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Transformer Tertiary Winding

Transformer Tertiary Winding

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Published by Supratik Mukherjee

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Published by: Supratik Mukherjee on Sep 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Transformer Tertiary Winding
We are going to buy 3 phase 500kva 33kv/400v oil filled transformer 50HZ distributiontransformer , are we need tertiary winding?Transformer tertiary winding 03/05/2010 11:52 AMProviding a tertiary winding for a transformer may be a costly affair. However, there are certainconstraints in a system which calls for a tertiary transformer winding especially in the case of considerable harmonic levels in the distribution system. Following is an excerpt from the book"The J&P Transformer Book".Tertiary winding is may be used for any of the following purposes:1) To limit the fault level on the LV system by subdividing the infeed that is, double secondarytransformers.2) The interconnection of several power systems operating at different supply voltages.3) The regulation of system voltage and of reactive power by means of a synchronous capacitorconnected to the terminals of one winding.It is desirable that a three-phase transformer should have one set of three-phase windingsconnected in delta thus providing a low-impedance path for third-harmonic currents. Thepresence of a delta connected winding also allows current to circulate around the delta in theevent of unbalance in the loading between phases, so that this unbalance is reduced and not sogreatly fed back through the system.Since the third-order harmonic components in each phase of a three-phase system are in phase,there can be no third-order harmonic voltages between lines. The third-order harmoniccomponent of the magnetising current must thus flow through the neutral of a star-connectedwinding, where the neutral of the supply and the star-connected winding are both earthed, oraround any delta-connected winding. If there is no delta winding on a star/star transformer, or theneutral of the transformer and the supply are not both connected to earth, then line to earthcapacitance currents in the supply system lines can supply the necessary harmonic component. If the harmonics cannot flow in any of these paths then the output voltage will contain the harmonicdistortion.Even if the neutral of the supply and the star-connected winding are both earthed, then althoughthe transformer output waveform will be undistorted, the circulating third-order harmoniccurrents flowing in the neutral can cause interference with telecommunications circuits and otherelectronic equipment as well as unacceptable heating in any liquid neutral earthing resistors, sothis provides an added reason for the use of a delta connected tertiary winding.

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