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Best Worst Classrooms

Best Worst Classrooms

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Published by mbpershan

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Published by: mbpershan on Sep 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PeriodBest Classes Worst Classes
A class when after it’s done I can’t wait to
come tomorrow for the next time. Where
I’m up to date with the work and doing
well while also the teacher teaches it in anexciting way.
At least somewhat interesting. Not toomuch homework.
Playing Jeapardy with math problems.Getting correct answers.
Very caring teacher. Made classfun/interesting.
Not a lot of homework. Not a lot of rules.
Not strict on format of homework. Sleeptime.
No homework. Easy tests, no detention, 10minute breaks, naptime
Not strict. Little work and homework. Notboring.
Interesting, fun. Understood the materialin class.
Exciting. Small amounts of homework
Exciting. Little bit of homework
Interesting. Not too hard
Fun, chilled, exciting, dabomb
Fun, interesting, active, no HW.
Teacher let students stand by their desks.Teacher told stories in class off topic. Naptime
Understand, able to do work/subject. Nohomework. Nap time.
Class discussions. Jokes/interesting. Fun.
Interesting. Active. Interesting homework.
Fun. Interesting. No homework.
Interesting class, and everybody is into thelearning
Interesting. Crazy Math.
Interesting, learnt something.
Interesting. Learned a lot.
Fun. Exciting.
Fun. Interesting.
Where there is actual learning
Interesting, learning
Boring, super hard
Lots of homework. Too hard. Confusing.
Teacher hated me. Gave me a look everytime I dared to ask a question.
Way too much work and confused abouteverything.
A class where I tend to fall asleep in.
Boring, annoying, not chilled, not dabomb.
Always too cold. Teacher always screamed
even when she wasn’t upset.
Large amounts of homework that make it
hard to do other class’ work. Not
like teacher reciting textbook.
Teacher had no control over the class.Very loud.
Mean teacher. Lots of detention. Screamsa lot.
A lot of HW and a lot of big tests. Boring.
A joke, no one took it seriously, and theteacher just
us act like that.
Strict teachers, annoying teachers.
Boring, mean teacher, abnormal work, nounderstanding what teacher is saying.
When the teacher makes no sense. HardHW and crazy.
Boring, hard.
Boring, quiet.
Lots of HW, boring.
Loud, boring, too long, too much HW.
Boring and tired.
Boring, horrible teacher, didn’t understand
Loud, boring, too hard, too long, too muchhomework.
When I don’t understand anything the
teacher is saying. Boring, not interesting.

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