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Daily Routine

Daily Routine

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Published by: Alzira J. Fernandes Varela on Sep 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ken is twelve years old and he doesn´t like getting up early, like many other kids of his age. Every morning, his mother has to call him three or four times after the alarm clockrings! He has a quick shower while his mother prepares his breakfast: a glass of milk andcereals. His parents are already waiting for him in the kitchen and they always greet him witha smile. After breakfast he makes his bed and runs to the bus stop.He catches the bus to school at 8 o´clock and arrives there at 8.20 am. He goes to Leeds Elementary Schooland he is in the 7th form. Morning lessons start at 8.30 am and finish at 12.30 pm. By then, he goes to the canteen withhis friends to have lunch. He loves the lunch break because he gets together with his friends and they play a lot of games. His favourite is
Hide and Seek 
. He is quite a good student and his favourite subject is Maths. In the afternoon,he has Drama and swimming lessons, which he also adores.At 5 pm he is home again. His parents return from work at 6.30 pm so he is alone for an hour and a half. Duringthis period of time he does his homework and sometimes reads or watches TV.Dinner time is at 7.30 pm. Ken helps his mother and lays the table. After the meal it is his father who clears thetable and the dishes and puts them in the dishwasher.Before going to bed, Ken prepares everything for the next day and reads a little. He goes to sleep at 10.30 pm.
Name __________________________________________________ Nº ______ Class/Form ________ Date ______________________________________ Mark _______________________________________ 
Read the following text carefully:1. Say whether the following sentences are T
(F). Correct the false onesby quoting from the text.
a) Ken never gets up immediately after the alarm clock rings. _______________________ b) He always prepares his own breakfast. ______________________________________ c) His parents are never in a good mood. ______________________________________ d) He never goes to school by bus. ___________________________________________ e) He has lunch at home because he lives near school. ___________________________ 
2. Answer the following questions according to the text.
a) Does Ken like getting up early? ___________________________________________.b) What school does he attend to? ___________________________________________.c)
What’s his favourite subject?
_____________________________________________.d) What time does he arrive home after school? _________________________________.
 Alzira Varela 
Agrupamento EscolasMarvão

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