140 Anakapalle 531001 Anakapalle Vishakhapatnam