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Published by Josh Rogin

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Published by: Josh Rogin on Sep 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Memo: The Foreign Policy & National Security Failures Of President Obama
Romney Press Shop
<Press@mittromney.com> Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 6:06 PM
To: Interested Parties
From: Lanhee Chen, Ph.D., Policy Director
Re: The Foreign Policy & National Security Failures Of President Obama
To View This Memo Online, Click Here: 
President Obama’s failure on the economy has been so severe that it has
overshadowed his manifold failures on foreign policy and national security. Aninventory of his record shows that by nearly all measures, President Obama hasdiminished American influence abroad and compromised our interests and values. Inno region of the world is the U.S. position stronger than it was four years ago. This
memorandum explains ten of President Obama’s broken promises and missteps on
foreign policy and national security. It is a failed record that no amount of bluster inCharlotte can mask.
Failure #1: No Results In
Slowing Or Stopping Iran’s Nuclear 
Weapons Program
Today, Iran is on the cusp of nuclear weapons capability. Such a capability in the
hands of the world’s top terrorist sponsoring state poses the greatest threat facing
the United States and our friends and allies, and it risks sparking a nuclear armsrace across the Middle East.
Despite promising to “do everything in his power” to stop Iran, four years of President Obama’s irresolute policies have failed to slow the progress of Iran’s
program. In fact, that progress has sped up:
Fastest Rate Of Enrichment Ever.
In 2009, Iran’s enrichment rate of low
-enriched uraniumwas 56 kilograms per month. That jumped to 116 kilograms per month from November 2011 toFebruary 2012. The enrichment rate now stands at 158 kilograms per month, the fastest rateever .
More Spinning Centrifuges.
The total number of spinning centrifuges has gone from 3,936 to
10,477 during Obama’s term. The growth rate of spinning centrifuges went from 112 centrifuges
per month before Obama came into office to 152 centrifuges per month during his term.
Fordow Underground Enrichment Facility Nearing Completion. The fortified undergroundfacility is 70 percent complete. The number of centrifuges installed has gone from 1,064 in May to
2,140 today. The facility’s limit is 3,000 centrifuges.
The Iranian program has gotten to this point because President Obama hassquandered all credibility with the ayatollahs:
 A Failed Engagement Policy.
President Obama offered the ayatollahs “no preconditions”
talks, which were rebuffed. The latest round of multilateral talks has produced no results.
Refrained From Supporting The Green Movement. When asked during a press conference,President Obama shamefully refused to voice support for Iranian dissidents in 2009 as they werebeing killed in the streets
, saying he did not want to “meddle” in Iran’s affairs.
 A Weak Sanctions Policy. President Obama opposed and sought to water down crippling
sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank until he was forced into them by Congress and our European
 He then undermined those sanctions by issuing waivers to 20 of the top importers of Iranian oil, including China.
 Abandoned Missile Defense. He abandoned a European missile defense system meant toprotect against Iranian missiles.
Undermined The Credibility Of The Military Option. His administration has given the Iraniansno reason to believe it is serious about a military option. The administration has repeatedly talkeddown the effectiveness and advisability of the military option, and seems to have devoted moreenergy toward preventing an Israeli strike on Iran than toward preventing an Iranian nuclear weapons capability. Obama officials leaked that the administration has focused its efforts on
explaining to Israel “the dangers of 
an Israeli attack” on Iran and has attempted to “make thedecision to attack as hard as possible for Israel.
  And the President himself, after boldly stating
to AIPAC that the United States “has Israel’s back,” changed his tune two days later by saying hisstatement was “not a military doctrine.”
In the face of such irresolution, the ayatollahs are pressing forward toward nuclear weapons capability without fear of repercussion because they do not believe we areserious.
Failure #2: Endangering Our Mission In Afghanistan And WeakeningOur Relationship With Pakistan
The killing of Osama bin Laden was a landmark in the war on terror for whichPresident Obama deserves credit. However, the President has made numerousunwise and seemingly politically motivated decisions in Afghanistan that have madeit harder to complete our mission of transitioning to an Afghan Army that can defend Afghanistan on its own and ensuring that Afghanistan never again becomes alaunching pad for terror like it was on 9/11.President Obama has convinced all parties
both our partners and our enemies
that his objective is to leave Afghanistan by a date certain, regardless of theconditions on the ground. This message has led our Afghan and Pakistani partnersto doubt our resolve and hedge their bets rather than fully cooperate with us. Andthis message has encouraged the Taliban to believe that they can wait us out.
President Obama’s missteps include:
Undermining The Surge. After a protracted deliberation process, President Obama in
December 2009 announced a “surge” of 30,000 troops. But in the very same speech, he put
forward an 18-month timetable to begin withdrawal, undermining the surge before it began.

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